Brands Learn From Fails, Like People

DNA Communications

We already have an ID card. We all know the story of market communications: it is hard to be noticed in the crowd of voices. But what some people still don’t understand is that it’s no longer enough to be simply loud or provocative (if it’s not well-founded, the results are short-lived).

As an integrated marketing communication agency, we understood this long ago and turned to – listening. To clients or brands, the market, technology, customers, everybody’s needs and the languages they speak.

DNA Communications have focused on the essential relationship between a brand, customers and all stakeholders because a relationship is a living thing, it changes, reacts and seeks understanding. Every brand is for us a reflection of such an overall relationship.

Accordingly, our “DNA philosophy” is directed at the entire brand ecosystem, all interlocutors, and in which the most important role is to create communication that responds to the challenges and “pains” of our and our brand`s interlocutors. And this is the “whole philosophy” of today’s communications – to listen, understand, connect and erase unnecessary boundaries. To talk human. This is our identity card.

If people find it hard to adjust in times of continuous innovation, in a hectic environment, the same applies to brands. So we get to know them very well in #DNAHouseOfBrands, we strategically respond to everyone`s expectations in that “relationship” and by communication in all areas of our trade we achieve results and become the place #WhereBrandsGrow.

As final acknowledgement that we are doing the right thing, we won a prize for “Contributing to creating future leaders” by those who recognize and support such initiatives – the Serbian Association of Managers

Of course, learning and motivation are key issues. That’s why over the past decade we have witnessed the expansion of various forms of event and lecture where successful ones tell their stories, share insights, tips & tricks, while others listen closely and try to apply them. No doubt, glorification of success has inspired and motivated many. We do it too – we educate and gather leaders through various projects – but following our philosophy, we don’t always talk about success. One of our activities is the story of – failure.

In practice, a success story is a good motivator, but it doesn’t show what kind of obstacles we are facing and how to overcome them. What we hear is the final result, without what happened “backstage”. This misses the most important part of the story … how to reach the top? Did everything look exactly like that? How many failures were there on the way?

At the end of 2017 with the ICT Hub, we brought FuckUp Nights to Serbia and launched the “Advertising Fail Stories” edition. We talked about failures of the advertising industry, without embellishments, selflessly and honestly. Leaders spoke here as well. The difference was that we heard what they went through to become what they are.

The audience instantly recognized our message and supported us. So far, we have organised 12 events where more than 40 professionals from different industries told us about their failures.

If a brand is essentially a complex relationship, then it may be affected by changes in its environment or in some of those involved, and it is forced to grow and evolve. This does not happen only through success, it happens even more through failure. And if we learn from them – we learn the most.

Do you agree?