Sunday, November 18, 2018
CorD Ceremoniously Celebrates 15th anniversary
Anders Christian Hougard Ambassador Denmark to Serbia

H.E. Anders Christian Hougård Ambassador Of Denmark to Serbia

Goal Worth Fighting For

H.E. Gordan Bakota Croatian Ambassador To Serbia, We Can Do Better

Gordan Bakota Croatian Ambassador to Serbia

We Can Do Better

Pertti Juhani Ikonen Ambassador Of Finland To Serbia

H.E. Pertti Juhani Ikonen Ambassador Of Finland to Serbia

Do Just As the Nordics Do

Jan Lundin Ambassador Of Sweden To Serbia

H.E. Jan Lundin, Ambassador Of Sweden to Serbia

We Have Entered a More Intense Phase of Economic Relations

H.E. Nikolaus Lutterotti, Austrian Ambassador to Serbia, Reforms Will Pay Off

H.E. Nikolaus Lutterotti, Austrian Ambassador to Serbia

Reforms Will Pay Off

Tachi, Mogerini, Vucic

Current Issues

Mariya Gabriel, European Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society

Investments in People Guarantee Success

We need to work together to enhance the skills of our citizens of all ages and backgrounds. The region needs well-trained workers with the proper digital skills to match the demands of this new economy

Comment by Boško Jakšić

Joyless Bosnia

The recent elections in Bosnia-Herzegovina provided new confirmation that there can be no inter-ethnic cooperation and multiculturalism while three constituent nations lead political parties that are based on pure nationalism, instead of on political programmes and ideas

H.E. Orla O’Hanrahan, Ambassador of the Republic of Ireland to Greece, Serbia and Albania

We meet challenges by finding new business opportunities

In an op ed H.E. Orla O Hanrahan, ambassador of Ireland discuss how the country is preparing for Brexit, speaks about the Irish approach to assuring efficiency and competitiveness of the national economy and lays out the possibilities for cooperation between Ireland and Serbia in finance, enterprise and telecommunication technology, construction service, and agriculture technology.

Serbia’s Industrial Policy

Let the Right One In

Business as usual is not an option for Serbia and the Western Balkans, which is why the new industrial policy should be sectorspecific and rely on new policy measures

Dr Harald Mahrer, President of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber

Our Partnership is Strong & Fruitful

Chambers of commerce play a crucial role in helping businesses adapt to the new demands of the market economy. The Austrian Federal Economic Chamber and its Serbian counterpart are cooperating successfully to help domestic companies find a well-trained workforce and address challenges stemming from the digital revolution

Marko Čadež, President of the Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Serbia, CCIS

We Have Excellent Cooperation That’s Mutually Beneficial

It is in the greatest interest of the Serbian economy for Austrian companies to continue investing in Serbia, for us to attract as much investment as possible in the production- and export-orientated export sectors and high-tech investments, such as Zumtobel in Niš

Erika Teoman-Brenner, Austrian Commercial Counsellor

Many Opportunities Ahead

The forthcoming visit of Austrian President Dr Alexander Van der Bellen and a high-level business delegation will offer a new opportunity for companies and institutions from our two countries to further forge their cooperation.

Dejan Turk, CEO of Vip Mobile and A1 Slovenija

Support for Society’s Digital Transformation

We believe in the potential of this market, and our greatest contribution to Serbia's technological advancement is in encouraging digitalisation

Johannes Irschik, Director of the Austrian Cultural Forum and President of EUNIC

We Support Serbia’s European Dimension

Our main mission is to promote contemporary Austrian art and culture, as well as to foster cultural and scientific exchange

Jelena Knežević, Certified Auditor, Managing Director, Leitnerleitner

High Quality Services Are a Key Factor

In our business approach we use Austria as a best-practise example whenever possible in providing our services to clients, stresses Jelena Knežević, certified auditor and managing director at LeitnerLeitner, speaking for this CorD special edition

Miljen Kreka Kljaković, Production Designer

Imagining on a Given Topic

Miljen Kreka Kljaković (68) is our highest-rated and best-known film production designer. He graduated from the Belgrade University Academy of Fine Arts and alongside his name it is stated, among other things, that he is a member of the Serbian Film Academy, the American Art Directors Guild and Maison des Artistes France, while his acknowledgements include the Golden Seal Award 2015/Yugoslav Film Library, Annual Award for the Best TV art design (1980), the French film academy awards-Caesar 1992 (for the film Delicatessen), the European Film Academy award-Felix 1991 (also for Delicatessen), Yugoslavian Academy Awards 1996 (for the film Underground), a nomination for an Emmy Award -USA 1995-1996 (for the TV film Rasputin), a nomination for the Excellence in Production Design Award – U.S. Art Directors Guild 2004 (for the TV film Helen Of Troy) production design, (for the film St. George Shoots The Dragon) 2010 – from FIPRESCI, The International Federation of Film Critics, and many others

Yusaku Maezawa

Japan’s Corporate Enfant Terrible

Yusaku Maezawa is a Japanese billionaire. According to Forbes, his net worth is approximately $2.9 billion as of September 2018. Most of his net worth comes from founding Japan’s largest online fashion mall, Zozotown. He’s #18 on Forbe’s list of Japan’s 50 Richest in 2018, and he’s #822 out of all billionaires in 2018

Đorđe Milutinović, Štark Arena Advisor

The Promoter

Placido Domingo, Sting, Jose Carreras, Nick Cave, Nigel Kennedy, Tom Jones, BB King, Chick Korea, Paco de Lucia, Ray Charles, James Brown, Julio Iglesias, Leonard Cohen, Alicia Keys, Bryan Ferry, Joe Cocker… these are just some of the hundreds of foreign and local artists that I’ve had the pleasure and privilege of promoting in Belgrade during past decades working as the head of the Sava Centre concert agency and director of the Belgrade Arena

Marko Čadež and Safet Gërxhaliu, WB6

Western Balkan Six Chamber Investment Forum, Businesspeople Will Unify the Region

Although the establishment of the Chamber Investment Forum has shown itself to be a great move that's yielding tangible results in terms of increases level of trade and business cooperation, support from the governments of the region remains insufficient. We see one possible solution to this in the establishment of ministries for regional cooperation within each government, just as Nordic countries have regional cooperation ministers

Andreja Pavlović Executive Director of the Nordic Business Alliance

The Nordic Model Is an Inspiration for All Our Activities

The core values and vision of the Nordic Business Alliance remain intact to this day, and our agile roots allow us to go back to basics whenever necessary

Anne Marie, Brady MD Scandinavian Design Group (SDG)

Time to Take Responsibility

The road to a more sustainable everyday life is long and demanding. In Norway, we often talk about regulating material selection so that products are less harmful to the planet

Ana Ilić, advisor to Serbian PM Ana Brnabić for the digital and creative industries, film and tourism

Serbia – Land of Creativity and Innovation

The Creative Industries Council was established to providing the creative industries and creative artists with the systemic support of the state, and to provide a framework for sustainable growth

Warren Bowers, Lower School Principal, The International School Of Belgrade

Diversity Makes Our School Culturally Rich

Students nowadays have immediate access to information at their fingertips and can find facts with the push of a button. Our job as educators is to show them what to do with that knowledge

Darren Gibson, CEO, Luštica Bay

Vibrant, Inclusive & Sustainable Year-Round Resort Town

Luštica Bay is a unique project, not only in the context of Montenegro, but throughout the entire Mediterranean. We are the only greenfield project in Montenegro

Vladimir Novaković, General Manager Apatin Brewery

Three-Century-Long Tradition

With a tradition dating back three centuries, Apatin Brewery is the oldest working brewery in the region. Since being established as the Imperial Brewery, it has gone on to become one of the leaders of the Serbian market. Assessing the beer market in Serbia and the region for this issue of CorD is Apatin Brewery’s managing director, Vladimir Novaković

Dr Dragan Kostić, Director, Free Zone Pirot

Best in Europe and Third in the World

We have developed an effective system which, apart from providing a free zone regime with customs and tax breaks, eases our users’ operations through a unified set of services

Stojan Rangelov, B.Sc. Engineer, Co-owner of Company Putevi Ivanjica

Safe Roads Made to EU Standards

For a full 56 years already, company Putevi d.o.o. Ivanjica has been building, reconstructing and maintaining roads on the territory of Ivanjica and surrounding municipalities. It is Serbia’s only manufacturer of safety and sound barriers under license from DELTABLOC International GmbH – the world’s leading producer of traffic safety systems, which operates in over 55 countries worldwide, from almost all European countries, to Africa, Australia and Latin America

Nataša Krejić Partner Lawyer, Sajić Law Office, Banja Luka

Knowhow & Speed As Priorities

We place great importance on trust and the good relationships that we’ve built between ourselves and in relations with our clients, which enables us to continually advance our professional development.

Vera Popović, Commercial Sector Director, Elixir Food d.o.o. (Ltd.)

Frozen Health from Serbia

Elixir Food is one of Serbia's largest processors and exporters of frozen fruits and vegetables. Its composition includes three factories located in Serbia's most important fruit growing areas, which are known for the production of the best fruits and vegetables, thanks to their geographical position and favourable climatic conditions

Vladimir Ilić, General manager, Tigar A.D.

From Boots to Fashionable Opanak Shoes

Our basic principles of production and implementation growth are quantity, quality and continuity. Our comparative advantages as a manufacturer are reflected in our capacities, development capabilities and the technological conditions in which value is created

Spain - Contemporary Art

Modern-Day Conquest of the Contemporary Art World

It does not come as a surprise to anyone that Spain has an extraordinary art heritage, with masters such as Diego Velazquez and Francisco Goya hailing from the country. But Spain doesn’t have to be too attached to its past when it comes to art, as it also has many contemporary achievements: its new centres, galleries and museums for contemporary art are praised as being some of the best in the world. Here we explore three of these fantastic art venues, in Madrid, Valencia and Barcelona


Preserving Austrian Heritage

The Federal Monuments Authority Austria (FMAA) protects and maintains the material cultural heritage of Austria and demonstrates the social importance of this task


Despite the Wind & Rain

If November sometimes gets you down with its gloomy weather and spoils your good mood, do something nice for yourself. Dress up nice despite the wind and rain. Freshen up your wardrobe with something that will improve your day and set you apart from the greyness of autumn weather. And don't forget that beautiful and lovingly selected items of clothing always attract attention and compliments!

Spanish Riding School Vienna

Traditions That Last Over 450 Years

Levade, courbette and capriole are classical school jumps performed by the Lipizzaner stallions, who enchant their public at the Spanish Riding School in Vienna. The traditions of this haute école of classic equestrianism have been passed down by word of mouth for around 450 years. Once these intelligent white stallions have completed their training, they are known as "professors"

12th Science Festival

29 Nov-2 Dec

Rumal of Chamba: The Embroidered Expressions of Pahari Women

The Embassy of India in Belgrade and the National Assembly of Serbia, in association with Indian Council for Cultural Relations, is organising an art exhibition “Rumals of Chamba: Embroidered Expressions of Pahari Women” at the House of National National Assembly Read more

Centenary of End of WWI Marked with Paris Ceremony

At the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month — precisely 100 years after fighting halted in the first world war...

Austria’s Colonel Suspected Of Spying For Russia

The Austrian chancellor and defense minister said the case came to light as a result of information from another European intelligence agency. Relations between Russia...

‘Devil winds’ killed 25 people

Severe hot and dry “devil winds” kicked up on Sunday, November 11th in fire ravaged Southern California and more winds were expected in the...

Indonesian Jet Crashed Killing All 189 People on Board

Indonesia's National Transportation Safety Committee (KNKT) said on today the airspeed indicator was damaged for the last four flights of the Boeing Co. 737...

Four Balkan Countries to Explore 2030 World Cup Bid

Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia and Romania will explore a potential joint Balkan bid to host the 2030 World Cup, said Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borissov. A...

Serbia Hosting Chinese Forums to Boost Cooperation With Eastern Europe

A third summit of transport ministers from China and 16 countries in Central and Eastern Europe is being held in Belgrade this week. Simultaneous with...

Art + Science: Makers

13 Nov-7 Dec

Serbian Visions 2018

24-25 Nov 2018

Exhibition “Aux Antipodes”

Museum of African Art - throughout the month


Contemporary Art Of Mongolia

Mongolia has a rich cultural and artistic tradition, which has been evolving from ancient times until today’s era of globalisation. Mongolian art is as rich and colourful as its nature, and as complex as its history


Something In Between

The autumnal fashion of October is always “something in between”. Sometimes just in a sweater or jacket, sometimes in an overcoat, and often with a hat or cap on the head. Be prepared for beautiful autumn days, but don't let a little wind or rain spoil one of the most beautiful seasons for you

Burgtheater - 130 Years from New Theatre Building

The Place of Turbulence, Hope and Art

Barely another theatre in the entire world enjoys such an outstanding reputation as Vienna's Burgtheater. This is due not only to the magnificent building on the Vienna Ringstrasse which is its home, but above all to a 250-year-old dramatic tradition, regarded by the theatrical community as the measure of all things


The Most Enchanting Spots To Watch The Sunset

Berlin has lots to offer by day and by night, but the moments of sunset might be the most breathtaking. Berlin is not Barcelona, Miami or Rio. Most of the year the weather is poor. Berlinians don´t have beaches to hang out and they have to pack all their outdoor activities into some short weeks a year

How To Choose The Wine That Suits You Best

In Vino Veritas

Often, many of us are caught in a situation where we are looking at a wine list, wanting to order a particular kind of wine, but without knowing what to look for. But to learn the basic knowledge necessary to order wine, it is enough to be familiar with just nine wine styles