Wednesday, December 12, 2018

My Life

Boris Miljković, Creative director of Serbian National Television (RTS)

No Room to Create the New

Boris Bota Miljković's artistic video works have been exhibited at New York's MoMA and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Houston

Miljen Kreka Kljaković, Production Designer

Imagining on a Given Topic

"I primarily like to deal with historical themes in which we have to reconstruct places and times that no longer exist and are far behind us"

Stevo Todorčević, Mathematician

Live For The Spark Of Discovery

Stevo Todorčević (born Mrkonjić Grad, 1955) is reputed to be one of the world’s greatest authorities in some areas of mathematics. He graduated in mathematics at the University of Belgrade back in 1977, earning his master’s degree in 1978 and his doctorate in 1979. He became a member of the Serbian Academy of Science and the Arts in 1991, and a member of the Royal Society of Canada in 2016. He has led themed mathematics programmes at the Mittag-Leffler Institute in Stockholm (2000), Toronto’s Fields Institute (2002 and 2012) and the Centre de Recerca Matematica in Barcelona (2003-2004), as well as leading scientific projects in the United States, Canada and France

Dejan Ilić PhD, CEO of ARRI Group, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Innovation Fund of Serbia

Never Be a Copy of Your Role Models

Dejan Ilić Ph.D. is an acknowledged scientist, entrepreneur, and manager of world repute. Hailing from the village of Selevac near Smederevo, in addition to his academic career - at the Belgrade University, then specialisation and doctoral studies in Dresden, a professorship in Graz in 2002, he replaced his volleyball career with world renown for innovation and in top management. He gained his first experiences in industry at VARTA in early 1987, and then his career as a successful innovator and researcher who immediately applies his work in practise continued in 2007 at the ARRI Group, a world leader in the production of equipment for film and television

Miodrag Stojković Ph.D., Professor of Human Genetics at the University of Kragujevac Medical Faculty in Kragujevac, writer:

Legacy Over Creativity

A respected and recognised geneticist, a pioneer in many scientific disciplines, including the isolation, growth and differentiation of stem cells, he studied in both Belgrade and Germany and achieved great scientific achievements in the UK and Spain. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have offspring of his own, but with his knowledge he has helped almost 800 babies get a start in life at the Special Hospital for the Treatment of Sterility in Leskovac, which has led to this institution becoming very prominent and significant in the world

Benjamin Schmid, Violinist

Life Is MoreImportant Than A Career

One of the most versatile contemporary violinists, Benjamin Schmid, speaks exclusively to CorD about his life, which he says is “more important than a career”. A particular strength of his can be found in his exceptionally broad repertoire and very personal style. At the core of his career are works by Austrian composers like Berg, Goldmark, Korngold, Kreisler, Mozart, Muthspiel, Schoenberg and Webern

Jelena Kovačević, Professor, Dean Of NYU Tandon School Of Engineering:

Math Impacts Lives

From the neighbourhoods of Belgrade and a childhood love for puzzles and patterns, via Master and Ph.D. degrees from Columbia University, working at Carnegie Mellon, the co-founding of a company and the spreading of innovation and knowledge at respected universities and conferences across Europe and the U.S., to taking up the reins of the Tandor School of Engineering, progress has been a long road for Jelena Kovačević, and an exciting journey

Rajko Grlić, Film Director & Producer:

I’m Too Old To Grovel To Government

He has signed his name to around 30 feature and documentary films, winning the most awards in Yugoslavia and Croatia, while his latest film, The Constitution, is considered the boldest and one of the best films shot in recent decades on the territory of the former Yugoslavia. He has lectured in America for over 25 years and is a prominent professor and ‘Eminent Scholar in Film’ at Ohio University

Predrag Ejdus, Actor:

Negative Selection Is Evident In Culture

This celebrated Yugoslav and Serbian actor will this year commemorate half a century of performing on stage, film and television with a great exhibition at the Museum of Theatrical Arts in Belgrade. He says of himself that he has two vices – smoking and acting. He can’t give up either of them, as they both bring him great satisfaction

Slavoljub Đukić, Journalist, Writer:

People Like Strong Leaders, Serbs In Particular

This long-serving political journalist and commentator of publications Borba, Večernje Novosti and Politika, and former editor-in-chief of NIN, became a partisan courier of the First Proletarian Brigade before he turned 16, just to survive the Srem Front at the end of World War II. He knew or was closely associated with the majority of political actors on the post-war Yugoslav and Serbian political scene, whom he discusses in this confession