Special editions

Real Estate in Serbia 2019

Sector on the Rise

Austria 2019

Business Partner Austria

USA – Serbia Partners 2019

Partners USA – Serbia: Better Understanding For Better Partnership

Germany 2019

Business Partner Germany

Transportation & Logistics Management 2019

Transportation & Logistics Management 2019

Savet stranih investitora 2019/20

Partner za rast - Doprinos stranih investitora ekonomskom razvoju Srbije

Guide to Foreign Investors Council 2019/20

Partner for Growth, Contribution of Foreign Investors to Serbia's Economic Development

The Best Places 2019

The Best Places for Calm Autumn Sun

Partner: Switzerland – Serbia 2019

Strong & Efficient Relations

Human Resource Management in Serbia – 2019

Linking the HR Function With the Strategic Objectives of the Organization

France – Serbia 2019

Year of Jubilees

Slovenia 2019

Strong Growth Potential

Montenegrin Foreign Investors Council 2019

Promoting business opportunities