Aćim Leon Pantelić, Director, We Share Space

Your Best Work Happens Here

Company We Share Space has established itself as one of the leaders of the market for co-working spaces, with its offices, conference rooms, open spaces, 24/7 access, parking and numerous other advantages that it offers at its Vračar and Dorćol facilities

With changes to the labour market, the need for workspace is also changing. Co-working spaces create added value for many businesses, precisely due to reductions in capital expenses, their adaptability and flexibility, but also because they provide access to a wider network of start-ups and entrepreneurs, explains We Share Space Director Leon Pantelić.

The basic purpose of a co-working space is to reduce costs, expand networks of people who can assist you and become your future clients, or for you to become their client. Has this been sufficiently recognised in our country?

– Networks of start-ups and entrepreneurs have been developing in Serbia over the last few years, and there is ever increasing talk of the importance of co-working spaces in that development. Likewise, the large number of business collaborations between different users of such space testifies to this impact being real and important, especially if one considers that the users of co-working spaces are relatively young firms that are just breaking onto the market.

Due to the flexibility of working hours and the growing popularity of remote working, the need for long-term leases of office space has reduced, and many of the jobs that people make a living from today didn’t even exist 10 years ago.

Business space tenants today not only seek walls and furniture, but rather a whole array of additional services that will save them both time and money

Given the growing popularity of the nomadic lifestyle, these types of office space leasing options are increasingly in demand, both among foreigners coming to Serbia and among our local start-ups and entrepreneurs.

Is one of the benefits of co-working spaces the ability to quickly and easily adapt to the needs of clients who cannot expect that in large office buildings? Ample parking spaces and high-speed internet are implied, but what else do you offer?

– We Share offers its clients fully equipped offices, with a maintenance service for those offices and the possibility to start working immediately if required. Our clients, particularly foreign ones, greatly appreciate our flexibility and the fact that we care about the technical details, because then all they have to do is to deal with their own business.

This implies reception services, the ability to register a business, receive post and phone calls, as well as 24/7 office access.

All of our clients have the opportunity to enjoy quiet office when they need to focus on their work, but they can also feel comfortable and relaxed in more informal areas of the space, such as a terrace/balcony or kitchen, where a large number of them socialise during breaks. All that is needed it to find the right measure in everything.

Location is one of the crucial factors when choosing a property. Does this rule also apply to co-working companies; are your locations among your biggest strengths?

– Location is certainly something that matters most in this business. A good location allows the users of the space to be well connected with other parts of the city, the possibility of having everything in one place – from banks and hotels to restaurants and cafes. In this way, our clients save time and are able to dedicate themselves to their business without interruption.

The needs of our tenants vary, and we manage to provide everyone with precisely what they need. Both peace and isolation, and an environment for creative exchanges of ideas, and space for meetings between larger numbers of people

Who are your tenants? Representatives of foreign companies, start-ups, freelancers, emerging IT and marketing companies? What does a good co-working space look like from their perspective?

Our most numerous clients are representative offices of foreign companies that are just launching operations in Serbia and local start-ups, but also international organisations and domestic companies that need additional or temporary workspace. Different sectors recognise the benefits of this type of leasing of space that allows them to do their work, and we are here as support for everything else.

At We Share we strive to provide our clients with maximum comfort to ensure their workday passes as easily as possible. First and foremost, the entire space is designed in an industrial style that gives it a modern business look. It is very important for our clients that they have tranquillity while working, so most of the space is converted into separate offices. Each of them has windows that can be opened, plenty of daylight and a separate air conditioning system. Moreover, the entire space is equipped with ergonomic Steelcase office furniture, which provides ultimate comfort, and the entire story and atmosphere is rounded off by a spacious terrace/balcony and kitchen.

What do you currently offer clients and what are your plans for the period ahead? We are sure that you plan to expand your operations, given the growing needs of the market.

– We are currently located in the neighbourhoods of Vračar and Dorćol, at two locations that enable our clients to quickly reach state institutions, banks, restaurants etc. We are planning expansion to New Belgrade, as the central business district, with which we will be able to offer our clients a choice of all attractive locations in Belgrade. 

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