Davor Romić, Croatian Agriculture Minister

Croatia is Open to All Forms Of Cooperation

Serbia and Croatia were until recent members of the same community, integral parts of a single country, while today they are the closest of...

Luka Burilović, President of the Croatian Chamber of the Economy

We Can Do Better

Serbia and Croatia have the potential to work together better than has been the case to date, from joint investments to joint exports. On the global scale, our economies are both small, but through joint forces, we can count on larger markets, simpler business start-ups on third markets and better references

Marko Čadež, President of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce

Business is Like Water

It is easier for businesspeople than politicians to find common ground and remove obstacles, and they do so by identifying points of mutual interest and accentuating mutually beneficial things, profit and success. The principles and customs that rule the business world can certainly greatly contribute to political normalisation

H.E. Gordan Markotić, Croatian Ambassador to Serbia

While There Are Neighbours, There Will Be Open Issues

Croatia strives to help Serbia in its European integration process, and the issues highlighted in this process are important both for Serbia and for...


Croatia in Focus

Topic: Hotel Accommodation The Best Courtyard Hotel in Europe High-quality services, with a fantastic and unique culinary offer, located in the very heart of Belgrade, are...

Marija Radulović, President of the Croatian Business Club

Businesspeople Speak the Language of Cooperation

Strengthening economic cooperation between Croatia and Serbia contributes to progress in the entire region, and withstands the challenges posed by occasional political disputes. The operations of members of the Croatian Business Club, in which colleagues share their experiences about the challenges of European integration and jointly participate in international programmes and initiatives, is a good example of constructive responses to transient tensions

Branko Roglić, President of Orbico Group

Biggest Distributor in Europe

Orbico Group provides comprehensive, high-quality services – from business sales and distribution solutions, logistics and marketing to managing the world’s biggest brands. The Group...


Business People of Croatia and Serbia In Favour Of Mutual Cooperation

Although they belong to different worlds, with Croatia in the family of European countries and Serbia in the group of candidate countries, the businesspeople of the two countries have similar concerns, in terms of how to raise their efficiency and survive under conditions of harsh competition – where it is possible through combined forces


Croatia a Small Country With a Rich Cultural Tradition

Traditional Croatian culture is characterised by exceptional diversity. Ecological conditions and the influences of the cultures with which the Croats have come into contact...


Sunshine Island Hvar A Cycling Heaven

Cyclists of all ages gathered on the island of Hvar in early June to take part in the 5th Jubilee Cycling Through Heritage Race....

Sinjska Alka 5th - 7th August

A 300-Year-Old Knights’ Tournament

In 1715, the town of Sinj, located in the southern inland part of Dalmatia, Croatia was under attack by 10,000 strong Ottoman Army. Wanting...


Croatia’s Top 10 Must Sees In 2016

Stretching along the Adriatic Sea, just a stone’s throw from Central Europe, Croatia is a country defined by a rich cultural legacy. Today, history...

Current Issues


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Startup Ecosystem Of Belgrade And Novi Sad Worth 502 Million Dollars

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EIB Provides €30 Million To UniCredit Bank Serbia For Serbian SMEs

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