Thursday, September 20, 2018


Evan J. Zimmerman and Ying Ying Li

U.S. and Chinese Tech Must Thrive Together

For years, Chinese entrepreneurs would speak bashfully about the Chinese technology ecosystem, saying they just wanted to learn

Comment by Nebojša Višković

Champions Don’t Just Disappear

“He can’t come back,” I’m told philosophically by a British fellow journalist, unprovoked, while I peacefully drank my coffee a day before the start of Wimbledon. “Đoković," he continued theatrically. “There are simply too many problems. He won’t reach the semi-finals.”

H.E. Kyle Randolph Scott, Ambassador of USA

Sharing Past & Future

I’m delighted to have the opportunity to contribute to CorD’s publication recognizing the close ties and productive partnership between Serbia and the United States of America. Our two countries share a historical alliance, benefit from today’s productive collaboration, and I look forward to even closer ties in the future

Joseph E. Stiglitz, Project Syndicate

Can the Euro Be Saved?

Across the eurozone, political leaders are entering a state of paralysis: citizens want to remain in the EU, but they also want an end to austerity and the return of prosperity. So long as Germany tells them they can’t have both, there can be only one outcome: more pain, more suffering, more unemployment, and even slower growth

Kemal Dervis, Former Minister of Economic Affairs of Turkey

Toward a More Democratic Europe?

The rise of extreme populism in Europe is coming at the expense of traditional centre-right and centre-left parties and putting the European Union at risk. But the populist threat could induce a restructuring of European politics that ultimately bolsters the EU’s legitimacy

Angela Merkel

Uncharted Political Waters For Angela Merkel

No change in Germany: Angela Merkel will stay on as chancellor. Germans like constancy. However, Merkel has some major tasks to fulfill during her fourth term in office

H.E. Kyle Randolph Scott, US Ambassador To Serbia

People-to-People Ties Broaden Our Relations

Relations between the United States and Serbia today are wider and deeper than they have ever been in the 135 years since the U.S. first recognized the Kingdom of Serbia as a sovereign, independent nation

No Time Soon:

EU Dashes Membership Hopes Of Balkan States

Concerns over rule of law and corruption, plus enlargement fatigue, meant the six countries got little from the Sofia summit. Keep waiting in line, but don’t expect the door to open any time soon. That was the message delivered on 17th May to the six Western Balkan states hoping to join the EU

Barry Eichengreen

Can a Trade War be Averted?

Because China has a higher export-to-GDP ratio than the US, its leaders are more concerned with defending the global trading system than with preserving any particular bilateral balance. By eschewing escalation in response to the Trump administration's widening tariffs on its exports, China avoids jeopardizing the system.

Lucrezia Reichlin / Project Syndicate:

What Italy’s Election Means For The EU

The EU – and the eurozone, in particular – are now facing a serious political challenge, exemplified by the outcome of Italy’s recent election. Are European institutions strong enough to confront that challenge, or must EU leaders rethink – and potentially recast – the pillars of cooperation?