Ronald Seeliger, President of the German-Serbian Chamber of Commerce and CEO of Hemofarm Group

Ronald Seeliger, President of the German-Serbian Chamber of Commerce

Strong Bonding

Many German companies have been investing repeatedly in Serbia, expanding their production capacities, creating additional jobs and growing year on year. This commitment and these long-term investments are recognised by Serbian society.
Peter Goldschmidt, CEO of Stada

STADA achieved strong results in the first half of 2019

With record sales growth of 11 per cent in the first half of this year, Stada's performance is well above the industry average. The Stada...

Marina Mitić Jekić, HR Director, STADA CEE Region and Hemofarm a.d.

Dedication is Always Rewarded With Trust

As of this May, the Faculty of Technology Novi Sad has launched an event that it will organise annually entitled “Hemofarm Day”, which emerged as a result of cooperation between this faculty and company aimed at ensuring the better adapting educational profiles to meet the needs of the market

Belgrade Youth Fair 2019

18-19 April 2019, Metropol Palace Hotel

Hemofarm – Repeating our records and raising the bar

Hemofarm, a regional leader in the pharmaceutical industry, will finish this year successfully: the company has confirmed last year's record in the production of...
International Award For Hemofarm Foundation Campaign Golden Drum

International Award For Hemofarm Foundation Campaign

‘Don’t let it Burst’, the campaign of Hemofarm Foundation for prevention of high blood pressure, was awarded the Silver Drum award in the category...

Hemofarm at the UN debate: More than half of our employees...

Hemofarm is the only company from Serbia and this part of Europe that has had the opportunity to participate in this year's UN Debate...
Dr Ronald Seeliger, President of AHK Serbia, CEO of Hemofarm

Dr Ronald Seeliger, President of AHK Serbia, CEO of Hemofarm

Profound Reforms Cannot Be Swift But Well Considered

Serbia is in the process of overall transformation, and this kind of total makeover takes time, requires expertise and seeks patience. It is of great importance for Serbia to become a member of the European Union, and in order to achieve this it has to continue conducting structural reforms and changing certain patterns of doing business and behaviour thoroughly and in the long run
National Donor Day

National Donor Day

In the past three years, the number of donors has tripled in Serbia, but it is necessary to adopt a law that will signal that a national consensus has been reached on this important topic and that we have another confirmation that we have passed as a society exam of maturity and humanity.
Hemofarm Marked 58th Anniversary Seeliger

Hemofarm Marked 58th Anniversary

The leader in the pharmaceutical market of Serbia and the region and one of the top ten exporters in Serbia, company Hemofarm celebrated 58 years of successful business.
Hemofarm Foundation Awarded For Campaign "The Most Important Call In Life"

Hemofarm Foundation Awarded For Campaign “The Most Important Call In Life”

The Hemofarm Foundation's campaign "The Most Important Call in Life" was proclaimed the best non-profit, socially useful campaign in 2017 at a competition organised...
Hemofarm Stada New Centre For CEE

Hemofarm Stada’s New Centre For CEE

The largest pharmaceutical company in the region, Hemofarm of Vršac, has become the Stada group's main centre for the central and eastern European market. Stada's...
Ronald Seelinger Hemofarm Foundation Awards Scholarship Contracts 2017

Hemofarm Foundation Awards Scholarship Contracts

The Hemofarm Foundation has awarded scholarship contracts to the best students of the state faculties. In addition to financial assistance in the academic year 2017/2018,...
Hemofarm Mentor Programme Award

Hemofarm Mentor Programme Award

The mentor programme for scholarship recipients of the Hemofarm Foundation was declared best project in the pro bono support category and was awarded a...
Ronald Seeliger Hemofarm Conquer New Markets

Hemofarm: Conquer New Markets

Record results achieved in 2017 prompted company Hemofarm to organise a festive cocktail reception to share and summarise this pharmaceutical giant’s business year with...
Hemofarm: The Patient Must Not Suffer Ronald Seeliger

Hemofarm: The Patient Must Not Suffer

The company Hemofarm has organised the first regional expert conference entitled “Modern therapeutic approach to severely ill patients in hospital conditions”, gathering 250 of...

Dr. Ronald Seeliger, President Of The German-Serbian Chamber Of Commerce & Hemofarm CEO

Important Step Forward

It is probably too early to talk about the effects of this law after just nine months of its implementation. However, it is definitely positive that the Serbian Chamber of Commerce can again speak on behalf of the entire business community
Hemofarm Wins Top VITRUS Award for Philanthropy Seeliger Brnabic

Hemofarm Wins Top VIRTUS Award for Philanthropy

Campaign to support the organ donation and transplantation programme in Serbia