My Life

Serbia is Today at the Tail End of Europe

Of the four feature films that he’s made, three of Srdan Golubović’s works have been screened at the Berlin Film Festival. The latest is...

Nationalism is Today’s Greatest Danger

He inherited a famous surname and cultivated a Yugoslav, Croatian and Jewish identity. The Yugoslav part disappeared with the collapse of Yugoslavia, while the other two remain and are questioned daily. A university professor and historian who studies events and personalities of the 20th century, this former ambassador to Paris speaks to CorD about his family and his books, but also about nationalism, or chauvinism as the disease of a nation that’s deadly to other nations

The Tougher Road to Traverse

A son of celebrity parents who was a musician in his youth, a successful scientist and Secretary General of the World Academy of Art...

The Artist Always Has a Choice

As a child, he was celebrated by the country that was called Yugoslavia. In fact, he was a child prodigy who played the violin...

Serbia Has Roots, But Also The Wings

He is a Frenchman who was only 13 when he realised that Serbia had suffered great wrongdoing when it was bombed by NATO forces. And it’s no surprise that he founded the humanitarian organisation ‘Solidarity for Kosovo’, which has been helping Serbs for the last 15 years

Collector of Successes

“In volleyball I didn’t pay attention to points and sets, but I liked the last point to be mine,” says Aleksandar Boričić, who is among the rare few to prove successful in all roles in volleyball (player, coach, administrator) and to have won world medals both as a collector and philatelist. From playing volleyball in the rain, to promoting snow volleyball as a potential Olympic sport…

General Practitioner Cartoonist

He is a cartoonist, illustrator, graphic artist, artist in the service of the press and the recipient of the greatest national and international awards. He says that humourists and cartoonists have been considered insane for centuries. Today the situation has changed, with many speakers and leaders, along with their listeners and followers, having gone insane, while cartoonists are serious, socially responsible and, of course, humorous

Don’t Forget Your Roots

David Vujich was among those who participated in the mission to send man to the Moon 50 years ago. In this account, he reveals interesting details of his origins, upbringing, working life and the great success that he achieved

I bez EU mi smo odvajkada Evropljani

Roditelji su mu podarili dobro vaspitanje, s lakoćom je završio orijentalistiku, doktorirao i najveći deo karijere bio je univerzitetski profesor. Pokazao je i da je bio dobar diplomata kao ambasador u Turskoj, pri Svetoj Stolici i u UNESKO. Za CORD govori o svom odrastanju, o svojoj porodici, o islamu, o Srbiji i EU, o francuskom predsedniku Makronu...

We’ve Always Been Europeans, Even Without the EU

His parents provided him with a good upbringing, he completed oriental studies with ease, earned his doctorate and spent most of his career as a university professor. He also proved himself to be a good diplomat as ambassador to Turkey, the Holy See and UNESCO. This month he speaks to CorD about his upbringing, his family, Islam, Serbia and the EU, but also French President Macron.

The Serbian Eliot Ness

There is no film frame that could encompass the entire career and “life story” of the gentleman (former comrade) Marko Nicović. The glory he earned with his police badge while wearing the highest quality blazer and Ray-Ban sunglasses is on a par with the heroes of Hollywood action films like Rambo or the real fighter against smugglers in America during the 1930s - Eliot Ness!

Jazz is a Personal Stamp

After 12 years, Serbian artist Dimitrije Vasiljević (born 1985) held two exceptional concerts in Serbia with his New York Quartet (18th May, within the...

I Don’t Have Complexes About Being from Serbia

She’s the most successful woman from this region in the film world. She was the first associate to costume designer Milena Canonero when she won the 2007 Oscar for Best Costume Design for the Sofia Copolla’s film Marie Antoinette. She has long since operated as an independent costume designer for numerous top-class film productions. Apart from all of that, she also works in the theatre, which is her first and greatest love, and four Sterija Prizes merely serve to prove that she also does so very successfully

Give Your Best in Whatever You Do

Never cut corners or say that you’ll do something halfway or half-heartedly – this is the philosophy of Nena Stoiljković. It has brought her through many challenges and led her to rewarding positions within the IFC. However, in contrast to the stories of many successful women, she wasn’t forced to sacrifice a family for a stellar career. Still, nobody would say that it was easy for her to strike the right balance: her recent jobs have all been global, requiring lots of travel to Asia and Africa

It’s A Privilege To Live With What You Love

This basketball coach and FIBA Hall of Famer talks about his journey of many decades in basketball, from the moment when, as a boy, he first threw a ball into a basket, via 26 trophies as a coach, to today, when he has been engaged by the FIBA Technical Commission

Virtuoso With an Ethno Soul

Macedonian pianist Simon Trpčeski (1979) performs alongside the world’s foremost orchestras, including the London Symphony Orchestra, the Dutch Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, the Russian National Orchestra, NDR Elbphilharmonie Orchestra, WDR Sinfonieorchester Cologne, the Helsinki Philharmonic, Oslo Philharmonic, the Orchestre National de France, Real Filharmonia de Galicia, the New York and Los Angeles Philharmonics, the New Japan Philharmonic, the China Philharmonic and the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. He also regularly performs solo recitals in all cultural capitals

We’re Living in Tech-noir

Milorad Milinković is shooting a television series called Kljun [Beak], which he says will be Panonian film-noir, based on a clash of mentalities

No Room to Create the New

Boris Bota Miljković's artistic video works have been exhibited at New York's MoMA and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Houston