FIC 2017

Publication Foreign Investors’ Council Serbia 2017/18

Ana Brnabić, Prime Minister Of The Republic Of Serbia

We Want A More Successful, Efficient And Wealthier Serbia

This government is continuing to build on the foundations set by its predecessor and opening new doors for economic growth through the digitisation process. This is a key condition that will enable faster growth in the competitiveness of the economy and more innovations, and a different relationship between the state and its citizens

Yana Mikhailova, President Of The Foreign Investors Council And Regional Director Of Nestlé Adriatic

Faithful To Its Principles And Mission

Since its establishment in 2002, the Foreign Investors Council has remained faithful to its principles - transparency, equality and predictability. Today, as in the past, the FIC promotes a predictable and clear business environment that provides equal opportunities for all, as well as sound business ethics

Zorana Mihajlović PhD, Deputy Prime Minister And Minister For Construction, Transport And Infrastructure

We’ve Made Major Steps In Building Infrastructure

We have shown that we are ready to tackle the most challenging issues such as the reform of public enterprises, building roads and improving railway services. Cooperation with the private sector allows us to test our decisions in practice
15th Anniversary Of The Foreign Investors Council 2017

15th Anniversary Of The Foreign Investors Council

Foreign Investors Council in Serbia marks 15 Years of successful operations
Goran Knezevic

Goran Knežević, Economy MinisterOf The Republic Of Serbia

We’ll Continue Along The Road Of Reform

The Government of Serbia and the Ministry of Economy will continue to work on improving the business environment and the climate for doing business, with the aim of creating a more efficient, more prospective, attractive and competitive economy, and equal treatment on the European Union market

Ingeborg Øfsthus, Vice President Of The Foreign Investors Council And Telenor Srbija CEO

A Unity Is Our Strength

The FIC’s biggest strength is in the promotion of views and suggestions that are the unified voice of more than 100 entities, whose operations depend on the development and growth of the entire Serbian market

Dimitrije Knjeginjić, Vice President Of The Foreign Investors Council And Lafarge Serbia CEO

We Expect The Government To Continue Reforms

The FIC expects the new Government to accelerate important structural reforms, particularly the privatisation and corporatisation of public enterprises, ensure the better implementation of laws and enable the efficient harmonisation of Serbian legislation with the EU acquis

Genoveva Ruiz Calavera, Director For WB At DG NEAR

We Want To SeeSerbia In The EU

My priority is to provide all our help, advice and support to Serbia on its path towards European Union membership. The European Commission is the guardian of the integrity of the accession process and a friend of Serbia

Ana Firtel, Executive Director Of TheForeign Investors Council

We’ve Preserved Unity And Independence

The two most important lessons we’ve learned from 15 years of successful activities are that we have preserved our unity and independence by insisting on firm rules, and that, with openness to dialogue and constructive criticism, we have shown readiness to constantly change in accordance with the challenges of each juncture
Nenad Miscevic

Nenad Miščević, Commercial Director At Pepsico Western Balkans

People – The Most Valuable Investment

I believe that the quality of the workforce, good local suppliers, as well as the existing infrastructure, but also even attractive local companies or brands, represent additional reasons for Serbia to be recognised as an attractive investment destination.

Ernst Bode, Executive DirectorMesser Tehnogas AD

Serbia Has Yet ToRealise Its Potential

Serbia has enormous growth potential, but many obstacles have yet to be removed. Reasonable legislation, a trim and efficient public administration and a professional, reliable and functional court system are among the most sought-after conditions for businesses to flourish
Daniel Berg

Daniel Berg, EBRD Director For Serbia

Serbia Must Address “Transition Gaps”

EBRD activities in Serbia continue to be focused on improving the governance of stateowned and private companies, supporting investments that help increase innovation and productivity, strengthening the resilience of the economy and promoting green initiatives, such as investments in renewable energy

Thomas Lubeck, IFC Regional Manager ForCentral and South East Europe

We Support The Government In Key Reforms

The IFC is actively engaged in helping Serbia improve its business and investment climate, the insolvency framework and debt resolution, and to attract private investments in infrastructure through public-private partnerships and concessions
Sebastian Sosa

Sebastian Sosa, IMF Resident Representative For Serbia

Hard Won Results Should Be Carefully Defended

It is crucial that the structural reform agenda is fully and expeditiously carried out, to transform Serbia into a modern, private-sector led economy with higher and sustainable growth
Branislav Savić

Branislav Savić, Plant Manager, Ball Packaging Europe

Ball Continues Investing In Serbia

A greenfield investment in Serbia may have seemed unreasonable at the time when Ball Packaging Europe launched its operations here, but each year it beats expectations.

Marijana Vasilescu, President Of The Executive Board Of Sberbank Srbija

Results Confirm Business Model’s Quality

The exceptional operational results achieved by Sberbank in the first half of this year, as well as in the previous period, confirm that the bank has gained the trust of citizens and business clients

Jelena Galić, CEO at AIK Bank

We Want To Be Among The Region’s Key Players

The strategic goal of AIK Bank over the next few years is to become one of the leading banks on the domestic market and one of the most significant players in the region

Vladislav Lalić, Regional Director For Development, IKEA Southeast Europe (Croatia, Romania, Serbia And Slovenia)

Belgrade – Regional Business Centre

Belgrade is ideally positioned to enable easy mobility for our colleagues who have regional responsibilities.