Švedska u Srbiji - Saradnja i Ulaganje u Budućnost. Produced by AIM , publisher of CorD Magazine. Print edition: Švedska u Srbiji 2019 - Saradnja i ulaganje u budućnost

Christoph Schoen, President of the Montenegrin foreign Investors Council, MFIC

A True Partner for Reforms

We will continue to support the Government of Montenegro during the reform process, as we strongly believe that we will achieve much more if the public and private sectors work together. Among the most important tasks in the coming period are combatting corruption, improving the consistency and efficiency of the judicial system and continuously fighting against the grey economy

Milutin Simović, Deputy Prime Minister Responsible for Economic Policy and the Financial System; Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development

Providing Foundations for Long-term Stable Growth

Sustainable and inclusive economic growth, which will contribute to reducing the development gap of the country compared to the EU average, and to increasing the quality of life of all citizens, is a strategic development goal of Montenegro. That's why we'll strengthen the country's macroeconomic stability and work to eliminate the key obstacles to improving competitiveness

Suzana Pribilović, Montenegrin Minister of Public Administration

Encouraging Reform Results

The results achieved in public administration reform encourage us and confirm that we are on the right track, but also oblige us to work even more dynamically to create a more efficient administration that will provide proper service to citizens and the economy. This is not an easy process, but for us there is no higher priority than increasing our citizens' quality of life

Martin Leberle, Chief Executive Officer of NLB Banka Ad Podgorica, Montenegro

The Future of Banking Will Not Be the Continuation of the Past for Whatever May Come

Montenegro will catch up with Western European standards within a very short period of time. NLB Banka is actively driving this process and is able to offer services and products – digital or analogue – that meet the ever-changing requirements

Nebojša Šćekić, Sava Osiguranje CEO

Company Employees Are “guilty” for Our Success

Despite the fact that developing markets like Montenegro's are filled with challenges, over ten years of work we've managed to improve the company's operations significantly, and we are growing constantly in terms of levels of premiums sold and claims paid, as well as in the number of employees hired and newly opened branches around our country

Darko Radunović, Montenegrin Finance Minister

Tax Policy in the Service of Development

We are committed to building an attractive business environment, and especially creating a competitive and stable tax system that's based on simple and clear legal solutions and procedures, and an efficient administration

Rashad Rasullu, Executive Director of Portonovi Resort Management Company

Setting the New Benchmark in Adriatic

Portonovi aims to promote the Bay of Kotor, and Montenegro as whole, across the entire world. It will provide the very best in service and understated luxury, and our target audience is impatient to experience it

Pavle Radulović, Montenegrin Minister of Sustainable Development and Tourism

We Jealously Guard Our Specialness

The great results that we've achieved in tourism are a great source of joy, and also oblige us to exert efforts constantly in order to continue the growth trend and to be more competitive on the market. By improving the quality of our offers in hotels and hospitality establishments we are realising our strategic goal of becoming a high-quality destination with a year-round tourist offer

Dina Tsybulskaya, Crnogorski Telekom CEO

Smart Solutions for Montenegro

Crnogorski Telekom is an innovation leader in the area of smart solutions and the digitalisation of Montenegro, and it wants to be a reliable partner to both the country's government and its business sector, thus contributing to growth

Radoje Žugić, Governor of the Central Bank of Montenegro

Banking Sector Strengthening Continues

The banking system in Montenegro is characterised by stability, which is reflected in high capitalisation, liquidity and profitable operations. Improving the macroeconomic environment, positive results in the implementation of fiscal consolidation and preserved financial stability will serve to stimulate the operations of the banking sector in the current year

Emanuel Salinas, World Bank Country Manager for Bosnia-Herzegovina and Montenegro Achievements Should Be Jealously Guarded

Achievements Should Be Jealously Guarded

The Government of Montenegro has achieved substantive progress over the past few years and our main recommendation is for it to stay the course and avoid the temptation of short-term actions that may play well with voters, but may prove unsustainable in the long run. It is important to maintain the credibility the government has gained with its efforts on fiscal consolidation and to build on that – Emanuel Salinas


Promoting Sustainable Economic Growth

The MFIC's main objective is to promote sustainable economic growth by improving Montenegro’s investment landscape. MFIC members believe strongly that the path to sustainable growth lies in public policies shaped through transparent dialogue between the business community and WHITE BOOK - INVESTMENT CLIMATE IN MONTENEGRO, 2018 policymakers

Pál Kovács, CEO at Crnogorska Komercijalna Banka (CKB)

Innovation Promoter, Stability Guarantor

We see our leading position as an additional responsibility towards clients, the market and the Montenegrin economy. We remain a guarantor of stability, an innovator and a promoter of changes in all segments. Montenegrin economy will benefit from this acquisition

Antonis Semelides, MFIC Bod Member, CEO of Jugopetrol AD

Four Ways to Increase Transparency

Jugopetrol being one of the biggest companies in the country with large interaction with the State Administration, can contribute a lot to the aims of MFIC

Nela Vitić, MFIC Bod Member, CEO of Ocean Montenegro

Operational Predictability Keeps Investment Levels High

Montenegro is showing that it is developing in the right direction, as most institutions, public officials, administrative personnel, media outlets and the courts are doing their job well and helping the economy to have stable operations. We had the opportunity to confirm this for ourselves in the case of our company, which is facing challenges in the predictability of operations

Ivan Bojanović, MFIC BoD Member, Director of Saga CG

Digitalisation is a Great Chance for Montenegro

We, at the MFIC, want to join forces with the government to create a Digital Montenegro, which will be attractive to foreign companies, but will also a better, faster, more effective and a more advanced state for its citizens. This is a great chance for small states and small, adaptable systems like ours

White Book: Investment Climate In Montenegro 2018

Good Foundation for Further Improvements

The year 2018 indicates a period of stability and gives reasons to be optimistic in terms of the improvement of economic conditions and the business climate – according to the ninth edition of the annual MFIC White Book