500 years since the death of Raphael a genius from Urbino

In 2020 marks the 500th anniversary of the death of Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino, known as Raphael, a painter and architect, one of the...

50,000 eur support for musicians

British independent music label The state51 Conspiracy and Mascom company have set up a €50,000 fund called "StayCreative", aiming to help musicians overcome the...

Launch of website Nova.rs

A large number of public figures attended the party celebrating the launch of website Nova.rs. Nova.rs is a website under the umbrella of TV channel...

Architecture in Germany

Ecological Optimisation of Buildings

Rationality and precision define German building culture. Yet with the success of ecological architecture it is also developing new emotionality and lightness

Austrian Embassy Hosts ‘Archeology Of The Modern Era’ Event

Embassy of Austria in Belgrade hosted talks on the topic of archaeology. The event held at the Embassy premises was led by Sabine Kroissenbrunner,...

Contemporary Architecture - Japan

Balancing the Radical & Logical

Visionary, poetic, and with a powerful connection to nature, contemporary Japanese architects have painted the world’s landscapes with some of the most awe-inspiring homes, museums, cultural institutions, and contemplative spaces. We look at six Japanese architects taking on the world stage

Celebration of Chinese New Year in Serbia

Government of Serbia and the Embassy of China in Serbia hosted Chinese New Year's Fair on Kalemegdan Fortress. Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Trade,...

Exhibition of Algerian modern painting and promotion of the book “Algerian Chronicles”

In collaboration with Galerija '73, the Association of Friends of Algeria hosted the grand opening of an exhibition of paintings by Algerian painters of...

Embassy of Israel hosts Hanukkah candle-lighting reception

Embassy of Israel headed by the Ambassador H.E. Alona Fisher Kamm hosted Hanukkah candle-lighting reception at the ambassadorial residence. Ambassador Alona Fisher Kamm welcomed Minister...

Stefan Milenković, violinist, musical pedagogue

The Artist Always Has a Choice

As a child, he was celebrated by the country that was called Yugoslavia. In fact, he was a child prodigy who played the violin...

Carnival Masks

Tradition of Venetian Carnival Masks

Every year, from February to March, Carnival in Venice is held. Hundreds of thousands visit Venice during Carnival, to admire the incredible Venetian costumes and masks that can be seen walking around in Venice

Japanese Contemporary Art

Creative Spin on Tradition

Japanese contemporary artists are currently creating some of the most extraordinary, thought-provoking artworks. Determined to set their own rules, these prolific inventors have transformed the global art landscape with their uncompromising visions and trendsetting artistry

Gojko Božović, osnivač i glavni urednik Izdavačke kuće Arhipelag

Nije sve loše, dobre su knjige

Kada sam osnovao Arhipelag, u proleće 2007. godine, želeo sam da sa autorima i saradnicima, partnerima i prijateljima oblikujem prostor u kome će čitaoci imati mogućnost izbora

Gojko Božović, Founder and Chief Editor of Arhipelag Publishing

Not Everything’s Bad – Books Are Good

When I founded Arhipelag in the spring of 2007, I wanted to work with authors and contributors, partners and friends, to form a space in which readers would have the possibility to choose

Polish Contemporary Art

Between the Media & the Body

Contemporary Art in Poland has always provoked huge controversy and extreme reactions. Often misunderstood and used by right-wing politicians to favour their radically conservative views, it has electrified not only the art world, but also the general public – to such extent that damage to works or their removal were common, as were exhibition closures and protests in front of artistic institutions. Politicians, clerics, artists and critics – the whole country has been involved in the national discussion. There is always something much more important hidden behind accusations of profanity and that the artist is simply seeking notoriety. The works described in this article weren’t created to be scandalous, but rather to draw attention to significant issues and problems that are still present within Polish society

Adrien Feix, Director of the Austrian Cultural Forum

Broad & Open Dialogue

“The most effective way to accompany Serbia on its way to the EU is through cultural exchange at eye level – no amount of financial support can replace that” says Austrian Cultural Forum Director Adrien Feix

Barbara Horejs Ph.d., Director OREA Institute for Oriental and European Archaeology of Austrian Academy of Sciences

Neolithic Way Of Life

An Austrian-Serbian archaeological team has proven at a site near Lebane that the Balkans represents a key-zone for understanding the past of the European continent, especially of central Europe and modern-day Austria

Austria’s Cultural Wealth

Theatre’s Creme De La Creme

In Austria there were 6.09 million tickets sold for more than 15,000 theatre performances in the 2014/2015 season. With just over 8.5 million inhabitants, this is categorical evidence of Austria’s obsession with the theatre. The great theatres of Vienna sold more than 3.8 million tickets, with a population of just 1.8 million inhabitants, while in 2016 the Republic of Austria gave impressive funding of €200 million to its theatres