Miroslav Vraneš, Account Executive, Dell Technologies

Virtual World Instead of F2f

Dell Technologies believes in business sustainablity and strives to help its customers grow their businesses and overcome new challenges, adopt new trends and transform to the model of online and work from home

Ibelieve strongly that this global crisis will be a great opportunity for all industries to continue their digital transformation and accept new models, as that will become their pillars for the future, explains DELL Technologies Account Executive Miroslav Vraneš.

How will the global crisis that we’re currently experiencing an impact on the world as we’ve known it to date? Will Covid-19 unify or separate us?

Besides pushing countries’ medical systems to and beyond their limits, this crisis is more than “just” a health crisis. It represents human, economic and social crises that modern civilisation hasn’t previously experienced, and not in this global pattern. This crisis will reshape the current postulates of the world’s entire economy. There is no way to tell exactly what the economic damage of the global Covid-19 pandemic will be.

In certain areas, we are witnessing huge business declines (tourism or aviation) or instant economic slowdowns (infrastructure or real estate) or great progress (Amazon or Netflix). From the general perspective of IT, a slowdown process is currently underway. All sides are using this time to reshape or rethink their current business strategies and align them with the current situation. We also see a great opportunity and obligation to help different businesses in achieving and adopting their digital transformation.

This is happening as we speak, and it progressing fast (eSchools, eTrials, eGovernment or the “Online everything” trade approach). Faster transformation helps us overcome challenges easier as a society.

The world is changing and nothing will stay the same; we will have to adapt to the new “rules of the game” during and after this pandemic, the sooner the better.

Since we’ve been “trapped” in our homes, we have led much of our lives in the virtual world. There we pay our bills, buy online, have classes, lectures, exams and business meetings, and we also work from home… Is this our future?

The “Stay at Home” message that we see and hear numerous times per day ensures that we are utilising different networks and ways of communication with our loved ones and for business needs. The work from home model is currently the only way of doing anything. In some instances, this is the most efficient way of doing business to date.

I believe we are all helping each other in different ways, both privately and professionally, and this makes us humane

All current industries must transform towards the work from home and online model, in order to survive current challenges. Technology is already there – it is mature and ready to be utilised. Although we are already utilising digital services, more and more services will become available as digital or online services. The current situation is additionally accelerating this transformation. Eventually, this model will become the standard and will replace the existing Face-to-Face (F2F) model wherever possible.

Dell has donated millions of dollars to the fight against the Coronavirus because you believe that we need to protect one another, especially the most vulnerable. Are people the most important to you?

Social distancing is the current highlight, and will probably be the phrase of the year. However, social responsibility against this common threat helped bring us together to fight this disease. As people are the most important asset of any company, we are helping all of us to stay healthy and be well, through various internal and external programmes. I am very proud to represent and work for a company whose owner, Micheal Dell, and his wife Susan Dell, already donated $100 million to identifying treatments for the disease and bringing relief during this crisis, helping to support healthcare systems, non-profits, education and small businesses.


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