Lea Stanković, Executive Director, Communis DDB

Different From Others

Agency Communis DDB doesn’t only create campaigns and brands for others, but is a brand in its own right

Lea Stanković Executive Director Communis DDB

Communis representatives always talk openly about the conditions under which they operate, market conditions and the business with which they deal.

Lea Stanković is clear when she says that “the challenges are constant in business and have been for many years”, adding that “we live in the age of results, where everything is measured and quantified, and where the scale is constantly rising”.

– Economic factors dictate conditions on the market, and every year we must adapt to many factors that we cannot influence too much. Obstacles have always existed, but now they change faster and assume new forms.

It is a challenge to be competitive in our market, it is a challenge to create something new and never before seen, but the greatest challenge is certainly to provide the high-quality services that are required today while at the same time developing a business you will live from in the future.

We live in the age of the results, where everything we do is measured and quantified, and where the scale is constantly rising, and it is up to us to fulfil those expectations with each solution.

Is digitisation and its effect in the domain of communication, one of which is very short messages, actually proportional or, in contrast, proportion to the creativity in your business?

– Communis is an integrated agency that provides creative communication solutions, regardless of which channel that relates to. Technological changes and the development of social networks both dictate a faster pace and a different dynamic of work because we don’t have the luxury of brainstorming a single idea for a month.

It is a particular challenge at the everyday level to create short messages and new advertising solutions that someone will notice and react to while scrolling up to 100 metres of the screen during the course of one day.

The openness of our people means that they can quickly understand the basics and functionalities of each platform that appears, and to use them in the most creative way for the purposes of the brand.

The synergy of people and the atmosphere within the agency ensures the high quality of the campaigns we do and that our clients, with whom we maintain partnership relations, are satisfied

Communis is a pioneer in business and a brand in its own right. What differentiates you from other companies that deal with the same business?

– An agency is made up of people and the atmosphere in which they work, and we have for many years held these two important elements in a nice synergy. This kind of combination results in consistently high-quality campaigns and satisfied clients with whom we nurture partner relations.

Our principle is that the agency’s growth and development must not take place at the expense of this friends & family atmosphere that we nurture.

Additionally, although the market often views agencies through some of their latest campaigns, I believe the fact that we have endured for such a long time testifies to the fact that Communis is an agency that constantly produces good and different advertising solutions.