EU Growth Plan

Unwrapping the Carrot

The EU’s Economic and Investment Plan for the Western Balkans possesses significant transformative potential and is capable of reshaping the region’s economic landscape and fostering closer integration with the European Union. Nevertheless, inherent intricacies may influence its future outcomes

The Economic and Investment Plan adopted by the European Commission outlines ambitious goals for the Western Balkans, emphasising economic alignment with the EU single market, climate objectives and sustainable growth. The EU’s commitment includes a substantial financial package of up to €9 billion, with the potential to mobilise an additional €20 billion through the Western Balkan Guarantee Facility. The Growth Plan focuses on enhancing economic integration with the EU, boosting regional economic cooperation, expediting fundamental reforms and increasing financial assistance. Our interlocutors for this edition’s Focus recognise the transformative potential of the EU’s Economic and Investment Plan for the Western Balkans and its ability to reshape the economic landscape of the region and propel it towards closer integration with the European Union, dissecting the intricacies of this transformative initiative and its implications for the future of the region.

Plamena Halacheva, Deputy Head of the Delegation of the European Union to Serbia

Easier Access to the Western Balkans’ Single Market

The EU aims to involve Western Balkans partners with its Member States on equal terms, fostering a reform partnership that’s oriented towards the future...

Milojko Arsić, Professor at the University of Belgrade Faculty of Economics

Capacities Exist, But So Do Unknowns

Despite Serbia’s administrative capacities being smaller compared to the countries of Western and Central Europe, it is ahead of the other Western Balkan countries...

Milorad Filipović, Professor at the University of Belgrade Faculty of Economics

The Plan Is Good, But Not Generous

The Western Balkan countries’ public investment needs are incomparably higher than the amount earmarked for the plan, which means that it will continue to...

Bojana Selaković, Coordinator of Serbia’s National Convention On the European Union

Responsibility Is In Our Court

Considering that the European agenda now prioritises the Western Balkans as a key factor of Europe’s security, enlargement is becoming inevitable, but Brussels will...