10 Years NALED

Special Edition of CorD Magazine in collaboration with NALED, celebrating 10 Years of NALED

Goran Kovačević, President of NALED’s Managing Board and CEO of Gomex Company

We Have the Formula for Reform

NALED is the first organisation to truly succeed in consolidating and synchronising the work of the private and public sectors and to ensure that its main objective is comprehensive and commonly accepted: to create a business-friendly environment that will provide a better life for all Serbia

Aleksandar Vučić, Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia

Working With NALED Opens Doors To The Civil Sector

The Government is open to the idea of including the civil sector in its administrative work and unburdening the administration, which is the trend in the developed world. NALED is a positive example, having developed the e-permit software with help from donors and then handed it over to the state. This was a great help, and other organisations are certainly able to contribute to the common good in the same way.

Coffee With The First Three Presidents Of NALED’s Managing Board

NALED Has Changed Both Us And Serbia

The first three presidents of NALED’s Managing Board agree that NALED’s greatest successes were to become a partner of the Serbian Government in implementing reforms, to raise the awareness of the public and decision-makers about the importance of dialogue, and to harmonise the interests of different parts of society
Goran Pitić

Goran Pitić, Chairman of the NALED Fair Competition Alliance

Extending Fiscalisation Would Have The Greatest Effect In Curbing The Grey...

"The issue of competitiveness has to be one of the priorities of any government agenda, especially this new one since it is crucial for the regional 'game'…because there is no successful economy without it, here or anywhere else", says our interviewee Goran Pitić, when we put it to him that he is "the staunchest advocate for higher compet¬itiveness of Serbian products and fair competition".
Olivera Papić

Olivera Papić, President of Fair Competition Working Group For Raising Awareness, Head of Corporative Affairs and Marketing, Moj Kiosk Group

Educating Citizens On Grey Economy Is Crucial

Raising the awareness of citizens about the harmful effects of illegal business
Vladimir Tipsarević

Vladimir Tipsarević, Vice-president of Fair Competition Alliance and Corporate Affairs Manager, JTI

Success Will Depend On Government Decisiveness

As a socially responsible company, JTI was involved in drafting and implementing the National Programme for Countering the Shadow Economy, which is focusing in particular on improving inspection work
Dragan Lupšić Coca-Cola HBC

Dragan Lupšić, Vice-president of Fair Competition Alliance and Communications and Legal Affairs Director at Coca Cola HBC Serbia Ltd.

National Programme For A Fair And Competitive Market

As a member of the NALED and the Fair Competition Alliance, Coca-Cola HBC Serbia will participate actively in implementing the National Programme for Countering the Shadow Economy
Tihomir Petković Mayor of Užice

Tihomir Petković, Mayor Of Užice And One Of The First Members Of NALED

Local Governments Need Stable Financing

NALED will continue to be an integral part of expert groups that will analyse and propose changes to laws regulating the development of local governments
Nebojša Zelenović Mayor of Šabac

Nebojša Zelenović, Mayor Of The City Of Šabac And Member Of NALED Managing Board

Has A Powerful Development Tool For Local Administrations

The innovative and capable city administration has applied 21st-century tools and has been able to fulfil its objectives with ease, preserving its long-established reputation as a commercial hub for this part of Europe
David Lythgoe Director of Halifax Consulting

David Lythgoe, President Of NALED Ethics Committee And Director Of Halifax Consulting

Culture Eats Strategy For Breakfast

Most people will behave honestly if they think others will. But if they expect the law will not be enforced, they will accept criminal behaviour without complaint even if they are its victims, and no amount of policing will help
Neven Marinović

Neven Marinović, Director Of Smart Kolektiv And One Of The First Members Of NALED

We Have Established The First National CSR Standard

Cooperation between the business and other sectors is indispensable for the creation of sustainable communities and a better environment for citizens
Nataša Sekulić

Nataša Sekulić, President of the E-Government Alliance and IBM Country Leader for Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Albania

E-Government Is One Condition For A Successful Economy

Serbia has begun digitalisation of the state administration and it is my belief that this trend will continue in future, benefiting both businesses and the general public
Jasmina Vignjević

Jasmina Vignjević, Government Affairs Manager at Telenor Serbia

Mobile Phones Instead Of Counters

Both Telenor and NALED are celebrating 10 years of successful operation in Serbia. NALED was among the first to recognise the importance of e-government, and in cooperation with IBM experts it has produced a credible study that should serve as a basis for further development of e-government in Serbia
Kyle Scott U.S. Ambassador to Serbia

Kyle Scott, U.S. Ambassador to Serbia

NALED Values Are As Important As The Results

Over the years, NALED has grown into a leading institution in Serbia and the region. Its ability to unite local self-governments, SMEs, and civil society makes it one of the key forces behind Serbia’s reform achievements and makes NALED an important partner for U.S. Government-supported economic growth projects
Michael Davenport Head of the EU Delegation to Serbia

Ambassador Michael Davenport, Head of the EU Delegation to Serbia

Next Five Years Crucial For Reforms

The European Commission has recommended opening a further chapter – on bringing Serbian public procurement into line with EU standards, a crucial step in tackling corruption. Beyond that, Serbia is working on its negotiating position for a number of other chapters, so I am confident that we will see further movement in the next few months.
Jeremy Lang British Embassy

Jeremy Lang, Head of the Department for International Trade, British Embassy to Serbia

Progress On The Doing Business List Requires More Than Reforms On...

Effective, efficient and transparent local government benefits business, which in turn precipitates stronger overall development across a country as a whole
Narinder Chauhan Ambassador of India

H.E. Narinder Chauhan, Indian Ambassador to Serbia

Training In India Is Very Useful For Serbian Officials

Indian companies are looking at privatization opportunities in Serbia including in agro-machinery and pharma. At the same time, NALED has done a lot in the last decade to improve the business environment, growing ties between business leaders of India and Serbia and contributing to the traditionally good relations between Belgrade and New Delhi
Alona Fisher-Kamm Israel Ambassador to Serbia

H.E. Alona Fisher-Kamm, Israeli Ambassador to Serbia

All Serbian Municipalities Know About Courses In Israel

The main Israeli investors came following the democratic changes in 2000. Overall investment reached around €1 billion over the years and is mainly focused on the real estate sector which made us the top investor in this sector in Serbia