Real Estate Guide

Sector On the Rise

Real estate turnover in Serbia is constantly on the rise and, with the construction of a full network, locations alongside the highways are also becoming interesting to investors

Investments Must Be Visionary

Future city development must ensure human wellbeing and social prosperity

Instant Offices are the Future

The co-working market has existed worldwide for 15 years, and in Serbia for nine years, while company OfficeMe will celebrate its third birthday in December. More than 30 co-working spaces operate in our country today, but OfficeMe is unique as the first domestic company to profile itself for 'instant office' provision

We Will Cover the Entire Region

Novaston is a unique, independent real estate, asset management and property platform operating through companies Novaston Asset Management, Novaston Project Management, Novaston Facility Management and Novaston Marketing Management, which have a combined total of more than 40 employees

New & Upcoming Industry Shifts

With the global economic downturn a decade behind us, HLB, the Global Advisory and Accounting Network, takes a closer look at the current state of industry and shares insights into the trends impacting real estate and construction businesses today. Is the industry going to continue to thrive, or is a correction looming? HLB Real Estate's expert is cautiously optimistic. “Urban living areas and secondary markets are showing tremendous growth, but there are still areas that have not fully recovered, like suburban commercial office parks. There will always be market corrections; it is just a matter of how much time will elapse within the cycle.”

Your Best Work Happens Here

Company We Share Space has established itself as one of the leaders of the market for co-working spaces, with its offices, conference rooms, open spaces, 24/7 access, parking and numerous other advantages that it offers at its Vračar and Dorćol facilities

Danube Terraces – Your Dream By The River

The business-residential complex Dunavkse terase (Danube Terraces) is located just a few kilometres from the city's Terazije square. The complex is a new, complete and modern facility, located in a part of the city that's developing rapidly, with good transport links to important city amenities and all parts of the city, and with developed infrastructure. Giving the complex special value is its close proximity to the River Danube and the city's BIG FASHION shopping centre

Are We Facing a New Decade of Reform?

The reform of the real estate cadastre, following the e-permit reform, is the next major reform for our construction sector and one of the most important reforms for improving the business environment in Serbia. A prerequisite for encouraging investment is a regulated real estate cadastre, in which all updated data on real estate and property ownership is kept, as well as estimates of the value of immovable property, and which should represent the basis for determining public revenues

Serbia Will Also Be A Leader In Cadastre Reform

Serbia this year entered the world’s top 10 countries for the issuance of electronic building permits, leaving some of the world’s most developed countries in our wake. And we have to preserve this achievement

People Are Building, But Also Buying

“We are planning a new project for the coming year and the start of construction of a residential facility in Block 63 in New Belgrade”, announced Nebojša Šurlan, Director of the Construction Directorate of Serbia, for CorD

Company That Makes A Difference

Not only does Atrium sell and lease residential and commercial real estate, but is also a leader in the valuation of real estate assets, says NAI ATRIUM Managing Director Bryan Beaton

Reshaping The Future In 2018

Europe’s real estate industry remains “cautious but positive” as it comes to terms with today’s low-return market and the longer-term disruptive forces of technology and social change

We’ve Got The Wheel Of Development Turning

The government has done everything to encourage construction and make Serbia more attractive for investors. The results are visible, both in terms of the number of issued permits and in the volume of work on big and small private projects

Quality Has No Alternative

With its residential and commercial buildings Maison Royale has reached the highest standards of metropolises worldwide and enriched Belgrade with beautiful, efficient buildings in the most prestigious sites in town

Expertise In The Service Of Quality

Galens is run by young and ambitious professionals who, with the help of a carefully selected network of various experts, build structures in the most attractive locations

Novaston Young Company, Big Possibilities

Novaston offers a wide range of professional services in the field of commercial real estate, from support in the development of projects and Property and Facility Management, to intermediary services in the sale and issuance of real estate and property value appraisals

Full Focus On The Client

Expats, members of the diplomatic corps, corporate clients and the like trust our team's professional expertise when choosing the perfect family home or modern business property

Edge The Smartest Building In The World

It knows where you live. It knows what car you drive. It knows who you’re meeting with today and how much sugar you take in your coffee (at least it will, after the next software update.) This is the Edge, and it’s quite possibly the smartest office space ever constructed