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Minister of Agriculture and Environmental Protection

Branislav Nedimović, Serbian Minister of Agriculture, Forestry And Water Management

Branislav Nedimović, Serbian Minister of Agriculture, Forestry And Water Management

We’ve Created Prerequisites For Agriculture’s Sustainable Development

Thanks to the progress achieved in creating institutional preconditions for the development of agriculture and the food industry, the Ministry received praise from the EU, while Serbia became ready to welcome the upcoming opening of negotiation chapters

Results Of The First Six Months Fight Against The Grey Economy...

During the second cycle of the "Take a receipt and win"prize competition, with a record participation of 41% of citizens and 11 million receipts...

Branislav Nedimović, Minister Of Agriculture, Forestry And Water Economy:

IPАRD – Development Opportunity For Serbian Agriculture

The launch of construction of large irrigation systems in Serbia, the announcement of the first calls for IPARD and the purchase of company IMT by renowned Indian company TAFE have all marked the previous period, and Minister Nedimović also announces the further continuation of investments and intensive work on utilising the potential of the agriculture and manufacturing industries
Branislav Nedimovic

Branislav Nedimović, Minister For Agriculture And Environmental Protection:

Growing Interest In Investing In Agricultural Production

The ministry’s aim is to boost the farmers’ competitiveness, reduce their costs and increase their income

The 85th International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad Opened

The 85th International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad has opened with 1,500 exhibitors.

Nick Vujicic With Serbian Government Members

Nick Vujicic gave a lecture to Serbian government ministers that was mostly devoted to work with young people and a new approach in education

New Way Of Protecting Seasonal WorkersFighting The GreyEconomy In Agriculture

The law on simplifying employment relations for seasonal work will ensure security and full protection for agricultural workers' rights, pensions and insurance for injuries at work

Mark Of “Serbian Quality” Received By First Eight Products

This mark represents a voluntary standard of quality, regulated by the Regulation on the Labelling of agricultural and food products with the national mark of higher quality “Serbian Quality”

First Dam For Defence Against Packaging Waste

11.4.2017Company Sekopak has opened Serbia's first dam for defence against packaging waste in Batnjik on the River Raška

NALED Members Select New Leadership

26.4.2017New Board of Directors will lead the alliance over the next four years

Conference at the Belgrade Faculty of Agriculture

20.12.2016First official press conference of the Agriculture and Environmental Protection Minister

Aleksandar Vučić, Prime Minister Of The Republic Of Serbia:

Working With NALED Opens Doors To The Civil Sector

The Government is open to the idea of including the civil sector in its administrative work and unburdening the administration, which is the trend in the developed world. NALED is a positive example, having developed the e-permit software with help from donors and then handed it over to the state. This was a great help, and other organisations are certainly able to contribute to the common good in the same way.

Branislav Nedimović, Minister Of Agriculture And Environmental Protection:

Unregistered Labour Is One Of The Greatest Threats To The National...

A labyrinth of complicated procedures and a host of charges get in the way of modern business, which is why they need to be reduced to an acceptable level. The state has to serve its citizens

10 Years of NALED

Ten year anniversary celebrated at Belgrade’s White Palace with 700 eminent guests