Communications 2019

Tamara Daltroff, Director General at EACA

Tough & Inspiring Times

Brexit, European Parliament elections and a new set-up of the European Commission, as well as the emergence of new players on the market and data protection issues will impact on the work of agencies in 2019, while local ones will also have domestic challenges to deal with
Ana Laušević Arriva Serbia

Ana Laušević, Corporate Communications Manager at Arriva Serbia

We are Mobility Partner of Choice

Arriva, one of the biggest transport companies in Europe, provides transport services of the highest quality in 14 European countries, and in Serbia has been the first choice for travel since 2013
Sandra Lazarević Banca Intesa

Sandra Lazarević, Head of the PR and Marketing Communications Department at Banca Intesa

On Top of the Game

Banca Intesa is the largest bank in Serbia. It has built its leadership in product quality and innovation, top-level service and a business model centred around customer satisfaction

Jelena Bauder, Bauder Medical

Online Education is a Priority

“Bauder Medical” has organised many major business events, such as conferences, symposiums, congresses, expert meetings and seminars, and has many thousands of satisfied users
Tamara Bekčić, Director and Co-founder of Agency Chapter 4 Serbia

Tamara Bekčić, Director and Co-founder of Agency Chapter 4 Serbia

International Award As The Additional Incentive

The success we've achieved is based on the effort of every team member and the trust we've built up with our clients, both of which we are particularly proud. We're satisfied with what we have achieved, but we're striving for even better results

Jelena Trninić, Public Affairs and Communications Manager, The Coca-cola Company Serbia

Doing Business the Right Way

For a company that was created over 130 years ago and that has more than 500 brands and nearly 4,000 unique products globally, the key to success is in the synergy of the exciting beverages it produces and their unique story

Branka Petronijević, Marketing Director, Crowne Plaza

Digital Breaks All Boundaries

People talk about InterContinental with great respect because it is a corporation with 13 hotel brands. One of them is Crowne Plaza, which has the highest service ratings thanks to the reviews of satisfied guests and their sharing opinions and recommendations

DNA Communications

Brands Learn From Fails, Like People

This year, DNA Communications will celebrate its 18th birthday. Looking back at the market over the last two decades and everything that happened... we indeed feel proud. We are coming of age. It is not that we have just survived, but we have grown instead, year by year. Changed. That’s what growth is about, isn’t it?
Jasna Dugalić, Deputy Managing Director, Direct Media Serbia

Jasna Dugalić, Deputy Managing Director, Direct Media Serbia

A New Era Has Begun

The start of 2019 was marked by a change in the visual identity of Direct Media and an announcement that regional marketing will enter a new evolutionary phase. The company is rejoicing about this, as it has the support of the United Group, which – as a technological giant – is constantly in the process of innovating its services and monitoring new trends

Nevena Kurtović, Managing Director, Fussion Communications

A Good Idea & Freedom Bring Results

It is important for communications to find that fine line between the old and the new world. We can’t ignore communication trends, but we mustn’t accept blindly and uncritically everything that is being served to us

Mirko Grujičić, Data Center Products Category Manager, Fujitsu Eastern Europe, Russia and Africa

We Live in a Digital World

Fujitsu is a global technology leader, providing up-to-date digital strategies and information technologies. Without their innovative solutions, developed to meet users’ needs, it is impossible to imagine business or everyday life

Advertising Trends In 2020 and Beyond

Integration of All Marketing Technologies

Internet and social media, in particular, have changed advertising techniques forever, making them more advanced and opening the way for new trends
Marina Grihović Consulting Agency Headline Digital Communications Agency Dkit

Marina Grihović, Founder and CEO of PR and Media Consulting Agency Headline, and Digital Communications Agency Dkit

Humour is at the Heart of Successful Campaigns

Headline agency began its second decade with great ambitions, plans and eagerness to respond to all the challenges of the profession. New communication channels are seen both as a challenge and an opportunity

Sonja Ćetković, Director, Poslovi.infostud

Employer Branding in its Full Breadth and Complexity

We're witnessing the fastest and most challenging changes to face the labour market in the last 15 years. Employment has grown, a large number of capable workers have left Serbia, the attractiveness of some professions has risen, while some have declined, the business environment has changed, and the behaviour and expectations of the (un)employed have evolved
Anja Vujnović, Head of Marketing and Public Relations, JUBMES Bank

Anja Vujnović, Head of Marketing and Public Relations, JUBMES Bank

Our Clients Dictate The Challenges

This year, JUBMES Bank marks a full four decades of a successful business. It has from the very beginning been strategically orientated towards corporate clients, focusing on small and medium-sized enterprises, but not neglecting retail banking
Snežana Petrović, Communications Manager, Lafarge Serbia

Snežana Petrović, Communications Manager, Lafarge Serbia

Challenges are an Opportunity, Not a Problem

This year, the Beočin cement plant celebrates an important jubilee - 180 years of successful operations. All our employees who today work at Lafarge Serbia are proud of the company's rich tradition, while building a better future

I&F McCann Grupa

The Science Creative Behind Ideas

Along with the digital transformation of its businesses, the I&F Grupa has transformed itself in order to offer clients its own vast analytical and technical resources, and to help them translate data into effective communication with consumers. In so doing, the agency follows the best global standards, offering an integrated response to its clients, a one-stop-shop for all their needs

Maja Anđelić, CFO, I&F Grupa

The Only Constant is Change

The only constant, it is said, is change – and that’s never been truer than it's been in the worlds of advertising and business consulting over the past few years