Direct Media

Leading media system in the region of the South-East Europe

10th Direct Media Academy

28-30 May, Madlenianum

Jasna Dugalić, Deputy Managing Director, Direct Media Serbia

A New Era Has Begun

The start of 2019 was marked by a change in the visual identity of Direct Media and an announcement that regional marketing will enter a new evolutionary phase. The company is rejoicing about this, as it has the support of the United Group, which – as a technological giant – is constantly in the process of innovating its services and monitoring new trends

DIRECT MEDIA United solutions announces new era of regional marketing

In the presence of more than a thousand invitees, the Direct Media system, part the United Group, marked the beginning of a new cycle...

Direct Media donates funds to NURDOR

In the spirit of support to those who most need help, Direct Media organised a humanitarian basketball tournament at the year’s end for its...

Marketing Experts At The 9th Direct Media Academy: Innovate, Do Not...

"The next wave of innovation in the world will encourage corporations to change, using means that are already available. That is why we need...
Jasna Dugalić

Jasna Dugalić, Account Director at Direct Media

Ever Stronger Partnerships

There is a lot of talk about "what is the key to a successful relationship between agency and client"

Direct Media Academy Welcomes ‘Trendwatching’ Marketing Experts

Experts from the world's leading marketing expert hub Trendwatching present key trends

Jasna Dugalić, Account Director, Direct Media

Regional Motor for the Development of Communication

The past fifteen years have been marked by the maturing of the marketing industry in the region in every sense, first and foremost through the entry into the market of large foreign corporations and the business principles that they have implemented, which have consequentially resulted in the modernisation of the work of the media and agencies
Serbian-Greek Business Forum Held 2016

Direct Media Celebrates 15th Anniversary

"15 Years of Making a Difference"

Jovan Stojanović, Managing Director at Direct Media

New Tools For Successful Campaigns

Everywhere in the world, and especially on our market, marketing is facing pressure to rationalise budgets and secure the greatest possible return on investment. In such conditions, our experience is that the best results are achieved through a sophisticated combination of Science and Art in the dimensions of advertising