Fragile Optimism

What Awaits Us In 2024? 

The outbreak of war in the Middle East only serves to further complicate a global economic situation that wasn’t great in the frst place. Serbia could enjoy more favourable economic growth in relative terms in 2024, but many factors will determine whether the relatively optimistic forecasts will be realised

According to the latest forecasts of economic trends in 2024, the expected end of the recession will not come. On the contrary, reduced growth at both the European and global levels is being announced. At the same time, it also seems as though all the major problems – from climate change and the restructuring of large value chains in accordance with rising global tensions between the U.S. and China, to war in the wider neighbourhood – don’t provide much hope that we are awaited by a more stable situation in the near future. From this perspective, but also considering political and economic tendencies in Serbia, how does 2024 look? We posed this question to our economist interlocutors, all of whom are able to overview the situation from both the point of view of market economics and the point of view of the pulse of the business world.

Bojan Stanić, Assistant Director of the CCIS Strategic Analysis & Data Department

Economic Growth is Positive, But Insufficient

It is good that Serbia’s economic growth will remain positive during both this year and next, but considering the needs of the population and...

Dr Ivan Nikolić, Director for research and development at the Economics Institute in Belgrade

High Risk and Gains

Serbia is in a surprisingly positive economic position despite extremely difficult conditions globally. This is the result of both political and economic choices According to...

Milojko Arsić, professor of the University of Belgrade Faculty of Economics

Uncertain Gains

Although 2024’s economic growth could be only slightly higher than this year’s, the fundamentals of that growth could be far more solid. However, a...