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Thomas Schieb German Ambassador to Serbia

H.E. Thomas Schieb, German Ambassador to Serbia

Opposition to Participate In Fair Elections

All democratic elections can only benefit from the experience of OSCE observers and their assessment can increase the legitimacy of an election process as a whole. It is common practice in all OSCE member countries to invite them, and Germany is no exception – Thomas Schieb
Clemens Sachs, Leoni


Europe at Home and Abroad

A healthy democracy with a strong parliamentary opposition, coupled with a pluralistic society that fosters dialogue and free media, represents a precondition for the creation of a robust market economy in Serbia. That speaks to the quality of EU integration processes in the country, which are being actively supported by Germany and other EU countries
Marko Čadež

Marko Čadež, President of the Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Serbia

Deeper German-Serbian Cooperation to Mutual Satisfaction

It has been announced that several more major German investors will confirm their decisions to invest in Serbia by the end of this year. This provides reason to believe that the growing trend of cooperation between the two economies will continue and will deepen
Jovanka Jovanović, General Manager, Robert Bosch d.o.o.

Jovanka Jovanović, General Manager, Robert Bosch d.o.o.

Bosch Connects the Physical and Virtual Worlds

In the period of just over 14 years that it has existed in Serbia, company Robert Bosch d.o.o. has continuously increased its investment in manufacturing and development, but also its number of employees. In a short period, this company has managed to secure 4th place on the list of the country's top exporters
Ronald Seeliger, President of the German-Serbian Chamber of Commerce and CEO of Hemofarm Group

Ronald Seeliger, President of the German-Serbian Chamber of Commerce

Strong Bonding

Many German companies have been investing repeatedly in Serbia, expanding their production capacities, creating additional jobs and growing year on year. This commitment and these long-term investments are recognised by Serbian society.
Kruna Gavović, TMS CEE Marketing and Academy Manager, and CEO the Lean Six Sigma Company CEE

Kruna Gavović, Marketing and Academy Manager TMS CEE & CEO Lean Six Sigma CEE

Investing In Knowledge Always Pays

Acquiring new knowledge and skills through The Lean Six Sigma Company Serbia has for many years proven to be highly convertible because certified experts...
Darko Babić, Managing Director of DHL Express Serbia

Darko Babić, Managing Director of DHL Express Serbia

The World’s Most International Company

"I firmly believe that, despite automation and the introduction of artificial intelligence into the world of logistics and service provision, our employees – who are Insanely Customer Centric – will continue to play a key role," says the top man at DHL Express Serbia
Ina Bulat, Director, Merck Serbia

Ina Bulat, Director, Merck Serbia

Merck is Leading the Way

When the Human Genome Project was completed in 2003, the cost of generating one human genome sequence stood at some 54 million U.S. dollars. Twelve years later, the same procedure costs around a thousand dollars. Our work is fuelled by the belief that science is a force for good
Clemens Sachs, Leoni

Clemens Sachs, Managing Director, Leoni Wiring Systems Southeast d.o.o.

Our Business is Growing

The first Leoni facility in the country opened in Prokuplje 10 years ago, after which this German company decided to continue with further investments in Serbia. Leoni is today the biggest industrial employer in Serbia, with nearly 9,000 employees
Martin Knapp, Director of the German-Serbian Chamber of Commerce

Martin Knapp, Director of the German-Serbian Chamber of Commerce

Dynamic Cooperation

Serbia is increasingly becoming a country that attracts interest among German companies, either as investors or as businesses interested in integrating domestic suppliers into European value chains. There has been rising interest recently in Serbia's fastgrowing start-up scene. All of these initiatives are enriching German-Serbian cooperation and creating space for new, exciting jobs that keep young Serbs at home
Vojvodina Development Agency

Vojvodina Development Agency – RAV

Germany Investor No.1

The opening of the factory of company ZF (ZF Friedrichshafen AG) - one of the leaders in the production of auto parts - in Pančevo's industrial zone confirms that Germany is the largest investor in Vojvodina, but also that the automotive sector – within which the largest number of German companies operate – is generally one of the most prominent sectors in Vojvodina
German Economy

German Economy – Robust and Resilient

The German economy is recognised for its enduring competitiveness and entrepreneurial growth, which is supported by openness to global commerce, well-protected property rights and a sound regulatory environment
German Education

German Education: Strategic Internationalisation

As Europe's largest country, Germany has found itself in the spotlight in the wake of recent events, such as the ongoing refugee crisis, the European sovereign debt crisis and even the UK's Brexit vote. All of these developments have the potential to slow down (if not reverse) the European integration process – an issue that's particularly concerning to Germany, which has been a significant driver and benefactor of European integration historically
Ljiljana Topić, Director of Galenika Pharmacia

Ljiljana Topić, Director of Galenika Pharmacia

Expanding Production And Markets

Galenika Pharmacia emerged through separation from company Galenika Holding seven years ago, with the aim of contributing to the improvement of quality of life and the development of the healthcare system. Although staff are very proud of the company's tradition and experience, they are focused fully on the future and new technologies
Dresden Germany

Dresden “Florence On The Elbe”

In Saxony, on the River Elbe, just twenty-odd kilometres from the border with the Czech Republic, is Dresden - “Florence on the Elbe”. A city of wonders that was literally resurrected after WWII, it has over 50 different museums and is filled with contrasts, Baroque styles but also modern architecture, Dresden isn't only synonymous with culture, but is also a city in which culture is a way of life


People With a Danubian Mentality

History records that 500,000 Danubian Germans lived on the territory of the Serbian districts of Srem, Banat and Bačka. The Danubian Germans came to Vojvodina in several waves between the 17th and 19th centuries, where they gradually developed their own culture, identity and customs, which are still present today
AHK SERBIA German-Serbian Chamber of Commerce

AHK SERBIA – Leader in connecting foreign and domestic entrepreneurs and...

The German-Serbian Chamber of Commerce (AHK Serbia) represents the interests of its member companies, provides informational support for their operations and advocates the development...
Frank Baumann, Director of Goethe institut Belgrade

Frank Baumann, Director of Goethe-Institut Belgrade

We Strive to Focus On the Future

“Germany is somehow rather present, as there are so many personal relations, experiences and a very high professional knowledge about what’s going on there – and not only in the cultural sphere” says Frank Baumann, director of the Goethe-Institut in Belgrade