Zoran Janković

Zoran Janković, Mayor of Ljubljana

Respect Pre-Election Pledges

Ivan Karić

Ivan Karić, State Secretary at the Ministry of Environmental Protection

Chapter 27 – The Most Technically Complicated

Estanislao Angel Zawels

H.E. Estanislao Angel Zawels, Ambassador of Argentina to Serbia

Global Village Must Rely on International Law

Katarina Gilblad

Katarina Gilblad, osnivačica konsultantske firme Agronomics Scandinavia AB

Jeftinije je učiti na tuđim greškama

Goran Trivan

Goran Trivan, Serbian Minister of Environmental Protection

Year Of Turnarounds

Jan Lundin

Nj.E. gospodin Jan Lundin, ambasador Švedske u Srbiji

Značaj švedsko-srpske saradnje

Current Issues

Focus: The EU Parliament election impact on the Western Balkans and Serbia in particular

The Die is Cast, But the Answer is a Haze

No one is at ease with the outcome of May’s European Parliament elections. It seems obvious that existing political structures are to be dissolved and new political alliances forged, yet the extent to which the outcome will change how the EU functions is unclear, as is whether the Western Balkan enlargement process will remain firmly on the agenda

Kosovka Tičić, generalna direktorka Oriflame kompanije za Srbiju i Zapadni Balkan

Kod nas sve počinje od ljudi

Pored toga što nudi sjajne proizvode, Oriflame pruža svima šansu da se profesionalno i lično razvijaju bez dodatnih ulaganja. Često se ljudi prvo zaljube u naše proizvode, pa potom otkriju i poslovnu priliku. Danas su čitave porodice izgradile svoje poslovanje sa Oriflame-om

Aleksandar Hajduković direktor, Securitas Srbija

Zajedno kreiramo bolju bezbednosnu kulturu

Potrebno je uložiti još mnogo vremena, rada i energije kako bi naše tržište prepoznalo značaj stvaranja bezbednosne kulture i prihvatilo nadolazeće inovacije, koje su neophodne u kreiranju sigurnijeg mesta za život i rad svih nas. Naš cilj nije samo da imamo lidersku poziciju na tržištu već i da pokrenemo promene u našoj industriji

Christoph Schoen, President of the Montenegrin foreign Investors Council, MFIC

A True Partner for Reforms

We will continue to support the Government of Montenegro during the reform process, as we strongly believe that we will achieve much more if the public and private sectors work together. Among the most important tasks in the coming period are combatting corruption, improving the consistency and efficiency of the judicial system and continuously fighting against the grey economy

Milutin Simović, Deputy Prime Minister Responsible for Economic Policy and the Financial System; Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development

Providing Foundations for Long-term Stable Growth

Sustainable and inclusive economic growth, which will contribute to reducing the development gap of the country compared to the EU average, and to increasing the quality of life of all citizens, is a strategic development goal of Montenegro. That's why we'll strengthen the country's macroeconomic stability and work to eliminate the key obstacles to improving competitiveness

Suzana Pribilović, Montenegrin Minister of Public Administration

Encouraging Reform Results

The results achieved in public administration reform encourage us and confirm that we are on the right track, but also oblige us to work even more dynamically to create a more efficient administration that will provide proper service to citizens and the economy. This is not an easy process, but for us there is no higher priority than increasing our citizens' quality of life

Gijom Laturet, generalni direktor kompanije Tetra Pak za region Jugoistočne Evrope

Održivost i digitalizacija su u našem fokus

Želimo da pomognemo razvoj ekonomije sa niskom emisijom ugljen-dioksida i srodnih gasova u Srbiji, kao i da lokalnom i regionalnom tržištu predstavimo proizvode i rešenja koja obezbeđuju zdravu životnu sredinu

Aleksandar Miljković, Head of Asset Management, MPC Properties

No Compromise on Quality

MPC Properties is one of the most experienced local real estate development companies, with its properties satisfying the highest European standards and shifting boundaries. They plan new investments carefully, awaiting the moment when they will coincide with the needs of the market

By Richard Branson

How To Build A Business?

“When building a business, it’s important to do your research and to have a good overview of your plans, but first-hand experience is also really important,” according to Richard Branson

Enzo Neri, Master Chef at Mudra Restaurant, Hotel Huma, Kotor Bay

Passion is the Key to Every Success

Enzo Neri has worked at Manhattan’s most famous restaurants, created bespoke menus and opened numerous restaurants from Norway to Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan to Kenya. Now he has arrived in Montenegro, as the head chef at the Mudra restaurant of Hotel HUMA Kotor Bay, and it is thanks to his passion and experience that Mudra is set to become the Mediterranean’s best restaurant

Gustav Magnar Witzøe

The Youngest Norwegian Billionaire

Gustav Magnar Witzoe is the third-youngest billionaire on Earth at the age of 25, according to Pollytoo’s 2018 ranking, but that’s only part of what makes the Norwegian fish scion so fascinating. Also according to the latest reports of Pollytoo & Wikipedia, Gustav Magnar Witzoe Estimated Net Worth is $3.2 billion which is a direct result of his family’s salmon empire

Dimitrije Vasiljević, Jazz Composer and Pianist

Jazz is a Personal Stamp

After 12 years, Serbian artist Dimitrije Vasiljević (born 1985) held two exceptional concerts in Serbia with his New York Quartet (18th May, within the...

Dr Sanja Popović Pantić, Economist, President of the Association of Business Women in Serbia

Business Women Invest in Knowledge

I belong to generation “X”. I always had a lot of belief in books, but I also, luckily, had an even greater need to check out everything in practise. Thus, this generation had a unique and, hopefully, never to be repeated “chance” to find – in the midst of the greatest inflation in world history and an environment at war – a decent job and to work “in their vocation”. During times when real values were devalued, I realised it was best to invest in knowledge

Jelena Kiš, Sustainability and Regulatory Affairs Manager at Ball

Can – Packaging as the Most Important Environmental Ally

This “green planet” has been our home for millions of years. It is a home to which civilisation has not paid enough attention, which is why one of the main efforts of modern society is directed towards restoring the planet to its authentic condition – without waste and pollution

Jasmina Jović, Assistant Minister in the Sector for Nature Protection and Climate Change, Ministry of Environmental Protection

Protecting Nature & Applying Global Multilateral Agreements

The area of nature protection is encompassed, at the national level, by the legislative framework for environmental protection that has its basis in the Constitution of the Republic of Serbia, provisions that define citizens' right to a healthy environment, as well as the duty of citizens to protect and improve the environment, in accordance with the law

Branislava Jovičić, Centre for the Promotion of Sustainable Development

We Owe Planet Earth

In just five years, as long as it has existed, the Centre for the Promotion of Sustainable Development has developed two projects that have yielded excellent results not only in Serbia, but also around the world. The first is the portal “Balkan Green Energy News”, which has already become a leader in the region, and the other is the project “Women in Sustainable Energy in Southeast Europe”

Biljana Filipović-Đušić, Minister’s Deputy, Sector for International Cooperation and European Integration, Ministry for Environmental Protection

International Cooperation on Environmental Protection

By its nature, the environment extends beyond political and legal frameworks, and other boundaries created by man. International and cross-border cooperation between countries is vital if we want to address challenges that impact on all of us. These challenges vary from droughts and floods, to pollution and threats to the richness of biodiversity

Nebojša Jakovljević, Managing Director, JKP Vodovod i kanalizacija Kragujevac

Better Quality Water in Kragujevac

Reconstruction of the Gruža pipeline will bring a better water supply

Prim. Dr. Dragana Despot, Director of the Institute for Biocides and Medical Ecologyc

New Measures to Combat Mosquitoes

Detailed monitoring, the application of new remedies, treatment of micropockets and the use of thermal devices yield good results in the fight against mosquitoes

Miroslav Krmpotić, Director, Hidrogeoeko Inženjering

Care of Water Quality for 20 Municipalities

Cooperation between numerous experts in reaching the best solutions

Serbian Association of Packaging Waste Operators

We Will Recycle 230,000 Tonnes of Packaging Waste

Belgrade recently saw the founding of the Serbian Association of Packaging Waste Operators, which composes all seven operators of the packaging waste management system on the domestic market

Nevena Čolić Mohora, Director of MITECO Kneževac

Waste – A Resource For Economic Growth

Serbia needs a systematic concept of waste management

Aleksandar Vesić, Assistant Minister in the Sector for Environmental Management, Serbian Ministry of Environmental Protection

Natural Environment & Security

The natural environment is exposed to evident changes in terms of degradation in many segments, due to the ever more dynamic development of society, production and consumption. These changes are often also felt beyond the site where pollution occurs, even at great distances, which gives this problem an international character

Msc.eng. Milan Stevanović, Environmental Investment Expert

The Only Constant in Life is Change

Having served in a local public administration, then moving on to the work in the central Government, and currently being in a position to guide and organise the work in Serbia for some of the world’s most successful companies and funds (and global success stories!) in the area of environmental protection, one of the key things I’ve learnt is that the only everlasting constant in business and life in general is – change

Filip Radović, Director of the Environmental Protection Agency

Circular Economy

The Circular economy represents an approach that transforms the function of an economy's resources. Apart from natural resources, in accordance with circular economy principles, the entirety of generated waste becomes a newly created resource. Waste from one factory becomes the raw material for some other manufacturing process

Slobodan Perović, Assistant Minister in the Sector for Strategic Planning and Projects, Ministry for Environmental Protection

Investing Towards The EU

The Multi-Annual Investment and Financing Plan represents an innovative tool for investment growth

Željko Pantelić, Assistant Minister for Oversight and Prevention, Ministry of Environmental Protection

Inspection Oversight & Education

In addition to the national inspectorate for environmental protection, numerous laws have also entrusted tasks of inspection overishgt to numerous local governments, the City of Belgrade and the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina. Considering the extremely large number of laws and by-laws in the field of environmental protection, as well as their complexity, the national inspectorate has specialised and functions via specialised departments. All inspectors have undergone training through various EU capacity building projects

Filip Abramović, Assistant Minister, Waste and Wastewater Department, Ministry of Environmental Protection

Managing Municipal Waters in Serbia

There are about 45 existing municipal wastewater treatment facilities in Serbia, a very small number of which are functioning, and only a few fully satisfy all modern standards of environmental protection


Soft Power With Good Flavour

Many countries have utilised food as a soft-power instrument for boosting their public image. Over the past two decades, there has been an increasing amount of dialogue on the role of food in not only establishing relations between cultures and nations but as part of the foundation of cultures and national identity

Comment by Nebojša Katić, Economist

Brexit No (Good) Exit

When the UK formally initiated the process of leaving the EU by triggering Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty two years ago, the British government promised the UK would leave the EU on 29th March 2019, with a new trade agreement combining the best of all worlds

Business forum Sweden in Serbia – Investments and Cooperation for the Future

There are great opportunities for the further improvement of the business cooperation between Serbia and Sweden, it was concluded at the business forum "Sweden in Serbia - Investments and Cooperation for the Future" held in Belgrade. Read more


Švedska u Srbiji - Saradnja i Ulaganje u Budućnost. Produced by AIM , publisher of CorD Magazine. Print edition: Švedska u Srbiji 2019 - Saradnja i ulaganje u budućnost

National Day of Italy 2019

Italian Ambassador to Belgrade H.E. Carlo Lo Cascio hosted a reception to mark National Day of the Republic, 140 years of diplomatic relations between Belgrade and Rome, as well as 10 years of strategic partnership. Read more

Sebastian Kurz ousted in no-confidence vote

Austrian Cancellor Sebastian Kurz was voted out of office as Austrian chancellor on Monday, less than 24 hours after his party won a resounding...


Europe, please wake up

The first step to defending Europe from its enemies, both internal and external, is to recognize the magnitude of the threat they present. The...

Kosovo-Serbia dialogue in Berlin

Kosovo and Serbian leaders will meet in Berlin, on April 29th, as requested by Germany and France. The announcement was confirmed by the President of...

Finland’s Social Democrat Party declare victory

The leader of Finland’s Social Democrat Party (SDP) has declared victory in the country’s general election, after partial results put the party slightly ahead...

A Massive Fire at the Notre Dame Cathedral

The Notre Dame Cathedral, one of the most iconic landmarks in the French capital, was engulfed in flames Monday evening as a catastrophic fire...


Slovakia’s First Female President

Liberal candidate Zuzana Čaputová won Slovakia’s presidential election on Saturday, becoming the central European country’s first ever female president. Despite having almost no political experience,...

Belgrade Security Forum 2019

16 -18 October 2019

Singers United International Choir Concert

14 June, Italian Institute of Culture

Business Showcase Farete 2019

4th and 5th September 2019, Bologna (Italy)

Vietnam Contemporary Art

Individual Vision of Tradition

Vietnamese art reflects a mixture of influences: Vietnamese traditional art, influences from China and influence from the French during the colonial period. Just over a decade ago Vietnam opened up to the world. The international art market started to see the talents of Vietnamese artists and the variety of styles in Vietnamese paintings. Demand for Vietnamese art is increasing rapidly, especially in France and other countries in Europe


Summer in the City

Sandals are often an afterthought because of their association with summer holiday leisurewear. They’re an item that is more...

Farewell Party for Ambassador Pertti Ikonen

The farewell party in honour of the Ambassador, H.E. Pertti Ikonen, was held at the Residence of Finland on...

13th CorD Charity Masters at the Belgrade Marathon

This April, for 13 years in a row, CorD Magazine organised CorD Charity Masters, the first humanitarian race held...


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The Weifang International Kites Festival is an annual event held in Weifang, in East China’s Shandong Province. The night...