Kruna Gavović, Marketing and Academy Manager TMS CEE & CEO Lean Six Sigma CEE

Investing In Knowledge Always Pays

Acquiring new knowledge and skills through The Lean Six Sigma Company Serbia has for many years proven to be highly convertible because certified experts have the opportunity to work at top companies and to rate their work under global conditions. TMS CEE has licensed Family Friendly Enterprise, a new service in Serbia that enables employees to live and work according to the best practices of European companies. Their work becomes more pleasant and humane, while the productivity and reputation of companies that have introduced the FFE model are on the rise.

The Lean Six Sigma Company of Rotterdam is a European leader in LSS training, but what is your position in Serbia? Are we ready to change, to work on ourselves, to acquire new knowledge and skills?

– It is my pleasure to announce that The Lean Six Sigma Company in Serbia is on the rise. After the Lean Six Sigma Conference in June in Belgrade, which brought together 150 of the best companies in Serbia, all the LSS training sessions are fully booked until December.

It is very encouraging to see that not just the companies organize training for their staff, but especially that more and more experts invest in their education themselves. Acquiring new knowledge and skills through The Lean Six Sigma Company is recognized as highly convertible because, as we demonstrated practically at the conference, our certified experts get the opportunity to work at top companies and to compensate for their work under global conditions. The average salary of a Black Belt expert ranges from $90,000 to $100,000 a year today.

To put it simply, Lean Six Sigma is an efficient project management method, but beneath that, it is much more. Can you explain this? How important is LSS for a company?

– There are a large number of management tools and techniques available in today’s market, but Lean Six Sigma stands out because the results of applying it are measured solely through the value of savings from the accounting. But there are also intangible savings and benefits that can sometimes be even more important.

Both work and life are more pleasant and humane with Family Friendly Enterprise

There are examples that companies saved a significant amount of money since the very first LSS project. But the intangible gains also meant a lot – free time for workers for other jobs, cleaner factory grounds, less environmental pollution, less workload for both engineers and other staff … And all this after just one round of training with The Lean Six Sigma Company!

Your Family-Friendly Enterprise is a relatively new service. You could say that it is particularly important because nowadays the principle of socially responsible company management has come to the fore, with a focus on work-life balance. Am I right?

– That’s right! The concept of a proper work-private life balance was created in Germany twenty years ago. Now, through Family-Friendly Enterprise is also available to companies in Serbia. In addition to the financial aspect of work, which is important but often not crucial, the possibility of a dedicated private life and private time is nowadays seen by people as an extremely important aspect of work.

Through Family Friendly Enterprise, available through TMS CEE as a licensee for the region, companies can introduce this concept quickly and easily into their world and allow their staff to live and work according to the best practices of European companies.

Several thousand workers in Serbia are already living with FFE and can tell you that their work is more pleasant and humane, and managers say that their companies’ productivity and reputation have increased since the introduction of the Family Friendly Enterprise model.


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