Jasmina Vignjević, Government Affairs Manager at Telenor Serbia

Mobile Phones Instead Of Counters

Both Telenor and NALED are celebrating 10 years of successful operation in Serbia. NALED was among the first to recognise the importance of e-government, and in cooperation with IBM experts it has produced a credible study that should serve as a basis for further development of e-government in Serbia

Jasmina Vignjević

We see the establishment of the e-Government Alliance as an opportunity for businesses to use their know-how and inventiveness to help the government in its efforts to reform the public administration.

The Alliance can help digitalise the data and the procedures, and minimise paperwork, queuing and expenses for our citizens.

People today want services to be available to them at all times, wherever they are. It makes me happy that the Alliance recognises m-government, the optimisation of all e-services for mobile devices, as one of the priorities.

As many administrative services require payment of administrative fees, e-service needs to provide an electronic payment system to replace traditional paper proofs of payment, so that all services can be fully realised electronically.

Telenor is a mobile operator, our bank deals exclusively with electronic transactions, we operate in 13 countries and we can draw upon that experience, so I believe that we have the capacity to contribute to the e-Government Alliance and in cooperation with NALED help modernise the public administration.