Vladimir Spasić, Account Executive, Dell EMC

I.T. Is The Foundation For Progress

Dell Technologies has grown to become a large organisation, merging large IT companies with a portfolio that includes both enterprise solutions and end-user devices. This company is proud of its business model, which is dependent entirely on its network of partners and customers

Speaking for our magazine, Dell EMC’s Vladimir Spasić says that the company’s solutions can be found in all branches of industry, whether that’s finance, banking and insurance, healthcare, the construction sector, the petroleum industry etc.

You have an impressive portfolio that encompasses a broad spectrum, from computers and laptops, to various technical solutions. Are you proud that you succeed in satisfying even the most complex requirements of users?

User requirements vary depending on the complexity of their organisation, but also the technical requirements that they must satisfy, both internally and externally. Our company’s complex solutions are capable of responding to the equally complex challenges imposed on our clients by the market, in order for their operations to be at the highest level.

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The era of digitalisation has brought us huge advancements in the sense of IT, and the need for specific solutions and even the associating of several companies is something that happens often, and all with the aim of satisfying the most complex requirements of users. We are primarily proud of our customers and their initiative to make the world a better place to live and work, and when our clients are satisfied, we’re proud of the fact that we’re in a position to contribute to their progress.

You are known for helping users to traverse the digital transformation process as efficiently as possible. In which branches of industry are you present?

The entire world has become digital in a short period, and IT – as the segment that our company deals with – forms the foundation of the new and innovative economic system. The solutions that exist in our company can be applied both to small systems and systems with technology needs that have far exceeded a pricetag of millions. Given that digital transformation is ubiquitous, and companies are increasingly striving towards digital, and their operations are turning, our solutions have become more accessible to the wider market in accordance with that trend.

When our clients are satisfied, we’re proud of the fact that we’re in a position to contribute to their progress

IT is present in all branches of industry, and now forms the basis for the further progress of those branches, and our solutions can be found in all branches of industry, whether that’s finance, banking and insurance, healthcare, the construction sector, the petroleum industry etc.

Last year proved to be extremely successful for you, despite the fact that you spent the last three quarters working entirely from home. Does this mean that this way of working will be commonplace in the future?

There is currently great controversy about working from home, regarding what it has brought to employees, whether it has been good or bad for them, and what they actually lost by no longer working from an office. Given that no end to the pandemic is yet in sight, a question remains over what the job that we did until yesterday will look like in the future. Opinions and experiences are divided. It is certain that there has been a change to communication between employees, because the means of communication cannot replace personal contact.

Ultimately, it all boils down to individual value, and whether working from home suits someone more, the only thing that’s for certain is that the working day has been extended. The majority are of the opinion that, in the end, everything will be reduced to a hybrid way of working, between the office and the home, and only time will tell what that will bring us on the other side.

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