Dragana Stojanović, Deputy Director, Media.com

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When marketing agencies were becoming common, each had to find its own place, and the first clients of Media.com paved this agency’s way towards agribusiness

Dragana Stojanović Media.com

Media.com d.o.o. is an agency that started operating in 2002 when its first clients, big agro corporations, both foreign and domestic, started working in Serbia.

Bayer CropScience, KWS, Dupont, BASF had just been breaking into the Serbian market. Perhaps that very fact contributed to the agency’s start in providing and full service it still offers, with the ability to meet any specific requests from its clients. “Our agency chose agribusiness as a focus, but in some ways, agriculture has ‘chosen’ us by the force circumstances”, explains Dragana Stojanović, speaking to CorD.

– We realised that all of the marketing tools had to be used in the field of agribusiness, but at the same time, it was necessary to hit the right spot with otherwise mistrustful end-users. Seduce them with the spirit but at the same time remain simple and professional. Fifteen years ago, we first used pioneer methods of advertising in the agricultural sector, and today we are trying to be innovative in finding specific solutions.

A marketing department in agribusiness follows modern communication trends completely. Nowadays in agriculture, satellites are used in day-to-day work and GPS navigation for mechanical works, so marketing has to keep up. The target group is a bit diverse, which is why all advertising channels are used.

Is there a specific difference between working with agro companies, in creating agro brands and campaigns and other sectors?

– Yes and no. The market is the same, the end-user is at the same time the user of many brands that have approached him according to the latest trends in our field. On the other hand, the analysis on the basis of which we work and measure the position of the brands for which we work in the field of agriculture, tells us that, at least as far as their products are concerned, communication channels must be diversified and at the same time at multiple levels.

The target group is not only agricultural producers. The end consumer from the agrarian sector has a great advantage of personal contact with professionals, people in the field, television and printed material. This greatly affects the strategy and structure of plans. That’s why we use tools such as video and graphic production, organising events, media buying …

Working with clients in building agro-brands, we use all available communication channels in accordance with our goals, and of course this increasingly involves the online world

If you would have to highlight the most important plan or ambition of Media.com for 2018, what would that be?

– This year’s plan is again, above all, that our clients are satisfied. It is important that they are successful in their business so that we can be free and creative in working with them.

By this, I am also referring to the solutions that we have prepared for clients this year and which I hope will be adopted in their companies both at the regional and global level. In the 2018 plan, there is also a greater orientation towards promoting F & B (food and beverage) in the Organic Food sector.

Global healthy lifestyle trends and the promotion of healthy management absolutely require a change in approach among agro-producers to the production of a healthy and high-quality product intended for an increasingly demanding end-user. Serbia has great opportunities in this area and we will work on promoting and connecting producers, restaurants and hotels that recognise this trend.