Heineken: Our Efforts Towards Brewing A Better World

One of the most recognisable initiatives in Serbia is our campaign “Guys who drives home?”, the primary goal of which is to raise awareness and educate citizens, primarily young people, about responsible alcohol consumption and travelling safely

Heineken Serbia

HEINEKEN Srbija is continuously launching initiatives in the field of environmental protection, related to energy saving, reduction of water consumption and pollution levels because the company firmly believes that business and sustainability “go hand in hand”.


Investing to reduce CO2

In 2017, we replaced our old LPG (liquid petroleum gas) powered forklift fleet with new electric forklifts. Over the next five years, we’ll see significant cost savings. However, most importantly, we will reduce CO2 emissions from our forklift trucks by almost 50%, down from 11.3kg an hour to just 5.9kg an hour.

Making responsible consumption cool

In partnership with the Committee for Traffic Safety and the University of Belgrade, we held a number of workshops to promote responsible drinking among university students. Our international “When You Drive, Never Drink” campaign was presented to over 1,000 students and they had the opportunity to participate in various activities, such as trying on glasses that simulate vision under the influence of alcohol and checking their reflexes on the special “BATAK Champion Reaction” machine.

Ensuring safe travel for festivalgoers

One of the most recognisable initiatives in Serbia is our campaign, “Guys who drives home?”.

Its primary goal is to raise awareness and educate people about responsible alcohol consumption and to ensure safe travel to and from the biggest summer festivals in Serbia. We offered festivalgoers free taxi and bus rides from festivals in 2017, in order to promote public transport as a safe alternative when consuming alcohol. Over the last five years, we’ve safely transported close to 200,000 festivalgoers home.

Our global commitment

Sustainability has been fundamental to HEINEKEN for many years. Today, our global ambition is to Brew a Better World from barley to bar. It is this commitment that unites our global brands in respecting people, the planet and prosperity.

We focus on the six areas where we can make the biggest difference. This shapes our contribution towards delivering on the UN Sustainable Development Goals for 2030.

We’re making good progress overall, putting us on track to reach most of our Brewing a Better World 2020 commitments with more to do in some areas. «