Online Education is a Priority

Jelena Bauder, Bauder Medical

We have developed a great online platform for learning,, which deals with education in the world of medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, public health and management, says Jelena Bauder, director of Bauder Medical, speaking for CorD.

We live in times that require lifelong learning, refinement and exchange of experiences. Was that one of the reasons you started organising meetings, conferences, congresses etc.?

– Through conversations and business meetings with a large number of people and companies from the world of medicine and pharmacy, we simply realised that it is very important for the business of any company to ensure that professional knowledge is continuously refreshed and improved. As such, we came up with the idea of facilitating the business of our customers/ users by utilising the “turnkey” principle.

We have achieved the ISO standard for delivering quality, and the events we arranged for our clients will always be uniquely organised and different from every previous event.

When we say “turnkey” we are also thinking of marketing in terms of electronic, printed and mobile advertising.

How do you get to know the public with your services, actions and the latest achievements and know-how in the medical field?

– More and more companies are prioritising online education and organisation, as well as electronic publishing. The creation of a brand event is a process that lasts a long period of time and provides clients/customers with a good position on the market. We create content and make plans on how clients transmit the message they want to the end user of their services.

The content of advertising campaigns is realised on all channels so that we create a link of users to different segments, equally effective and efficient.