The More We Speak – The Less We Understand One Another

Life intended a role for me that meant I spent a long time managing various systems, mostly those in which it is necessary to help and support those who are different and weaker

Balkan (Hi)story, Redesigned…

My latest days are filled with hard work, but also excitement at the approach of the biggest global design event, in Milan

Film Can Change the World

I’m not used to writing of myself that I’m a lady film and television director, a lady screenwriter... Nor do I use the words lady psychologist or lady sociologist... Nor ‘architectress’ – it doesn’t matter to me how architect is translated into the female language. That absolute political correctness at all costs, which supposedly proves gender equality, didn’t reach me

Archives are a Barrier Against the Falsifying of History

History is dangerous if not understood. The historian needs always to remind of this experience when, due to some contemporary crisis, there is increased interest in the past and simplified interpretations and light conclusions emerge in public in waves

QGP: Front-Line Science And Why Serbia Needs It

Quark-gluon plasma (QGP) is a state of matter that exists under extreme temperatures and pressures. As a reminder, the nucleus of atoms consists of protons and neutrons, which are in turn composed of even smaller particles (quarks and gluons). In QGP, the temperature and pressure are so high that quarks and gluons become free

Nije sve loše, dobre su knjige

Kada sam osnovao Arhipelag, u proleće 2007. godine, želeo sam da sa autorima i saradnicima, partnerima i prijateljima oblikujem prostor u kome će čitaoci imati mogućnost izbora

Not Everything’s Bad – Books Are Good

When I founded Arhipelag in the spring of 2007, I wanted to work with authors and contributors, partners and friends, to form a space in which readers would have the possibility to choose

Problems are Challenges for Youngsters

I worked in science for a long time and am fascinated by the scientific research sector, the abundance of knowledge that exists there, conceived technologies, methods, prototypes etc. That is really our wealth. That’s what the world calls ‘potential for innovation’, and in all analyses our best rating is precisely in that part. Where we lag behind the rest of the world is in the commercialisation of innovation

Serbia Can Become The Region’s Switzerland

The 21st century’s age of electronics and rapid communication requires experts in the social sciences and humanities, especially historical sciences, as they contribute to the development of a critical mind and democracy

Life is an Eternal Dress Rehearsal

I often say that my life is that which flows between premieres. The theatre is such that demands the entire person... or at least their better part. Everything has long since become a theatre. Life caught the rhythm of rehearsals. Life is a dress rehearsal on the eve of a theatre premiere

Creating Change Through Innovation and Strong Partnerships

I am excited to be in Serbia, because it has the potential to create regional change by addressing critical development concerns that go beyond...

Business Women Invest in Knowledge

I belong to generation “X”. I always had a lot of belief in books, but I also, luckily, had an even greater need to check out everything in practise. Thus, this generation had a unique and, hopefully, never to be repeated “chance” to find – in the midst of the greatest inflation in world history and an environment at war – a decent job and to work “in their vocation”. During times when real values were devalued, I realised it was best to invest in knowledge

Honour, Job & Responsibility

The life of a diplomatic spouse is anything but conventional. The spouse of diplomats must juggle a unique combination of family life, professional commitments, education, responsibilities and travel

Maths and the Beauty of the World

I’ve toured the world thanks to mathematics. Congresses and conferences in distant lands freed me of my old self, my authenticity flourished, returning me like winds and waves to my children and the people I love

Professionalism, First And Foremost

At the Faculty of Political Science in Belgrade, I took the path from a student of journalism to a fully tenured professor. I founded journalism departments at the Faculty of Philosophy in Banja Luka, the Faculty of Music in Belgrade and at ALU. I furthered my studies at London City University

What Does It Mean To Be Happy?

I follow with interest in the trends of business literature over recent decades. From the Six Sigma programme and “benchmarking”, through the Balanced Scorecard,...

New Cultural Policy Essential

Cultural policy is today often led routinely and without much imagination from the government and various levels of state bodies

Growing Up in Serbia

Young people are becoming consumers, resulting in less creativity and active participation in life unless it's creativity in solving video games and posts on social networks