Garry Jacobs

Garry Jacobs, President and CEO of the World Academy of Art & Science, Chairman of the Board & CEO of the World University Consortium

Stop Imitating And Start Innovating

Stefan Milenković

Stefan Milenković, violinist, musical pedagogue

The Artist Always Has a Choice

2019: Serbia The Year As It Was
Focus Cord 183, January 2020

Revolution or Routine: What is your opinion on the waning 2019 and the coming 2020?

How to Recognise, Curb and Turn Around Bad Infinity?

Mihailo Jovanović

Mihailo Jovanović, (Associate Professor, PhD), Director of the Office for Information Technology and E-Government

Intensive Development of eGovernment Systems and Services

Stevica Deđanski

Stevica Deđanski, State Secretary At The Ministry Of Mining & Energy

Insulated Buildings Save Up to 50% of Energy

Gilles Arnout Beschoor Plug

H.E. Gilles Arnout Beschoor Plug, Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to Serbia

High Expectations of Serbia

Current Issues

Comment By Zoran Panović

The Macron Paradox

Deep Purple performed in Belgrade again this December, and it was an occasion to recall how much more relaxed the atmosphere in Serbia had been when this band last performed in Belgrade, in March 2014, and when the top stars among the audience were then Serbian President Tomislav Nikolić, dressed in a tight, black, leather jacket, and First Lady Dragica, also dressed in rocker’s apparel

Ivanka Popović, Ph.d. Chancellor of the University of Belgrade

Intelligent Evolution

We will remember the year behind us for the creation of very significant new international academic partnerships, for the setting of standards in cases...

Dr Miroslav Perišić, Historian, Director Of The Archives Of Serbia

Archives are a Barrier Against the Falsifying of History

History is dangerous if not understood. The historian needs always to remind of this experience when, due to some contemporary crisis, there is increased interest in the past and simplified interpretations and light conclusions emerge in public in waves

Adir El Al, CEO AFI Europe Serbia

Stability Will Bring Prosperity

After 16 years of activity in Serbia, I can say that - as AFI Europe - we are now leading the real estate market in many aspects. Not just as one of the biggest real estate developers in the country, but also as one trying to find the right path, pioneering and paving the way for many other developers and investors in the real estate segment, says Mr. Adir El Al, CEO of AFI Europe Serbia

GIZ Serbia

Improved Energy Efficiency of Schools and pre-Schools

A ceremony in Belgrade in December has marked the completion of the German- Serbian Development Cooperation project Energy Efficiency in Public Buildings, which was implemented with the support of the German Organization for International Cooperation GIZ, with the aim of improving the energy efficiency of buildings and reducing carbon dioxide emissions in schools and pre-schools in Serbia

Aleksandar Jakovljević, Managing Director of Philip Morris For South-East Europe

Dedicated to Change

IQOS is currently used by around 12 million consumers in the world, eight million of whom have completely left their cigarettes and made this less harmful choice

Dejan Marković, General Manager, Schneider Electric d.o.o.

Green is Good for Business

Focusing on environmental initiatives leads to growth and savings

EPS Improves Capacities

EPS Investments in Modern Energy

The major investment cycle of electric utility power company EPS (Electric Power Industry of Serbia) is continuing with increasing intensity throughout Serbia, with the aim of modernising all parts of the system and improving operations

Miloš Banjac, PhD, ME, Assistant Minister, Department for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

Led Bulbs Save Up to 80% of Energy

Regulations governing the labelling of classifications of energy efficiency have the aim of informing customers on consumption and drawing attention to the fact that purchasing efficient appliances pays off

Ursula Von der Leyen

What EU “Geopolitical” Power Will Cost

Ursula Von der Leyen, the new president of the European Commission, has promised to position the European Union as a geopolitical power that is capable of holding its own against the United States and a rising China. But the EU may come to regret any attempt to parlay its economic strength into geopolitical clout.


What Are Different Sources of Energy?

There are 10 main different sources of energy that are used in the world to generate power. While there are other sources being discovered all the time, none of them has reached the stage where they can be used to provide the power to help modern life go

Mladen Ćirić, Sales Manager, Tonković Winery

Our Wines are Even Served In The Vatican

Established in 2006, Tonković Winery cultivates the Kadarka, an old autochthonous variety, on all 10 hectares of its vineyards. Tonković makes as many as...

Kylie Jenner

Fresh-Faced Billionaire at 22

Kylie Jenner is an American model, reality television star and cosmetics entrepreneur who has a net worth of a billion dollars. In any given year, Kylie earns around $40 million from her various endeavours. The vast majority of her net worth comes from her cosmetics company, Kylie Cosmetics. Kylie sold a 51% stake in her company to Coty Inc. in November 2019 for $600 million, with the company valued as a whole at $1.2 billion

Carnival Masks

Tradition of Venetian Carnival Masks

Every year, from February to March, Carnival in Venice is held. Hundreds of thousands visit Venice during Carnival, to admire the incredible Venetian costumes and masks that can be seen walking around in Venice


Enormous Opportunities to Improve Efficiency

Energy efficiency simply means using less energy to perform the same task – that is, eliminating energy wastage

Embassy of Ukraine in Serbia marked National Day

Embassy of Ukraine in Serbia, headed by the Ambassador H.E. Oleksandr Aleksandrovych, marked the 101 years of the Ukrainian Revolution. Read more

Independence Day of Finland 2019

On the occasion of 102nd anniversary of the Finnish independence, Ambassador Kimmo Lähdevirta and Mrs Pia Kaikonen hosted a reception at the residence. Read more

IWC Charity Bazaar

More than two thousand visitors at the IWC Charity Bazaar aimed at helping the elderly Read more

The U.S.

Home sales will drop in 2020

Sales of existing U.S. homes will fall 1.8% from 2019, according to the forecast. Home prices will flatten nationally, increasing just 0.8% annually. However,...


Nintendo Partners With Tencent 

Tencent Holdings Ltd. and Nintendo Co. announced the launch of Nintendo’s signature Switch game console in China. The Nintendo Switch was on the market...


Norwegian Air cuts long-haul routes

Oslo-based Norwegian Air announced that it’s dropping its long-distance routes from Stockholm and Copenhagen to the U.S. and Thailand. The move is part of...


Over 90% of Foreign Companies Expect to Increase Their Investments 

Foreign companies’ assessment of the business climate in Spain has remained unchanged since 2018. Specifically, the business climate in Spain scored an average of...


Delivery platforms boost restaurant profits

Food delivery platforms are helping independent, and chain restaurants in London, Paris, Madrid and Warsaw serve more meals every week, boosting the sector’s revenue...


Fiat underestimated the value of Chrysler 

Italian tax authorities believe that Fiat Chrysler Automobiles underestimated the value of its U.S. business by €5.1 billion following Fiat’s phased acquisition of Chrysler,...

Marina Abramović – The Cleaner

21 September 2019 - 20 January 2020, Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade

Carnival Masks

Tradition of Venetian Carnival Masks

Every year, from February to March, Carnival in Venice is held. Hundreds of thousands visit Venice during Carnival, to admire the incredible Venetian costumes and masks that can be seen walking around in Venice

IWC Hosts Charity Bazaar 2019

More than two thousand visitors at the IWC Charity Bazaar aimed at helping the elderly The Charity Bazaar, organised for...

Japanese Contemporary Art

Creative Spin on Tradition

Japanese contemporary artists are currently creating some of the most extraordinary, thought-provoking artworks. Determined to set their own rules, these prolific inventors have transformed the global art landscape with their uncompromising visions and trendsetting artistry

Polish Contemporary Art

Between the Media & the Body

Contemporary Art in Poland has always provoked huge controversy and extreme reactions. Often misunderstood and used by right-wing politicians to favour their radically conservative views, it has electrified not only the art world, but also the general public – to such extent that damage to works or their removal were common, as were exhibition closures and protests in front of artistic institutions. Politicians, clerics, artists and critics – the whole country has been involved in the national discussion. There is always something much more important hidden behind accusations of profanity and that the artist is simply seeking notoriety. The works described in this article weren’t created to be scandalous, but rather to draw attention to significant issues and problems that are still present within Polish society


Apres Ski

Many believe that the apres-ski culture originates from Norway in the mid-1800s, where grog or aquavit was consumed among...