Dragan Lupšić, Vice-president of Fair Competition Alliance and Communications and Legal Affairs Director at Coca Cola HBC Serbia Ltd.

National Programme For A Fair And Competitive Market

As a member of the NALED and the Fair Competition Alliance, Coca-Cola HBC Serbia will participate actively in implementing the National Programme for Countering the Shadow Economy

Dragan Lupšić Coca-Cola HBC

For Coca-Cola HBC Serbia, active participation in the Fair Competition Alliance demonstrates our genuine commitment to improving the business conditions in a market in which we have been operating for 49 years. Our company is very much committed to conducting a constructive dialogue with the competent bodies and business organisations, to create a competitive and enabling environment and provide value for all.

I believe that as a leader we have the possibility and experience to contribute to the recovery and improvement of the domestic market.

The National Programme defines 69 concrete measures for countering the grey economy which on the one hand include incentives for responsible business and on the other hand better inspection and sanctions for illegal work

The National Programme for Countering the Shadow Economy is a range of measures that include effective sanctions against all forms of the grey economy, making it easier to start a business and easing the administrative burden, but also measures for raising public awareness of the need for engagement in the struggle against the grey zone.

Although some of the measures are restrictive and others are incentives, they all require a genuine partnership between the state, business and the civil sector, and perseverance and commitment for results to be visible as soon as possible.