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Sprinting Through 2017

How to win a medal in each race and set a new personal record when you’re running against Carl Lewis…

The past two years have been the most dynamic so far, driven by constant innovation, by the need to change mindset and approach to clients, by the postulate „fast, faster, the fastest“ in everything we do, by new runners emerging in our discipline…But also by the coming of age of professionals of a new and different generation, who have changed and are still changing our industry in important ways.

What has led us to win the throne in this race is deliberately transforming ourselves from a creative communications advisor into a business consultant, thanks to which we set personal records and have won all the clients we have been fighting for – the greatest number in our seventeen-year race.

Insisting that each project and client‘ s request be approached in a strategic and analytical way, understanding their needs and goals and providing true and appropriate support on that path, is the direction that DNA has chosen.

It is noticeable that clients are turning more or simply returning to a partnership with agencies and are looking for a complete understanding of their business, expertise, commitment, and final result. In practical terms, this means that an agency model from just over 10 years ago must necessarily be replaced by an agency model that is ready for transformation – transformation in all its aspects.

Last year DNA Communications won the Bisnode Award and became the holder of the AAA rating of creditworthiness excellence. Only 2% of businesses in Serbia have this rating, which evaluates their safe, stable and growing direction towards a successful future

On the communications market, the results and successes achieved are impossible without the most important link – the people who create these communications and who should take the credit.

One of the greatest challenges the DNA Communications team has recently faced was, therefore, the education and development of professionals under the agency’s roof, but also in the broader profession. You can learn a lot about this from the Employer Branding project, which DNA Communications launched in Serbia two years ago with the goal of raising overall awareness of the importance of dealing with employer corporate branding, getting an idea of the degree of its development in the domestic market and supporting its constant improvement.

This is not just about communications support to the HR sector of a given company. It is more about fostering the synergy of this department with the marketing and corporate communications departments because they are all responsible for creating a top team and atmosphere, and that atmosphere, again, attracts the same kind of people.

DNA Communications

The sooner we become aware of the fact that success depends largely on energy and atmosphere, we become more successful throughout our business. This becomes especially important with increasing digitisation and the participation of millennials in the labour market. Although they have found the market somewhat unprepared, the millennials are those who are already taking a major part in creating and patenting innovation in communications and changing them radically.

Members of this generation, who among others make up an increasing part of the DNA team, are undoubtedly responsible for easier understanding of the new trends that we are successfully following and applying today, educating clients and the environment at the same time. They show the necessity of understanding the specifics of the millennials as a target group because the brands we work for speak to them.

This further leads us in the direction: talk, understand, learn and change according to the demands of the new generations you communicate with. All this has resulted in strong growth in the number of people in DNA Communications, and now our internal team has become an equally important client to its own agency.

To learn and to change, both from our own mistakes and those of others, it is important to talk about them, openly enough and often enough. Promoting both mistakes and failures, we have launched a new form of talking about failures, with agencies, companies and the media as narrators, and all the others that make up the communications market.

The first event of the Advertising Fail Stories, under the FuckUp Nights global movement, was launched in November 2017 together with the ICT Hub incubator for technology entrepreneurship. On this occasion, some of the most prominent marketing experts shared their advice with the visitors and openly spoke about how the road to success is made up of not so simple steps that we often trip or fall on.

By answering the questions: “How to rise again? How to start over?” we wanted to break the stereotypes of failure as a shame or taboo. The great interest in the event showed that the market really needs something like this, which is why these stories will continue, as often as possible and with stronger reverberation.

In sprinting through 2017, DNA Communications has proven that the unique philosophy that guides its work and its relationships with clients (Strategy. Results. Support) is the right one, and this is a more than sufficient “doping” to enter this year in equally good form. We are hoping for fair play from the participants, the determination of new generations to run with us and ever more races.

DNA Communications

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