Ljiljana Topić, Director of Galenika Pharmacia

Expanding Production And Markets

Galenika Pharmacia emerged through separation from company Galenika Holding seven years ago, with the aim of contributing to the improvement of quality of life and the development of the healthcare system. Although staff are very proud of the company’s tradition and experience, they are focused fully on the future and new technologies

Alongside the domestic market, Galenika Pharmacia has for years also been supplying the markets of the Federation of Bosnia-Herzegovina, North Macedonia and Montenegro, while its products also reach Nigeria and Iraq and – as of very recently – it can also boast of newly established cooperation with Germany.

Galenika Pharmacia carries a renowned trademark that was created exactly 70 years ago, and to this day it is focused on new technologies in healthcare. Proud of the past, but directed towards the future – is that a good description of your company?

– Following a period of intensive work and development, we succeeded in securing a market leadership position that we are maintaining successfully. We supply all healthcare institutions – from community health centres, pharmacies and pharmaceutical institutions, via private and state hospitals and clinics, to major health centres.

We have divided our operations by sector, so we have a sector for the production of sterile and non-sterile compression gauzes, plasters, adhesive bandages and other bandaging materials, a sector for the distribution of medical devices on the territory of Serbia and surrounding countries, and a sector for the production of first aid kits, automotive pharmacies, as well as first aid kits for employees in emergency situations and during natural disasters.

We’ve placed a special emphasis on launching a facility for the sterilisation of medical equipment and other products that are subjected to sterilisation, as well as the collection and treatment of pharmaceutical, medical and laboratory waste, while we are also working on the expansion of galenic formulation production and para-pharmaceuticals.

You also deal, among other things, with the distribution of medical resources on the territory of Serbia and surrounding countries. Do you plan to conquer the European market?

– Apart from the domestic market, we’ve also been supplying the markets of the Federation of Bosnia-Herzegovina, North Macedonia and Montenegro for years; we cooperate with healthcare institutions in Nigeria and Iraq, and I can now state exclusively that we have just established cooperation with Germany.

If a buyer is satisfied with the quality and price of our products, our reliability and professionalism, the end user will also be satisfied, which is our goal

Our brand, quality and reliability, as well as competitive prices, provide us with an advantage over many other companies involved in the same business. Conquering new markets, especially large and demanding ones like Germany’s, best testifies to the quality of our products and services, our professionalism and knowhow. We will strive to continue justifying the trust of our long-time customers, but also to acquire new markets and new associates, all in accordance with our corporate slogan “Reliably yours”. It unifies all of our core values.

Your company is a member of the German-Serbian Chamber of Commerce. What has this brought you?

– Membership in the German-Serbian Chamber of Commerce requires good business results, which is yet more confirmation for us and our work. Only serious companies can enter such an eminent organisation, which is considered among the most respected in our country. On one hand, this gives us an advantage in negotiating and discussing future cooperation, while on the other hand, it brings us new jobs.

New partners contact us on their own accord, as they know that they can trust us thanks to our references, but also thanks to the fact that we are a member of the German-Serbian Chamber of Commerce.


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