Vladimir Kostić Ph.d. President of the Serbian Academy of Science and the Arts, SASA

Vladimir Kostić Ph.d. President of the Serbian Academy of Science and the Arts, SASA

Preserving Identity is Investing in Freedom

Statement by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzō Abe

The New Japanese Era Name is “Reiwa”

James Ker-Lindsay Analyst, Visiting Professor at LSEE

James Ker-Lindsay, Analyst, Visiting Professor at LSE

The Importance of Not Representing a Precedent

Athanasia Anagnostopoulou

Athanasia Anagnostopoulou, Alternate Minister for Foreign Affairs of Greece

Sharing a Common Vision

Branislav Nedimović, Serbian Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management

Branislav Nedimović, Serbian Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management

Great Chance on New Markets

Chen Bo, Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to Serbia

H.E. Chen Bo, Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to Serbia

Solid Steel Friendship

Current Issues

Comment by Nebojša Katić, Economist

Brexit No (Good) Exit

When the UK formally initiated the process of leaving the EU by triggering Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty two years ago, the British government promised the UK would leave the EU on 29th March 2019, with a new trade agreement combining the best of all worlds

George Koumoutsakos, Member of the Hellenic Parliament, Greek Shadow Foreign Minister, NEA Demokratia Party

Our Support to Integration is Undisputed

Greece has a sincere strategy to support the creation of a peaceful and prosperous environment in the Balkans. The country's Nea Demokratia party envisages a series of structural changes in Greece's foreign policy mechanism in order to realise its role. It also recognises Serbia as a forerunner of the region in the EU integration process

Franco Manzato, Undersecretary for Agriculture, Italian Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry

Reinforce a Common Legislative Framework

Italian investments in the field of agriculture have excellent results, while our trade in this sector is reaching new heights. With my visit to Serbia, the Italian Government wants to send a strong message of support to the development of our two countries' bilateral relations in the field of agriculture and agribusiness

International Women’s Club Belgrade

Honour, Job & Responsibility

The life of a diplomatic spouse is anything but conventional. The spouse of diplomats must juggle a unique combination of family life, professional commitments, education, responsibilities and travel

Maja Bakran-Marcich, Deputy Director-general of the European Commission’s Directorate General for Mobility and Transport

Transportation is About Values, Not Just Roads

Serbia, along with other countries of the Western Balkans, should take a firm commitment to reforming its entire transport system. Having new infrastructure without having a regulatory framework that enables safe, interoperable and efficient transport operations is like having a brand new car without tyres: it looks good, but it isn't going anywhere

Nikos Veropoulos, CEO Of Veropoulos Group

Principled Symbiosis of Profit and Ethics

Veropoulos Group will continue to expand with careful steps by opening more stores in North Macedonia and Serbia.

Rita I. Lozinsky, CEO & Managing Director, Alumil Yu Industry A.d.

Building Excellence Every Day

Alumil celebrates an anniversary this year - 30 years of business, development and successful present in 32 countries

Development of Passenger Transport

Awaken the Danube

The Port Governance Agency has announced the continuation of the project "Awaken the Danube", promoting passenger transport and tourism in the Upper and Lower Danube regions, connecting eleven individual cities: Smederevo, Kladovo, Donji Milanovac, Kostolac, Golubac, Veliko Gradište, Novi Sad, Belgrade-Zemun, Sremski Karlovci, Apatin and Banoštor

Zafeirios Lampadaridis, Chairman of the Management Board of the Hellenic Business Association of Serbia

Stronger Economy Brings New Investments

Balkan countries, and especially Serbia, continue to be markets of great opportunities and positive business prospects for Greek businesses. Although the region already hosts many Greek companies, improving infrastructure connectivity between countries and reducing delays for trade will also contribute to faster development and reform progress at many levels

Bojana Nikitović, Costume designer

I Don’t Have Complexes About Being from Serbia

She’s the most successful woman from this region in the film world. She was the first associate to costume designer Milena Canonero when she won the 2007 Oscar for Best Costume Design for the Sofia Copolla’s film Marie Antoinette. She has long since operated as an independent costume designer for numerous top-class film productions. Apart from all of that, she also works in the theatre, which is her first and greatest love, and four Sterija Prizes merely serve to prove that she also does so very successfully

Vesna Todorčević, Ph.d., Associate Research Professor at the SASA Mathematical Institute; Associate Professor at the University of Belgrade’s Faculty Of Organisational Sciences

Maths and the Beauty of the World

I’ve toured the world thanks to mathematics. Congresses and conferences in distant lands freed me of my old self, my authenticity flourished, returning me like winds and waves to my children and the people I love

Richard Branson

Simple Tricks – The Best Way for a Successful Business

Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson is an English business magnate, investor, author and philanthropist. One of the world’s wealthiest people, Richard Branson is worth an estimated $4.9 billion. This serial entrepreneur has built up eight billion-dollar companies and continues to innovate wherever possible

Vuk Radojević, Vojvodina Provincial Secretary for Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management

Better Budget Conditions Created

Responsible work in realising farmers requests

Alexandre Petrovic, Managing Director, Cleverfarm

Clever Farming for Smart Farmer

CleverFarm: An application to change the life of farmers from the ground up

Aleksandar Cvetić, CEO of BCM Trade D.O.O. (Ltd.)

BCM Trade Plans to Double Grain Exports By 2020

Building new storage capacities in Perlez, which is well connected with three ports, will enable faster and more competitive trade

Srbislav Vidojević, Timomed Managing Director

Secure Bulk Purchases – Production Expansion

The number of beehives in Serbia has almost tripled in ten years

Christos Alexopoulos, Phd, Director of the College of Applied Health Sciences, Ćuprija

Serbian College, European Standards

In the last two years, many aspects of education in Serbia have been established on a solid basis thanks to reforms that have been carried out

Selena Đorđević, Executive Officer of the Hellenic Business Association of Serbia

Time for New Collaborations

Now that the Greek economy is recovering strongly and there is rising interest in cooperating with Serbia, we believe strongly that the time is ripe for our countries to work together on overcoming challenges that hinder new business possibilities

Vladimir Lekić, General Manager, Dragon Maritime SEE D.O.O. (Ltd.) - An Agent Of Cosco Shipping Lines Co. Ltd

Serbia & China Have Never Been Closer

Thanks to company Dragon Martitime SEE, which is a general representative and agent of Cosco Shipping Lines, China's largest shipping company, the transport of goods - through imports to and exports from Serbia – has been eased considerably. Thanks to this company, Belgrade has become a regional hub for the development of intermodal transport

Stefan Fijala, Executive Director of LTC D.O.O. (Ltd.)

The Solution is in the Digitalising of Work Orders

Applying information technology to improve the quality of services and after-sales processes


Concerns Over European Bank Earnings

Several analysts have raised concerns over earnings this quarter due to external risks such as low economic growth, uncertainty over U.S.-China trade deal, Brexit and a U-turn on major central bank policy towards more easing

Odysseus Markakis, Director, Kleemann Lifts D.O.O. (Ltd.)

Kleemann Lifts for the Planet

All indicators show that the Serbian market is in constant growth, which is why we decided to invest constantly


Why Europe Should Partner the World’s Smallholders to Adopt Big Tech?

Despite the rise of industrial and intensive farming, it is the world’s 800 million smallholder farmers who continue to shoulder a disproportionate burden of global food security

Social Life

Loud and Proud

In the hot summers, social life in Greece tends to be outdoors. In small towns and villages the tradition of the volta continues, when at sundown much of the population strolls up and down the main street or, on the islands, along the shore

Ušće Tower Two

Ušće Tower Two is a modern, luxury office building, offering A+ class business space on 22 floors, with 23,200 m2 of gross leasable area (GLA).

Sophia the Robot on the second day of the Digital Summit Western Balkans

Sophia the Robot answers our questions on the second day of the Digital Summit Western Balkans. Full interview will be published in the May issue of CorD.

Digital Summit Western Balkans Opens in Belgrade

Prime Minister Ana Brnabić said at the opening of the Second Digital Summit of the Western Balkans that the government has set digitisation and education as their absolute priorities in order to take advantage of all the chances that are being offered to us today. Read more

Kosovo-Serbia dialogue in Berlin

Kosovo and Serbian leaders will meet in Berlin, on April 29th, as requested by Germany and France. The announcement was confirmed by the President of...

Finland’s Social Democrat Party declare victory

The leader of Finland’s Social Democrat Party (SDP) has declared victory in the country’s general election, after partial results put the party slightly ahead...

A Massive Fire at the Notre Dame Cathedral

The Notre Dame Cathedral, one of the most iconic landmarks in the French capital, was engulfed in flames Monday evening as a catastrophic fire...


Slovakia’s First Female President

Liberal candidate Zuzana Čaputová won Slovakia’s presidential election on Saturday, becoming the central European country’s first ever female president. Despite having almost no political experience,...

Why Germany struggles to understand the issues at heart of Brexit?

Britain's stubborn, uncompromising political culture favours small victories over compromise. In Germany, where coalition-building is the norm, Brexit bewilderment remains strong. Throughout the whole sorry...

Putin opens Mercedes-Benz plant in Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin and German economy minister Peter Altmaier unveiled a Mercedes-Benz car plant in Russia on Wednesday, April 3rd, praising co-operation between...

10th Mikser Festival announced

24-26 May 2019, Dorćol

Belgrade Security Forum 2019

16 -18 October 2019

10th Direct Media Academy

28-30 May, Madlenianum

The Incredible Blue Caves of Greece

Blue in Blue

Greece is a country teeming with beauty. Its key feature though is the endless summer, the blue sky and the blue sea. Each year people flock to Greece’s exquisite beaches, both on the islands and the mainland coast, seeking the life-giving sun and the crystal clear blue sea

Contemporary Australian Aboriginal Art

Storytelling Pictures

Australian Aboriginal Art has been identified as the most exciting contemporary art form of the 20th Century


Hats Define Style

Clothing may make up the majority of an outfit, but accessories are more significant than you may think. Is a hat an accessory or clothing?

13th CorD Charity Masters at the Belgrade Marathon

This April, for 13 years in a row, CorD Magazine organised CorD Charity Masters, the first humanitarian race held...


Beautiful Greek Taverna Chair

America has fast food chains. Greece has tavernas. While both offer inexpensive food (or, in the case of fast food chains, food-like substances), their operational philosophy could not be more different