Sunday, October 21, 2018

World News

Serbia Hosting Chinese Forums to Boost Cooperation With Eastern Europe

A third summit of transport ministers from China and 16 countries in Central and Eastern Europe is being held in Belgrade this week. Simultaneous with...

Canada becomes second country to legalise recreational marijuana

Canada has become the second country after Uruguay to legalise possession and use of recreational cannabis. Medical marijuana has been legal in the country since 2001. But...

Rolls-Royce’ of whisky fetches record $1 million at auction

A rare bottle of single malt Scotch whisky has been sold for a record-breaking $1 million. With a label designed by a Beatles album artist the bottle is seen as a work of art — but that may not keep it from being drunk.

Beijing Design Week pays ‘homage to life’

The 2018 Beijing Design Week gets underway on September 29, with its opening ceremony set to take place at the China Millennium Monument. This year,...

Food attraction planned for Netherlands in 2021

A new attraction marketing itself as a “food experience” will open in 2021 in the Netherlands. The World Food Centre is being created to bring...

Old art in a digital era

Oracle-bone inscriptions

Germany to spend billions to stop China buying up vital tech firms

Senior German officials are working on changes to foreign trade regulations to ensure that key technologies remain in German hands. These would include government...

Trump considering permanent military presence In Poland

U.S. President Donald Trump has said his administration was considering a request for a permanent U.S. military presence in Poland. Trump made the comments in...

Japan drives forward with plans for flying cars

Electric drones booked through smartphones pick people up from office rooftops, shortening travel time by hours, reducing the need for parking and clearing smog...

75th Venice Film Festival kicks off

The 75th annual Venice Film Festival kicked off on August 29 on the lagoon with a presentation of the juries who will decide the destinies of this year’s crop of cinema contenders

Queen Letizia Wearing Zara

It appears it’s not only Kate Middleton or Meghan Markle that recycles their best fashion buys, Queen Letizia of Spain also isn’t afraid of being seen in the same clothes twice.

Majority Of Rich Hongkongers Are Planning To Live Beyond 100

Nearly six in 10 wealthy Hongkongers expect to live to the age of 100, making them the most confident about their longevity in Asia.

Time For A Plastic-Free Planet

Plastics are everywhere. Made from fossil fuels, consuming energy only to be thrown away, piling up in landfills, clogging our oceans, and contaminating food chains — they somehow sum up everything that’s wrong with how we treat our planet.

Chinese Homemade Airbus A320 Passenger Jet

The homemade Airbus A320 jet plane made by Chinese farmer Zhu Yue is being built at an open space in Kaiyuan city, northeast China’s Liaoning province.

Soros to move Budapest office to Berlin

The Open Society Foundations, backed by US-Hungarian billionaire George Soros, is to close its Budapest branch and open a new one in Berlin by the end of August.

Over 30,000 ‘Fake Names’ In Nigerian Police Payroll

The Nigerian government has eliminated names of over 30,00 ‘ghost workers’ from the payroll of the police, it has been revealed.

Putin earns $302,000 in 2017

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin earned 18.728 mln rubles ($302,201) in 2017, up 9.8 mln rubles ($158,013) compared with 2016, according to the tax return posted on the Kremlin’s official website.

Boracay Island Is Taking A Holiday

Boracay Island, Philippines topped list of best islands in the world in 2017. Unfortunately, the tiny stretch of sand—just under five square kilometres - is a victim of its own growing popularity.