Nevena Kurtović, Managing Director, Fusion Communications

Be Fast, Stay Focused

“Digital channels provide unlimited possibilities and it is up to us to adapt and to understand the needs of our audience”

Nevena Kurtović, Managing Director, Fusion Communications

“Successful communication for us means a unique brand narrative placed through as many communication points as possible”, says Fusion Communications, an agency that also stands out by being focused on integrated communications.

With this in mind, the interview with Nevena Kurtović starts with future plans as the digital communication channels ‘win’ over the conventional ones.

“The keyword has lately become ‘speed’. If we take the past year or any of the ones before it, it is clear that trends change rapidly and that they are either accepted or rejected just as fast. To a large extent, though not primarily, it is all thanks to the digital. What has changed in communications? Channels have changed, and the way recipients hear a message, the way they are allowed to respond to the message … the need to communicate will always exist, just that today it’s essential to understand that it’s more important how our message is understood then how we said it.

“Digital channels have given us very valuable insight into the views of our audience. It is now our responsibility to adapt and to communicate in the right way. Imagine a room full of people and your story is of no interest to anyone; after a few minutes, no one listens to you any more. It’s a great challenge to fill the room, tell your story and keep your audience’s attention. These rooms full of interested people are in one way or another everyone’s goal.”

The need to communicate will always exist, just that today it’s essential to understand that it’s more important how our message is understood then how we said it

In an age of expanding digital media and social networks, how can communications experts reach target groups with dedicated messages, when people of different ages, professions and interests behave in a similar way in cyberspace?

– “The digital age, with its almost day-to-day changes, brings us opportunities we could only imagine before. But putting this aside, I think that since we can now reach a specific target group that we aim at, it’s very important to adjust our communications to this group.

The diversity of our messages when communicating will at the same time show that we take care of everyone. On the other hand, it is also a huge task for everyone in our industry to create campaigns in such a way that our messages are remembered. When we already have such a developed way to reach our target group, our task is to adapt to it and to keep hold of it.”

As ‘golden rules’ of communication, you have mentioned fair play and innovation. It is clear that innovation is imperative for virtually every profession of the 21st century, but to what extent is this other ‘golden rule’ respected in our fairly small market?

– “I think that every market, even the smaller ones, have room for anyone who wants to work, create, shift frontiers. I like to see what my colleagues do, I like to see nice and successful campaigns, I also like when a client sticks with a trusted agency for many years. I like to believe that many others have a similar attitude.”