Challenges are an Opportunity, Not a Problem

Snežana Petrović, Communications Manager, Lafarge Serbia

Snežana Petrović, Communications Manager, Lafarge Serbia

The most effective communication with the public is a combination of classic and online channels, depending on the target group, and above all on the purpose and content, says Snežana Petrović, Communications Manager, Lafarge Serbia.

How specific are the type and channels of communication for a company like yours that does not offer everyday goods?

– Our industry is traditional – if we can say so in times of the digital industrial revolution – given the changes that have taken place in recent years and which are fundamentally changing our business too.

For our company, an integrated approach, through the synergy of PR, advertising and digital communications, has been a winning combination. For our customers, face-to-face communication such as a classic conversation, meeting, event or similar, contributes to building a trustful relationship and our reputation.

Your position is specific because you communicate every day with the local management, staff, representatives and residents of Beočin, partners, the public and also with members of the Lafarge Holcim group. How demanding is this?

– When you are passionate about your work and your working environment is motivational, you don’t think about that. My job requires dedication, energy and time, good organisation, planning and a lot of work. On the other hand, it offers me many aspects which I like – contact and collaboration with different people. It is dynamic and provides quick and visible results.

We live in times of innovation, renewable energy and artificial intelligence. We have all become consumers of various media channels, which of course is reflected in our company’s communications strategy

The combination of business and creativity, represent the environment which is the most suitable for me and where I can excel. All professionals in the communication function have the belief that our work can change the world, but my legal education provides a dimension of rationality, which is important for the job I do.

In our company, the Lafarge- Holcim Group, the communication function has a multi-layered mission, from internal communication and employee engagement to corporate communication, brand positioning and marketing. This scope is very broad, but it offers many opportunities. One of the indicators in how successful we are in creating a lasting dialogue is our relationship with the key stakeholders.

How much has your experience to date contributed to the development of the company, and how much has this impacted on your professional and personal development?

– I am proud to be employed by a company with the same values as me personally. When I look back, I’m glad to have had the opportunity to learn from professionals worldwide. It is exciting to work for a globally present leader, where, besides the results achieved, it is also important how we achieve them. In so doing, I’ve always kept in mind the local context and our specificity.

The jobs I have done have certainly influenced my professional and personal development. I hope that my work and energy have contributed to our positioning, reputation and results. When I look back, I can say that I am satisfied, that I have learned, experienced and seen a lot. All this is a reward for my effort and motivation for my further work.