Dedication Of Heineken Employees For The Highest Quality They Offer

Thanks to HEINEKEN employees dedication, their hearts and brands go with consumers


Heineken 0.0, the non-alcoholic beverage of HEINEKEN Srbija, has been selected the top product of 2021 in the category of non-alcoholic beverages, on the basis of consumer experiences, as reported by Product of the Year Worldwide (POY) Adria d.o.o., the organiser of the “Product of the Year” selection.

Heineken 0.0 non-alcoholic beer is made according to a unique recipe and is recognisable for its balance of malt barley flavours and fruity undertones, while it is directed towards ensuring responsible consumption on all occasions.

From barley to bar, the company works proactively – through numerous initiatives and programmes encompassing all of its brands – to contribute to addressing environmental and social challenges, while simultaneously responding to the needs of consumers.

HEINEKEN Srbija strives to lead by example in impacting positively on the community in which it operates, promoting the responsible consumption of all of its products in all commercial and communications activities, while partnerships at various events in the country, promoting the topic of responsible consumption, are a given. Additionally, on all labels of its brands, as well as on its official website, HEINEKEN transparently cites the nutritional and calorific values of each brand individually, while at the same time investing 10% of the annual budget of the Heineken brand to promote and raise awareness of the importance of responsible consumption, through various projects and campaigns.

Through the Product of the Year 2021 Heineken 0.0 brand, company HEINEKEN Srbija offers all of its consumers a choice of beverage for every situation and every moment: at gym, during lunch break at work or before driving.


The Zaječarsko brand of company HEINEKEN Srbija has won the “Consumer Favourite” award in the Beer category of the campaign Serbia Has Quality, which has been traditionally organised by the Moja Srbija (My Serbia) Association, with support from the City of Belgrade. This award is granted exclusively on the basis of the votes of consumers.

Zaječarsko beer is a brand that preserves its long tradition thanks to its superior quality and original recipe. It is a symbol of the Timok Frontier region and Eastern Serbia, but is also loved by consumers nationwide, who’ve remained loyal to the brand for decades due to its unique identity. It is recognisable for its red label that preserves the Cyrillic script and its unrivalled taste.

Zajecarsko is the holder of the right to the Čuvarkuća trademark, as a confirmation of the quality and domestic origin of the product, within the project by the Serbian Chamber of Commerce “Created in Serbia”, which is aimed at supporting domestic products and producers.

Corporate responsibility and sustainable operations are deeply rooted in all corporate and brand activities of HEINEKEN Srbija, and through the Zaječarsko brand alone it realised numerous such activities during the challenging year that’s behind us. In cooperation with Serbia’s food bank, Banka hrane, together with consumers of Zaječarsko beer, the company donated 100,000 meals for vulnerable Serbian citizens, while this campaign was also joined by the company’s employees, who personally donated food items.

Also testifying to the fact that Zaječarsko recognises and preserves tradition and culture is a project to revive the cultural heritage of the southern region of Serbia, with the aim of developing and raising public awareness of the wealth of treasures hiding in this part of the country. The plan for this summer is to construct a Crafts Centre in Niš, in cooperation with the Višnja Association. In addition to workshops, this centre will also encompass a hub for craft training and retraining.

Neda Ðokić, Managing Director, Heineken Serbia

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