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Free Access to the Western Balkan Labour Market

Creating a single labour market in the framework of the Open Balkan initiative is useful, but also has limited scope. It will contribute to better balancing supply and demand in certain ’convertible’ market segments – from construction to the IT and tourism sectors

Given the structure of the labour markets of Serbia, North Macedonia and Albania, the effects of opening up the labour markets of these three countries to the region will have a negligible impact, most likely in the domain of less skilled jobs in the construction and services sectors. The key issues of the brain-drain and the creating of education systems capable of producing a skilled workforce for the 21st century will remain just as important as they were before the unique Open Balkan ID number became oper ational.

Branka Anđelković, Co-founder and Programme Director of the Public Policy Research Centre

An Even Bigger Grey Market?

In the case of workers of the platform employed in food production and passenger transport, the Open Balkan initiative might not contribute to the...

Čedanka Andrić, President of Trade Union Confederation NEZAVISNOST

Increased Competition Between Low-Paid Workers

Considering educational qualification and unemployment structures in Serbia, my opinion is that this measure could only increase the pressure on workers in Serbia to...

Jelena Jevtović, Serbian Association of Employers

Employers Will More Quickly Find Workers

The employing of citizens of these two countries in Serbia could ease the labour shortage problem, but fundamentally resolving it requires education system reform It...

Mario Reljanović, Research Associate at the Institute of Comparative Law

Emigration to the EU will Continue

I don’t have particularly high expectations when it comes to the establishing of free access to the labour market in the Western Balkans. I...

Mihail Arandarenko Ph.D., Professor, University of Belgrade Faculty of Economics

Useful, but Modest

The Open Balkan countries don’t have the capacity to solve the labour shortage problem, but they can alleviate it to an extent. The benefits...