Sebastian Kurz, Chancellor of Austria

The Balkans Impact Austria Directly

A Massive Fire At The Notre Dame Cathedral

Matthew Palmer, U.S. Department of State

United States Does Not Offer Ready-Made Solutions

Mariya Gabriel, European Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society

Borderless Digital World

Miodrag Poledica

Miodrag Poledica, State Secretary at the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure

New Investment Cycle = New Development Opportunity

Zorana Mihajlović PhD. Serbian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure

Turning Point for Serbian Infrastructure

Current Issues

Jovanka Atanacković, Assistant Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure for Construction

Construction Drives Economic Growth

The results of reforms in the construction industry are visible through an influx of new investments, construction growth in the number of construction permits, active construction sites, the value of construction works and, most importantly, GDP growth

Zoran Lakićević, State Secretary at the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure

Investments in Utility Infrastructure for Safe Water Supplies and A Healthy Environment

The utility infrastructure projects that Serbia is implementing in the field of water supply, wastewater management and solid waste management, with the support of German development bank KfW, contribute to increasing quality of life for about two million people, or close to a third of Serbian citizens

Zvonimir Marković, Director of Srbija Autoput

Our Highways Are Safe

Highway construction and maintenance company Srbijaautoput d.o.o. (Ltd.) Belgrade can boast of having both experience and expertise, which makes it an invaluable partner of the state and local governments, but also all citizens who want to quickly and safely reach their destinations

Jorgovanka Tabaković, Governor of the National Bank of Serbia

Region’s First Instant Payment System

The NBS's IPS system enables the development of new, innovative payment solutions and services that will have an impact on the quality of the user experience

Mihailo Jovanović, Director of the Serbian Government Office for IT and eGovernment

Digitalisation Has Transformed Serbia Overnight

Great results have been achieved over the past year on the introduction of eGovernment, primarily in the development of services for citizens, but also in terms of preparations for the digitalisation of services for registered businesses

Houlin Zhao, Secretary-General of the International Telecommunication Union

“4 I’s” For Success

I am confident that Serbia will continue on its path to creating a good environment for the development of the information society, and to do this in a positive direction, what I call the ‘4 Is’: infrastructure, investment, innovation and inclusiveness, need to be considered

Nena Stoiljković, IFC Vice President for Asia and the Pacific

Give Your Best in Whatever You Do

Never cut corners or say that you’ll do something halfway or half-heartedly – this is the philosophy of Nena Stoiljković. It has brought her through many challenges and led her to rewarding positions within the IFC. However, in contrast to the stories of many successful women, she wasn’t forced to sacrifice a family for a stellar career. Still, nobody would say that it was easy for her to strike the right balance: her recent jobs have all been global, requiring lots of travel to Asia and Africa

Comment by Pavle Petrović, President of the Fiscal Council of Serbia

Why is Serbia’s economy growing slower than CEE economies?

The Serbian economy has been a growth underachiever for almost a decade, and that is the major structural issue at present. As a result,...


What’s Wrong With Contemporary Capitalism?

Behind today’s populist upheavals is a widespread recognition that the economy no longer serves the public good, or even the interests of most of its participants. To understand why, one must identify what has been lost amid so much material technological gain

Nenad Tomić, Director Of The Highway Institute

We’re Working Full Steam Ahead

The Highway Institute, Institut za puteve, has – thanks to its top experts – spent the past 65 years solving the most complicated tasks in the area of traffic, transport, the road management system, engineering structures, geotechnics, project design, environmental protection etc.

Stojan Rangelov, Director, Putevi Ivanjica

Our System is Complete

Company 'Putevi d.o.o. (Ltd.) Ivanjica' has spent nearly 60 years working on the construction and maintenance of roads. During that time, its skilled and experienced workers have built thousands of kilometres of roads, cleared many landslides and constructed many bridges

Lazar Radaković, Assistant Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, for Railways and Intermodal Transport

New Face of Serbian Railways

The largest investments in the past several decades are currently being realised in rail transport. The previous period has seen the renovating of more than 500 kilometres of tracks, while the plan is to complete the modernisation of the complete rail route of Corridor 10 in the next few years, as well as the railroad to Bar, Montenegro

Danka Selić, General Director of the Belgrade Fair

We Have Always Been Building the Future

Thanks to good organisation, the Building Trade Fair is the best and most representative of this year's gatherings of building trade entrepreneurs on a wider European scale, as evidenced by more than 600 participants from some 30 countries, with 40,000 visitors expected

Zoran Ilić, Assistant Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure

We’re Continuing Investments In Airports

The concession for Nikola Tesla Airport secured investment of 732 million euros in the development of the Belgrade airport, while the Government of Serbia will continue to invest in the development of small airports

Mirjana Čizmarov and Predrag Jovanović

Safe Skies Are Our Priority

Aviation is one of the branches of industry that changes the most and the fastest, and which is always confronted by new challenges. Speaking about this, but also efforts that are exerted to maintain an enduring reputation and image built over many years, are the leaders of civil aviation and commercial flight control of Serbia and Montenegro

Jugoslav Jović, Director, “Serbia Voz”

Passengers Are Returning to the Railways

Since 2015, when Srbija Voz [Serbia Train] was transformed into a joint stock company, it has been working constantly – with the support of the Government of the Republic of Serbia and its ministries – to improve the quality of services, which has resulted in an increase in passenger numbers and revenue growth

Miroljub Jevtić, Director General, Serbian Railways Infrastructure

Four Billion Euros for Rail Infrastructure Upgrades

Investments in current railways infrastructure modernisation and reconstruction projects in Serbia today amount to around four billion euros

Dušan Garibović, Director of Srbija Kargo (Serbia Cargo)

We’ll Be A Regional Leader

Thanks to modern organisation and an aggressive commercial policy, Srbija Kargo a.d. (Serbia Cargo JSC) is implementing an increasing number of new projects each year, therby confirming its status as one of the region's most successful companies engaged in the rail transport of freight

Saša Milenković, MSC., Geourb Group General Manager

We Provide Perfection and Precision

At the time of its founding, GEOURB Group represented a pioneering venture, while today – 24 years on – projects are only lining up in the field of geodetics, 3D laser scanning and modelling, the detection of underground installations and facilities, comasation, analysis of crops in agriculture, geology and urbanism

Dragan Gavrilović, General Manager, Sika Serbia D.O.O. (LLC)

Sika – A Symbol of Innovative Power

Sika's model as a company is synonymous with enduring, successful and profitable growth. Over the past 10 years, Sika has achieved significant growth globally, such that it today operates directly in 105 countries around the world, where a permanent contribution is provided by more than 20,000 employees

Mića Mićić, CEO of Construction Company MPP Jedinstvo Sevojno A.D

Seven Decades at the Top

The latest equipment, preparedness, expertise and readiness to implement the most complex undertakings in the field of construction projects, as well as an exceptional managerial team and employees, form the basis of the success of MPP Jedinstvo Sevojno. That was the case way back in 1947, and it's still so today

Vuk Perović, Director of the Port Governance Agency

Ports Generate Growth

In just five years of operations, the Port Governance Agency has initiated a dialogue with all stakeholders in water transport, launched action on the issue of environmental protection, opened three new international passenger terminals and started a cycle of investments in port infrastructure and the expansion of existing port areas

Olga Đurić Perić, Director of Asmec Consultants D.O.O. (Ltd.)

We Are A One-stop Shop

Asmec Consultants d.o.o. (Ltd.) is a company that designs residential buildings, hotels, offices, sports facilities, factories, warehouses, bridges and other structures, as well as providing supervision and project management services... From its inception, the company's aim has been to design projects that are economical, safe and durable

Milun Todorović, Mayor of the City of Čačak

We’ve Become A Real Economic Centre

In terms of the amount of funds allocated for active employment policy measures, Čačak is without competition. Everything is done in a planned way, studiously and thoroughly, in cooperation with the City Committee for Strategic Issues and business leaders who adopted the platform “Pillars of Development of Čačak”

Darko Bulatović, Mayor of the City of Niš

Niš – The City of the Future

The City of Niš is listed among the most promising cities, on the basis of evident growth in foreign investments and the high-quality support provided by the City to local economic development, while as a nursery of technological and innovative processes Niš represents one of the pillars of the digitalisation of the Serbian economy

Dušanka Golubović, Mayor of the City of Sombor

Investment Leader In Vojvodina

The priorities of the City of Sombor include improving the economic environment, developing agriculture and strengthening cooperation between the administration and investors. The local government’s success in this is best described by the flattering title "Investment Leader" of which they are especially proud

Adel El Fakir, Director General of the Moroccan National Tourist Office (ONMT)

Love For Morocco Doesn’t Recognise Borders

We are operating in a very competitive sector, and therefore we are exerting great efforts to promote the “Morocco brand” all over the world, using digital means in 2019. We are glad that tourists from Serbia are increasingly choosing Morocco as their favourite destination

Robert C. Martin, Software Engineer and Instructor; Agile Manifesto Co-author

Software Touches Everything

Robert C. Martin, colloquially known as "Uncle Bob", is one of the world's most famous software engineers, among the authors of the Agile Manifesto, the mind behind several software design principles and an outspoken advocate of agile and test-driven software development and software craftsmanship

M. El Mahdi Arrifi, Director General of the Moroccan Agency for Agricultural Development (ADA)

Agriculture is a Promising Field for Investments

The ADA aims to ensure the acceleration of the pace of investments in the agricultural sector, especially in terms of maximising the valuations of Moroccan agricultural products. In line with that, we will develop investment attraction kits to inform potential partners about the different investment opportunities offered in the Moroccan agricultural sector

Bogdan Laban, Mayor of the City of Subotica

The Free Zone Expands

Thanks to the support of the Government of Serbia and the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, the ring road around Subotica, which was started three decades ago, will finally be completed

Vidoje Petrović, Mayor of the City of Loznica

We Invest in Everything that Has Potential

The investments of China's Mint and American-Belgian concern Adient, the announced arrival of Rio Tinta and the opening of a business hotel represent huge development opportunities for Loznica, Western Serbia and the country as a whole. This has motivated the City to invest even more in local and national road and rail infrastructure.

Nihat Biševac, Mayor of the City of Novi Pazar

Local Entrepreneurs are a Great Potential

Preparing the civilian airport in Lađevci for use and the highway that will pass through Duga Poljana will greatly facilitate the arrival of direct foreign investors in Novi Pazar. The Local government is expecting foreign investors, and at the same time it helps local entrepreneurs who have the highest production potential

Čedomir Janjić, Mayor of the City of Zrenjanin

Banat Is Now the Heart of Serbia

In the presence of top officials of the Republic of Serbia, representatives of the Embassy of the People's Republic of China, senior management of Shandong Linglong Tire Co., leaders of AP Vojvodina and the City of Zrenjanin, the realisation of the largest greenfield investment in Serbia and the largest investment ever in the economy of Zrenjanin commenced

Dr Predrag Terzić, Mayor of the City of Kraljevo

Our Industrial Revival Has Begun

The arrival of large investors in Kraljevo contributes not only to employment, but also to building infrastructure, and in this sense special importance belongs to the Morava Corridor that will join Corridors 10 and 11 and facilitate the transport of goods

Vladica Dimitrov, President of the Municipality of Dimitrovgrad

We’ll Utilise Our Chance

Thanks to good infrastructure connectivity, favourable labour and construction land prices, an absence of export barriers, state and local financial incentives, Dimitrovgrad is a desirable location for investments in production intended for export to Bulgaria and the EU

Nikola Nikolić, President of the Municipality of Despotovac

We Readily Await Investors

Thanks to good plans, and with the help of the Public Investment Management Office, or the Government of the Republic of Serbia, some of the most important facilities in Despotovac are being reconstructed after a break of three decades. An industrial zone has also been arranged and investors are now being invited

Slađan Mančić, President of the Municipality of Ruma

Investors Believe Us

Best testifying to the idea that a favourable geographical position doesn't mean anything in and of itself is the example of the municipality of Ruma, which stagnated for years. Its accelerated development is the result of the good organisation of expert services, investments in work zones and friendly relations with investors

Damjan Miljanić, President of the Municipality of Kula

Welcome to Kula, Welcome to the Heart of Bačka

Kula is a multinational and multicultural environment known for the highest quality arable land in this part of Europe, for Jaffa sweets, Krstur peppers, the first wind farm in Serbia, cultural and sports events and much more

Vladan Kocić, President of the Belgrade Municipality of Rakovica

We’re Building and Hiring

Even before taking responsibility for exercising authority, the current leadership of the Municipality of Rakovica had a clear development vision. Testifying to them taking advantage of their development potential in the best way is the opening of 'Capitol Park Rakovica' and as many as two Lidl superstores

Stana Đember, President of the Municipality of Čoka

We Will Revive the Economy

After a number of years spent only on reviving infrastructure and culture, the current leadership of Čoka is focused on strategically important projects, setting up an industrial zone, attracting investors and growing the economy

Miroslav Nikolić, President of the Municipality of Knić

Export Grows, Surplus Grows

Knić is located near the airport, important roads and major cities - Kragujevac, Kraljevo, Čačak and Gornji Milanovac - making it ideal for all industries

Dr Nebojša Marjanović, President of the Municipality of Boljevac

Our Investors are Broadening Their Operations

Along with the creation of a good economic environment, the Municipality of Boljevac has for years been focusing on capital investment. In the last few years much has been invested in the regulation of road infrastructure and the construction of a water supply network in villages in the municipality, but that will not be the end

Goran Miljković, President of the Municipality of Bela Palanka

Tourism Is Our Chance

Bela Palanka, one of the smaller municipalities in southeast Serbia, measures up to developed municipalities successfully when it comes to the infrastructure of equipped industrial zones, and in activities on the development of tourism, as its greatest potential, it has also outdone some cities

Saša Jovanović, President of the Municipality of Merošina

One Investor Changes Everything

The great economic potential of Merošina is based on the industrial zones of Jugbogdanovac and Mramorsko Brdo, the close proximity of the airport in Niš and the Corridor 10 highway, but also on the announced construction of the Niš-Pristina Highway, which would connect businesses with the Albanian Port of Durres

Nenad Beserovac, President of the Municipality of Bogatić

Mačva is More Than a Raw Material Base

The municipality of Bogatić has always, due to its natural potential, relied on agricultural production, the improvement of which the local self-government has been working on intensively for several years, along with working to entice domestic and foreign investors

Nenad Krstić, President of the Municipality of Trgovište

We Now Have Something to Offer

Over the last two years, the Municipality of Trgovište – one of Serbia's least developed municipalities – has slowly started awakening. Two companies are already operating in its industrial zone, with 45 new jobs expected to be created in the next two months and, with the promised assistance of the state, there will be more to come

Nebojša Nenadović, President of the Municipality of Bojnik

Our Agribusiness Zone Is Our Advantage

New jobs and employment are one of the priorities of the Municipality of Bojnik, which is why the local self-government is exerting a lot of efforts to reduce unemployment. This goal was partially achieved with the opening the first plant after a gap of many years

Marija Cvetković, President of the Municipality of Gadžin Han

We Have Great Plans

Despite having good climatic conditions, a low level of pollution and diverse land – making it an ideal place for both tourism and agriculture – Gadžin Han remains among the ranks of undeveloped municipalities with high unemployment

Boban Miličić, President of the Municipality of Lapovo

We’re Creating a Favourable Business Climate

Emanating from the Municipality of Lapovo are new ideas and a willingness to cooperate with state institutions and potential investors, as evidenced by the numerous projects launched and implemented in 2018 and since the start of this year

Vidoje Petrović, Mayor Of Loznica

We’re Building a Smart City

Smart technologies have brought benefits to Loznica residents in the areas of traffic safety, car parking, green energy etc


Do We Have the Right Medicines?

Every time we hear that patients in the region have access to much more advanced medicines than us in Serbia, despite paying the same or less than us for healthcare, we wonder what’s wrong with our system. The answer is a complex one

Dejan Nikolić, Belgrade Marathon Director

Year of Recognition and Obligation

As in each of the previous 31 years, the build up to this year’s 32nd Belgrade Marathon again sees its director, Dejan Nikolić, and all of his colleagues overwhelmed by obligations that they overcome one after another, but this time they’re also receiving invaluable international acknowledgements one after another

Twenty Years Since the Bombing of Serbia

The 20th anniversary of the launch of the one-sided U.S. and NATO war against Yugoslavia on 24th March, which saw bombing nationwide across Serbia...

#1 Of 5 Million

Protests Radicalised

Protests that began in December last year, among citizens and part of the political opposition against President Aleksandar Vučić and the Serbian government were...

Sophia the Robot on the second day of the Digital Summit Western Balkans

Sophia the Robot answers our questions on the second day of the Digital Summit Western Balkans. Full interview will be published in the May issue of CorD.

Digital Summit Western Balkans Opens in Belgrade

Prime Minister Ana Brnabić said at the opening of the Second Digital Summit of the Western Balkans that the government has set digitisation and education as their absolute priorities in order to take advantage of all the chances that are being offered to us today. Read more

International Day held in Belgrade as the opening ceremony for the Serbia Digital Week

International Day is being held today in Belgrade, where representatives of the Government, leading domestic and foreign companies and organisations, academic communities, as well as individuals from the field of innovative and digital technologies, digital economy and entrepreneurship will participate in several panels. Read more

Kosovo-Serbia dialogue in Berlin

Kosovo and Serbian leaders will meet in Berlin, on April 29th, as requested by Germany and France. The announcement was confirmed by the President of...

Finland’s Social Democrat Party declare victory

The leader of Finland’s Social Democrat Party (SDP) has declared victory in the country’s general election, after partial results put the party slightly ahead...

A Massive Fire at the Notre Dame Cathedral

The Notre Dame Cathedral, one of the most iconic landmarks in the French capital, was engulfed in flames Monday evening as a catastrophic fire...


Slovakia’s First Female President

Liberal candidate Zuzana Čaputová won Slovakia’s presidential election on Saturday, becoming the central European country’s first ever female president. Despite having almost no political experience,...

Why Germany struggles to understand the issues at heart of Brexit?

Britain's stubborn, uncompromising political culture favours small victories over compromise. In Germany, where coalition-building is the norm, Brexit bewilderment remains strong. Throughout the whole sorry...

Putin opens Mercedes-Benz plant in Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin and German economy minister Peter Altmaier unveiled a Mercedes-Benz car plant in Russia on Wednesday, April 3rd, praising co-operation between...

10th Mikser Festival announced

24-26 May 2019, Dorćol

The Day Worthy of a Century – 1 XII 1918

Until 28 April 2019, Palace of Serbia

Belgrade Security Forum 2019

16 -18 October 2019

Martin Varsavsky

Founder Of Eight Successful Businesses

Serial entrepreneur Martin Varsavsky has founded eight businesses, including two that garner valuations exceeding $1 billion, while many have been funded by big-name firms, such as Google Ventures, Microsoft and Sequoia Capital

Contemporary Art: Mexico

Innovative, Vibrant & Thriving Artism

Innovative, vibrant and thriving are the words that could describe Mexican art. From pre-Columbian times through today, the art...


The Sneakers Revolution

The mainstream footwear of the fashion world today has shifted to sneakers matched with dresses, Vintage gym shoes with formal business suits, and the wedding guest look made of mesh and rubber, not genuine leather

13th CorD Charity Masters: Sunday, 14 April 2019

14 April 2019, Belgrade Marathon


Light Art: The Beauty Of Illumination

Light Art is a relatively new but increasingly independent form of art. Quite diverse and imaginative, it sees artists create installations and experiment with light, sound, space and motion. Many light art festivals now illuminate cities and towns across the globe, with these spectacular events often promoting energy efficiency or being connected to a city’s heritage