Hemofarm Stada’s New Centre For CEE

Hemofarm Stada New Centre For CEE

The largest pharmaceutical company in the region, Hemofarm of Vršac, has become the Stada group’s main centre for the central and eastern European market.

Stada’s management has decided that Hemofarm will become responsible for markets in Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, expanding its regional authority that until now had covered the markets of south-east Europe (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Albania).

This promotion follows Stada’s assessment of Hemofarm’s good results after taking a leading role for the German concern in south-east Europe in 2016.

“Hemofarm’s new role is a great recognition on Stada’s part of our work and the results we have recently achieved”, said Ronald Seeliger, managing director of Hemofarm and vice-president of the Stada group.

“It is also good news for Serbia and the region, especially in view of the rarity of a company in a non-EU member state taking a lead in EU markets. With the new markets, our plans are ambitious too. We shall invest in expanding our capacities, further improving the quality of our products, research and development of medicines but especially in our workforce – in industrious, high-quality, well-educated people of which Hemofarm currently has about 3,000.”

Through the Stada group, Hemofarm in 2017 became part of a large international family – Cinven and Bain Capital. Apart from being a regional leader, Hemofarm brand medicines can be found in pharmacies on three continents and in 38 countries.

Hemofarm’s modern factories, conforming to the highest pharmaceutical standards, can be found in Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina (Republic of Srpska) and their manufacturing lies in the global top 20% for energy efficiency.

Apart from this leading role in manufacturing, Hemofarm has thus taken on the role of a promoter of sustainable development and corporate responsibility in the region.