U.S. Embassy and the Halyard Mission Foundation Mark the 75th Anniversary of Operation Halyard

The United States Embassy in Serbia and the Halyard Mission Foundation marked the 75th anniversary of Operation Halyard. US Ambassador to Serbia H.E. Kyle Scott...

Concert Honouring The Serbia-Japan Friendship

The concert celebrating the friendship between Serbia and Japan was held at the National Theater in Belgrade. Tetsuya Tsubota, Chargé d'affaires at the Embassy of Japan...

Half A Century Of Woodstock

Rock culture is a historically young phenomenon. It is a forgotten fact in marking the half-century of Woodstock that all the headliners were young....

This Isn’t Time For You To Sleep

Seven respondents to our survey offer seven answers to the question of what we will do with culture and with ourselves. None of them are reassuring, but all offer enough space to seek an answer

From Imagination to Veracity

Indian contemporary art is really that which is produced by ‘new age’ painters for today’s vibrant and growing market. Renowned artists and those of the new genre paint on several themes depicting diverse cultures and societies. Paintings produced by Indian artists have moved away from being plain, beautiful and skilled, to become interesting and unusual

Indonesia: Kalimantan Wonderland

Embassy of Indonesia in Belgrade hosted the event Kalimantan Wonderland aimed at promoting Indonesian culture, language and cuisine.  The theme of the event held at...

3T Trio – Turkish Culture, Food, Language

The cultural manifestation, the 3T Trio, was held at the Yunus Emre Institute on 27 August. The event 3T Trio celebrates Turkish culture, language and...

Ukiyo-e graphic art presentation at the Japanese Embassy

On 22nd August 2019, a lecture and workshop about Japanese graphic art Ukiyo-e took place at the Embassy of Japan in Belgrade. The presentation about...

Embassy of India host dance performance honouring the life of Gandhi

Continuing commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the birth of Mahatma Gandhi, the Embassy of India in Belgrade hosted a performance of the Indian...

Contemporary Inuit Art: Beautiful & Tragic

Global warming is having a profound effect on the circumpolar world. Late ice formation and early melt are changing animal behaviour and ancestral travel...

Huge International Reputation

Despite Switzerland being one of the smallest countries in Europe, Swiss craftsmanship has a huge international reputation for high quality. Swiss craftsmanship is the benchmark by which all other artisans are judged

Round table on contemporary Egyptian art

The Egyptian Embassy in Belgrade hosted a round table on contemporary Egyptian art with the participation of Egyptian artists Hanafi Mahmoud and Asmaa El...

Ambassador of Tunisia opens exhibition Mediterraneo

Ambassador of Tunisia to Serbia H.E. Seyf Allah Rejeb opened the exhibition Mediterraneo of the works of Serbian artist Nebojša Petrović, at the Belgrade...

An Exciting Combination

Lisbon has all the ingredients needed to become Europe’s next red-hot art destination: new galleries are opening there, international dealers are setting up outposts, and dozens of artists are flocking there for its affordable housing and studio rents. The city, which boasts a refreshing mix of commercial and non-profit spaces, also has a contemporary art fair, ARCOlisboa

Start of Europe’s Modern Era

Beginning in 1789, the French Revolution impacted on every aspect of France and much of Europe, which is why it is often referred to as the start of the modern era. The ideals of the French Revolution paved the way for the acceptance of many Enlightenment ideas. After all, it was the first application of Enlightenment philosophy in an Old World government

Paris – The City Made for Eternity

The history of the city of Paris, the capital of France since the 10th century, is inextricably linked to the history of France. Throughout all times and to this day, Paris has been at the heart of the political, economic and artistic life of France. The tracks and traces of that importance are visible throughout the majestic monuments, buildings, squares and avenues of the city of Paris

Afro festival 2019

28 June - November 2019, Museum of African Art

Days of Korean Culture 2019: Cooking Show-the Bibimbap

In celebration of the 30th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Korea and Serbia, the Embassy of the Republic of Korea hosted the Days of...