First Dam For Defence Against Packaging Waste

Company Sekopak has opened Serbia's first dam for defence against packaging waste in Batnjik on the River Raška

First Dam For Defence Against Packaging Waste Nedimovic Kyle Scott

Company Sekopak, the leader in the field of managing the recycling of packaging waste, has opened the first dam in Serbia for the defence against packaging waste in Batnjik on the River Raška.

The formal opening ceremony for the dam was attended by Branislav Nedimović, Serbian Minister of Agriculture and Environmental Protection, H.E. Kyle Scott, U.S. ambassador, H.E. Philip Pinnington, Canadian Ambassador, Ignjat Rakitic, Mayor of Raška, and representatives of Sekopak and the Apatin Brewery.

The newly opened dam network serves for the collection of packaging waste from rivers, thereby preventing river pollution.

“Sekopak, along with its founders, should be a role model for all other companies when it comes to environmental protection. This is a pilot project, the importance of which was recognised by the state, and if good results are confirmed, as we believe they will be, the plan is to support the opening of these kinds of dams along with other rivers throughout Serbia,” said Minister Nedimović.

This will not only prevent packaging waste from flowing down the river but will also ensure it is re-used thanks to the recycling industry. The dam’s design and materials ensure it does not damage river ecosystems, flora and fauna, and it is composed of elements made of high-quality stainless steel.

This project, worth €100,000, is funded by Sekopak with the support of partners from Apatin Brewery and companies Tetra Pak, Knjaz Miloš, Ball, CRH and the Municipality of Raška.

In the past seven years, thanks to its partners and collection network, Sekopak has collected and submitted for recycling more than 60,000 tonnes of packaging waste.