We Are Active, Supportive and Optimistic

These are challenging times where solidarity and collective efforts are vital to fight against the spread of Covid19. Since this unprecedented situation occurred, our...

HEINEKEN makes donation to Red Cross

HEINEKEN announced today the measures it has been taking since the beginning of the COVID -19 outbreak to support the health and livelihood of...

Business sector and individuals in the fight against coronavirus

The list of donations of the business sector, business and sports associations, charities and individuals is getting longer daily, with the donors allocating significant...

Heineken Serbia donates 12 million rsd for respirators

Heineken Serbia director Nikos Zois met with Minister of Labor, Employment, Veterans and Social Affairs Zoran Djordjevic met and stated that Heineken is donating...

Neda Djokić, New Marketing Manager of HEINEKEN Serbia

Neda Djokić was appointed as the new Marketing Manager HEINEKEN Serbia, effective as of 30 September 2019. In her new role, Neda will continue the...

Agreement on the Restoration of the oldest water taps in Zaječar

The oldest water taps in Zaječar, the Memorial water tap in Oslobodjenje Square, will be restored thanks to the Agreement on the Revitalization of...

In 7 years over 250.000 people transported through Heineken campaign “Guys, who’s driving home?”

More than 250.000 summer festival visitors in Serbia have used free and safe transport for the past seven years, as part of the HEINEKEN...

Nikos Zois, New Managing Director of HEINEKEN Serbia

Nikos Zois was appointed as the new Managing Director of HEINEKEN Serbia, effective as of 1 April 2019. With clear vision and strategy, Zois will...

Results of The Sepen’s Study On Packaging Waste

The existing system in Serbia requires additional investments and an increase of the waste disposal fee, as well as the strengthening of the packaging...

Safe And Free Taxi Service During EXIT

HEINEKEN Serbia provided safe and free taxi transportation for EXIT festival visitors this year through its traditional campaign "Society, who drives home?". The action is carried out in cooperation with the Traffic Safety Agency and the EXIT Foundation with the aim of raising awareness about the importance of responsible consumption of alcohol and traffic safety.

Zaječar Brewery Supports The Revitalisation Of Artesian Water Taps In Zaječar

Water is the most essential resource of the future, and citizens of Zaječar will be able to use healthy drinking water from renovated public...

A Decade Of Heineken Serbia

"We learned from Dutch companies, acquired new knowledge, technologies, skills and we used all this to make our exports to the Netherlands grow by a bit over 30 percent last year compared to 2016 and significantly reduce imports from the Netherlands"

Heineken: Our Efforts Towards Brewing A Better World

One of the most recognisable initiatives in Serbia is our campaign “Guys who drives home?”, the primary goal of which is to raise awareness and educate citizens, primarily young people, about responsible alcohol consumption and travelling safely

Company That Connects People

“HEINEKEN Serbia keeps pace completely with global standards applied in the field of human resources”

Viktor Gillhofer

Viktor Gillhofer until recently held the position of director for Off-Premise Sales and member of the management team of Brau Union Österreich AG, as...

Zaječarsko Pivo Declared Serbia’s Favourite Beer

For the third year in a row, Serbian consumers have declared Zaječarsko Pivo the favourite beer in Serbia in the My Choice (Moj Izbor)...

Let’s Open The National Museum

Zaječarsko beer is launching a national campaign called Let’s Open the National Museum Together, under which consumers across Serbia can buy special edition cans...

Heineken Launches Interactive Workshops At Colleges

The goal is to use lectures and discussion to deliver messages that will remind young people that they should never sit behind the wheel while under the influence of alcohol

Visitors Of LoveFest Called For Responsible Enjoyment

HEINEKEN Serbia and the Road Traffic Safety Agency organized Safe Zone with the aim of indicating the importance of responsible behavior and responsible consumption

HEINEKEN Promotes Responsible Consumption, Traffic Safety

Well known action of HEINEKEN Serbia – „Guys, who drives home?“ marked this year's Exit festival, visited by more than 215,000 people

“Izazov 2017” Forum of Communications Leaders Held

More than 250 experts from the fields of marketing and communications, with representatives of agencies and companies from across the entire region

Our People Are Our Best Asset

HEINEKEN employs 73,000 people in over 70 countries worldwide. The company does business in all kinds of different markets, which makes it difficult to establish a universal HR management strategy. The solution is to adjust it and act according to the local business environment. HEINEKEN's global team defines the basic guidelines, but has a flexible approach and adapts them to local markets

Day of Responsible Consumption

16th September the Day of Responsible Consumption

Gang, Who’s Driving Home?

The traditional campaign “Gang, who’s driving home?”, which has been organised for the fourth consecutive year by company Heineken within the framework of the...

“Guys, Who is Driving Home?” Enjoy Exit Responsibly With Free Transport

Joint socially responsible action of Traffic Safety Agency, the company HEINEKEN Serbia and Exit Foundation

Ambassador Henk van den Dool Visits Zaječar Brewery

His Excellency the Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Serbia, Henk van den Dool, and his delegation visited the Zaječar brewery operating within the Dutch company HEINEKEN

Brewing a Better World

Gerard Adriaan Heineken founded our Company in 1864. From day one he was driven by a desire to create a business that was both...

First HEINEKEN Beer Planet Festival Opens

Company HEINEKEN Serbia officially opened the first Beer Planet festival of beer and music

Faithful Consumers Make us Optimistic

We are optimists regarding 2016 and we continue to work hard in order to translate the optimism of our plans into very good results