Communications 2018


Stephan Loerke, CEO, World Federation Of Advertisers

Major Trend For 2018: Big Changes For Both Clients And Agencies

It’s fair to say 2017 has been an eventful year. Even for an industry used to as much change and disruption as ours. Last year will likely long echo with the words “murky at best, fraudulent at worst,” “an antiquated media buying and selling system” and “crappy” to describe the experience that drives people to ad blocking and prevents marketers from achieving their growth goals

Ljiljana Ivošević, Regional Strategic Director At UM

It’s All About The Moments

How we communicate on social media has never been more important, for ourselves, for brands or for politicians. This constant change inspired UM to launch the largest global social media research 12 years ago, with a clear aim: to track user growth and growth in the importance of the new media phenomenon. Naturally, along with the growth of social media grew our desire to understand them better and learn how to help grow our clients' brands
Zeljka Micic

Željka Mićić, Research & Development Manager At McCann Beograd

What Is “The Truth About Age”?

How often do we think about aging? What are we afraid of and what are we looking forward to in our old age? What are the greatest joys and the greatest worries of old age? When is it too late to start your own business or fall in love? Does the view of old age and aging in Serbia differ from the rest of the world?
Jasna Dugalić

Jasna Dugalić, Account Director at Direct Media

Ever Stronger Partnerships

There is a lot of talk about "what is the key to a successful relationship between agency and client"
DNA Communications

DNA Communications

Sprinting Through 2017

How to win a medal in each race and set a new personal record when you're running against Carl Lewis...
Darko Sokovic

Darko Soković, Founder And Managing Partner Of Propulsion Fund

We Are Building A Region Of Leaders

“We strongly believe in this region of ours, with all its flaws and virtues, and we are convinced that it has yet to realise its full potential”

Lea Stanković, Executive Director, Communis DDB

Different From Others

Agency Communis DDB doesn’t only create campaigns and brands for others, but is a brand in its own right

Nevena Kurtović, Managing Director, Fusion Communications

Be Fast, Stay Focused

“Digital channels provide unlimited possibilities and it is up to us to adapt and to understand the needs of our audience”
Miro Antic

Miro Antić, Partner And Co-Founder, M2Communications

Experience Is The New Power Of Marketing

“It is important to say that, although technological progress is one of the key factors of civilisation’s progress, mankind should be careful in all of this not to lose the power of the spirit and essence of the human being”
Dragana Stojanovic

Dragana Stojanović, Deputy Director, Media.com

Free And Creative

When marketing agencies were becoming common, each had to find its own place, and the first clients of Media.com paved this agency’s way towards agribusiness
Branka Conic

Branka Conić, PR Agency Director, New Moment New Ideas Company

Balkan Creativity For The World

“We are part of the world and, even more, we are actively shaping this world”
Aleksandra Kozul

Aleksandra Kožul, PR & Digital Director, Novaston Marketing Consultancy

Knowhow, Experience & Creativity

“Today In communications it is most important to reach an individual and address them personally”
Jasmina Stojanov

Jasmina Stojanov, Managing Director, Nova Communications

Political Stability – A Sine Qua Non For Doing Business

Building trust with a client and getting him to realise that he is in safe hands and not in the hands of some quack is not just important, but an essential part of a relationship

Maja Stojanović, Executive Director, Olaf & McAteer

Celebrities Or Influencers – That Is The Question

Ever since the internet entered our business, especially when it shifted from our desktops to our pockets, it became an omnipresent factor that has since shaped our thoughts, needs and activities day by day. We’re all aware of it, but brands got it first. (We’ll talk showbiz, sports and politics next time).
Advertising trends

Advertising Trends 2018

What You Need To Know

For the first time ever, 2017 was the year digital ad spend outstripped television. In 2017, digital spend was $209 billion worldwide compared to $178 billion for TV advertising. And one final stat. Excluding China, according to GroupM the ‘digital duopoly’ of Google and Facebook will end the year with an 84% share of all digital media investments for 2017!