Transferring Knowledge Is the Most Responsible Job

More than 600 experts have been working for 10 months already on a new strategy for education and science until 2030. Although it is...

Conformism is Pernicious

Belgrade Metropolitan University assisted in preparation for the Law on Dual Study Models that was passed in 2019, as well as the necessary by-laws. It is now seeking companies that are interested in implementing a dual study model, in order for the first generation of future IT professionals to start their studies on 1st October this year

The Economy Relies on Us

The University of Belgrade Faculty of Mechanical Engineering is the oldest and largest higher education and scientific institution in our country in the field of mechanical engineering. From day one it has also been the base of the development of mechanical science and industry in Serbia, and that is especially so today, when conditions for scientific research work are better than ever before

Our Time is Yet to Come

The High Railway School of Vocational Studies, Belgrade has been educating future staff for the needs of the railway for 63 years, while it additionally organises prestigious international scientific and professional consultations, participates in the development of studies, projects and research aimed at improving the development of rail transport in the country and the region

UDG is the University for the Future

Almost 13 years after its founding, the University of Donja Gorica operates on a campus of approximately 17,000m2, with five amphitheatres each containing more than 300 seats, a library with approximately 350 seats, around 800 computers, a laboratory, creative centre, art gallery, gym and much more

We Educate Future Leaders of the Profession

The Faculty of Pharmacy, Novi Sad, the only accredited private Faculty of Pharmacy in Serbia, operates within the framework of the University Business Academy in Novi Sad. Our aim is to become recognised as a faculty which sets standards in the education of healthcare professionals for the 21st century

Everything Starts With a Good Idea

It was a decade ago that the programming workshop of the Filipović Academy introduced the complex programme of the 'School Information System', which permanently changed and improved the education process in Serbia. All its parts are being improved and further developed, to the general satisfaction of all participants in the education system

New Knowledge for a New Era

The Fourth International Conference on Future Education was held in mid-November at the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts in Belgrade. Attended by 93 lecturers from 28 countries from all parts of the world, participants also included prominent scientists from prestigious universities and international organisations

Civil Society Educational Organisation

Cooperation between civil society and the business sector - how to turn challenges into new opportunities?

From Pre-school to Post-diploma

Since 1864, when the German School in Belgrade was first established, many parents have entrusted their children to the hands of its staff and educators, confident that their children would be challenged by an academic education that would open them up to unlimited opportunities in any field of science, economy or even craftsmanship

Dual Education is a Strong tool

The Klett DUAL programme has two major advantages - it offers a comprehensive package of practical and theoretical knowledge, which is useful for people changing professions and seeking to gain practical knowledge. Another major point is the opportunity to gain a special, specific vocation

Practice is Gained in the Field

Požega-based company Inmold, which deals with the manufacturing of IML robots and sophisticated tools, stops the outflow of young people from Western Serbia. The company has, for almost a decade, been providing scholarships to high school pupils and mechanical engineering students, which has increased interest in manufacturing work and the mechanical engineering profession among young people

Young People Need Practise

The architects and craftsmen of Swiss company UniStyle, which covers a wide range of interior design services, are responsible for the appearance of many luxury homes and offices across Europe, but those interiors would not be so valued and special if it weren't for furniture made in Niš

The Most Successful Learn Constantly

The training courses and workshops of MIND LABoratory are based on the NLP [neuro-linguistic programming] methodology and other knowhow from psychology, management and HR. Educating young people is based on their preparation for a job, a career and life, while businesspeople are provided with powerful tools that help them do their jobs to the highest level

Stability, Reliance, & Excellence in Teaching

Belgrade-based Lingua HUB isn't a classical language school, but rather an agency for education. Along with its main programme of language classes, it also organises courses and workshops in the fields of business skills, communication, human resources, literature, culture, art, psychology, IT, sales etc.

We Support Serbian Reforms

If Serbia wants to secure its transition to a knowledge-based economy and catch up with Europe, improving the productivity and well-being of its citizens, the country must invest, among other things, in education. Ensuring a systematic approach to teachers' education, as well as developing and maintaining the current positive trend of enrolment in early childhood education and care, represent steps in that direction

We Are Aiming High

Our aim is to advance with the reform cycles we're conducting to raise the level of Serbian students and education to the level of high ranking countries. With that, we are sending a signal that Serbia is a good place for investment because it has good human capital and educational potential

We Believe In Excellence

We are pleased to be part of this project and support students in becoming confident and successful professionals and gaining the applicable knowledge from the experts of Messer Tehnogas