The Deceptive Ease of Victory

Elections In Serbia

Despite voters of both the ruling parties and the opposition being dissatiffied – with economic results, quality of life and growing violence across society – there is scant basis to believe that the results of the elections scheduled for 17th December will bring much in the way of change. However, that doesn’t mean that, in the post-election period, both blocs won’t have to fundamentally change the way they’ve addressed voters to date

Which issues will prove decisive for victory or defeat in these elections? How will such a choice of issues influence the possibility for the opposition to present a united front regarding these matters, given the differences between their voters? Did Ursula von der Leyen already choose the new/ old winner of these elections during her recent visit to Belgrade? Is Belgrade a “done deal”, i.e., is it lost to the ruling party or not? These are the questions we posed to our interlocutors.

Aleksandar Baucal Ph.D, full professor at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade

What I’m Listening to and What’s Happening to Me

The key question for this election is the extent to which citizens will believe the image presented to them through the media more than...

Ana Stijiljkovic, Political Communication Consultant, Media and Communication Researcher, Loughborough University

Converting Dissatisfaction into Votes will be Challenging

The upcoming elections in Serbia will take place in an atmosphere devoid of free discussion or support for democratic choices from electoral institutions. And...

Bogdan Živkovic, historian

Serbia has Election Fatigue

Serbia enters the December election period in a remarkably calm mood, weary from overexploited political issues, passions and ideas. Nothing points to change. However,...

Bojan Klacar, Executive Director of the Centre for Free Elections and Democracy (CeSID)

Elections 2023: Elections When it isn’t Time for Them?

The ruling coalition is the favourite to win parliamentary and provincial elections, while the race for Belgrade will be very uncertain. Estimates that the...

Cvijetin Milivojevic, Political Scientist

Opposition Again Swallowing Vucic’s “Hooks”

The opposition’s reactive campaign, the erroneous decision to seek elections at all levels, as well as clear support for the ruling party from the...

Raša Nedeljkov, Programme Director at the Centre for Research, Transparency and Accountability (CRTA)

No Free Flow of Ideas in Elections

There are no issues on which “elections are won or lost” here. If they existed, that would mean that our democracy is in a...