Apatinska Brewery

Apatin Brewery Supports Supernatural Festival

Apatin Brewery Supports Supernatural Festival

Apatin Brewery employees joined a long-standing forestation initiative at Ada Huja, namely its Dunavski park, within the Supernatural Festival. The “May the Forest Be...
Apatin Brewery

Apatin Brewery

Our Task – A Positive Impact on the Future!

Whenever we produce, sell or drink beer, we leave a beer print. The beauty of our responsibility is that we care every day about making that impact positive!

Belgrade Youth Fair 2019

18-19 April 2019, Metropol Palace Hotel

Results of The Sepen’s Study On Packaging Waste

The existing system in Serbia requires additional investments and an increase of the waste disposal fee, as well as the strengthening of the packaging...
Vladimir Novaković, General Manager Apatin Brewery, Three-Century-LongTradition

Vladimir Novaković, General Manager Apatin Brewery

Three-Century-Long Tradition

With a tradition dating back three centuries, Apatin Brewery is the oldest working brewery in the region. Since being established as the Imperial Brewery, it has gone on to become one of the leaders of the Serbian market. Assessing the beer market in Serbia and the region for this issue of CorD is Apatin Brewery’s managing director, Vladimir Novaković
When I drink, I don’t drive 2018 Car Show

„When I drink, I don’t drive“ At The 2018 Car Show

Association of Automobile Journalists of Serbia and Apatinska Pivara (The Apatin Brewery) have once again prepared activations for all visitors of the International Car...

Draft Law On Charges For The Utilisation Of Public Goods

Good Starting Point For Discussion

Finalisation of the Draft Law on Charges for the Utilisation of Public Goods within expected comprehensive reforms of parafiscal charges is welcomed by the business community as a step in the right direction when it comes to the clarity and predictability of business dealings. However, certain provisions seem to be worrisome as they are neither precise enough nor fiscally neutral
Dragan Rosić Apatin Brewery Molson Coors Europe

Dragan Rosić, HR Director For Serbia And Montenegro, Apatin Brewery (Molson Coors Europe)

Being People’s First Choice

“We believe in the power of feedback - clearly defined, formal indicators or informally received suggestions or guidelines, which top management listens to and respects the suggestions of employees”
First Sunshades And Benches From Recyclable Materials Profesor Marko Ladjusic

First Sunshades And Benches From Recyclable Materials

The author of the art setting is Professor Marko Lađušić from the Faculty of Applied Arts
First Dam For Defence Against Packaging Waste Nedimovic Kyle Scott

First Dam For Defence Against Packaging Waste

Company Sekopak has opened Serbia's first dam for defence against packaging waste in Batnjik on the River Raška
Vladimir Novaković, Apatinska Brewery CEO And Molson Coors MD

Vladimir Novaković, Apatinska Brewery CEO And Molson Coors MD

Keeping Pace With Global Trends And Local Customs

The fact that the Serbian beer industry keeps up with global trends and complies with international standards does not mean that it is turning away from its local customs and market. On the contrary
Vladimir Novaković

Vladimir Novaković

New Director of Apatin Brewery and Managing Director of Molson Coors for Serbia and Montenegro
Apatinska Pivara Winner IEDC Competition Serbia

Apatinska Pivara Wins IEDC Case Study Competition in Serbia

Four teams representing some of the leading Serbian companies and organizations participated in a two-day IEDC Case Study Competition (CSC), organized by IEDC Alumni...