Neven Marinović, Director Of Smart Kolektiv and One Of The First Members Of NALED

We Have Established The First National CSR Standard

Cooperation between the business and other sectors is indispensable for the creation of sustainable communities and a better environment for citizens

NALED has understood from the beginning that cooperation between the business and other sectors is indispensable for the creation of sustainable communities and a better environment for citizens.

In all of its work NALED has focused on how to best use that synergy to unify the resources of all sectors and use them for the good of everyone.

In its essence, this is very close to the concept of corporate social responsibility, and that became the focus of NALED in 2012 when the first process of CSR certification was launched in cooperation with Smart Collective and the Trag Foundation.

Positive experience with the CSR standard enabled us to jointly launch the first national index of responsibility with the aim of creating a national list of socially responsible companies

In this way, the first national standard of corporate social responsibility in Serbia was established, for all companies wanting to improve their procedures and processes in accordance with legal and ethical responsibility.

This pioneering venture brought a great experience for all of us who were involved in its development, and it brought companies a different view of corporate social responsibility, based on an integrated management approach.

With this experience, we were this year able to jointly launch the first national index of responsibility. Its aim is to create a national list of socially responsible companies based on objective criteria that will allow as many companies as possible to assess their socially responsible practices.

Jelena Bojović, Director Of The Centre For The Fourth Industrial Revolution; NALED Programme Development Strategist

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