Olivera Papić, President of Fair Competition Working Group For Raising Awareness, Head of Corporative Affairs and Marketing, Moj Kiosk Group

Educating Citizens On Grey Economy Is Crucial

Raising the awareness of citizens about the harmful effects of illegal business

Raising the awareness of citizens about the harmful effects of illegal business is not an easy task at all, because it implies a series of activities that need to be implemented in continuity, and to be done over a longer period of time.

This process is often only identified with the fiscal lottery that is only one segment, but what is most important is the continuous education of citizens about the problem of the grey economy and the responsibility of every individual, and not just state institutions and individual companies that operate in such an environment. It is necessary to explain everything that the grey economy includes, why it is important to take proper receipts, what we lose as citizens if we do not take them, and everything that we will all be able to improve if we regularly take fiscal receipts, how much and the way in which the grey economy impacts on the future of our youth and our children. It is also important to remind citizens that issuing and taking fiscal receipts is primarily a legal obligation.

It is important to remind citizens that issuing and taking fiscal receipts is primarily a legal obligation

In the National Programme for combatting the grey economy are envisaged activities related to comprehensive citizen education, the education of children, Prize games that would, in an interactive way, enable the inclusion and integration of citizens, state institutions, the media and companies around the same goal, and that really yields results, which has been confirmed by the positive examples of many countries. Given that prize games always have a limited deadline, it is necessary for that to be preceded by a phase of education that would also be continued after the Prize games. It is extremely important that these activities impact on all other measures that are conducted, because raising the awareness of citizens brings savings in money and in work on all other activities and, most importantly, yields long term results.

The success of raising awareness with regard to combatting the grey economy depends on the implementation of all of the aforementioned activities together; there lies the key to success.

I am really optimistic, because the plan that has been made is a product of the professional experience of experts from NALED and state institutions, as well as member companies of the FCA Alliance and, as such, it has the support of the most important institutions, which will enable its successful implementation.

Vladislav Cvetković, President Of The NALED Managing Board And Advisory Services Director At PricewaterhouseCoopers

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