The last director of College of Applied Health Sciences in Cuprija after 20 years

Following the announcement of the formation of ten Academies proposed by the Minister of Education Mladen Sarcevic and the Council for the...

NELT marks 25 years in business

Marking two and a half decades of successful business, Nelt invested 15 million euros this year in the regional expansion of integrated...

Dejan Turk, CEO of Vip Mobile and A1 Slovenija

Support for Society’s Digital Transformation

We believe in the potential of this market, and our greatest contribution to Serbia's technological advancement is in encouraging digitalisation

Jelena Knežević, Certified Auditor, Managing Director, Leitnerleitner

High Quality Services Are a Key Factor

In our business approach we use Austria as a best-practise example whenever possible in providing our services to clients, stresses Jelena Knežević, certified auditor and managing director at LeitnerLeitner, speaking for this CorD special edition

Anne Marie Brady, MD Scandinavian Design Group (SDG)

Time to Take Responsibility

The road to a more sustainable everyday life is long and demanding. In Norway, we often talk about regulating material selection so that products are less harmful to the planet

Nataša Krejić Partner Lawyer, Sajić Law Office, Banja Luka

Knowhow & Speed As Priorities

We place great importance on trust and the good relationships that we’ve built between ourselves and in relations with our clients, which enables us to continually advance our professional development.

Zdravko Dragaš B.Sc. Engineer, Executive Director Of Cema d.o.o. (Ltd.)

From Ideas to the Roof

Podgorica-based CEMA d.o.o. is a construction company that has been engaged for a long time on the development of internal architecture projects,...

Vera Popović, Commercial Sector Director, Elixir Food

Frozen Health from Serbia

Elixir Food is one of Serbia's largest processors and exporters of frozen fruits and vegetables. Its composition includes three factories located in Serbia's most important fruit growing areas, which are known for the production of the best fruits and vegetables, thanks to their geographical position and favourable climatic conditions

Vladimir Ilić, General manager, Tigar A.D.

From Boots to Fashionable Opanak Shoes

Our basic principles of production and implementation growth are quantity, quality and continuity. Our comparative advantages as a manufacturer are reflected in our capacities, development capabilities and the technological conditions in which value is created

MPC Properties Invests 45 Million Euro in New Business Property

Deputy Mayor of Belgrade, Goran Vesić, and Director of MPC Properties Ingo Nissen, have laid the foundation stone for the construction of...