Aleksandar Antić, Sales Director, Adriatic And Bulgaria, Dell

‘Supply Chain’ As A Trademark

Dell Technologies is one of the largest technology companies in the world, with more than 150,000 staff in almost 200 countries and a wide portfolio of products and solutions. From the very beginning, this company has paid attention to the fight for equality and various forms of commitment to the community

With the help of its partner network, Dell has participated in various CSR projects in Serbia, but they also want to increase their participation in this field. The opportunity to change something for the better or help someone is great motivation for both Mr. Antić and his team.

For decades, Dell has been one of the leading IT companies changing the world and driving progress. Has this been so since this family company was first established?

Dell Computer Corporation was formed in the ’80s at a time when Michael Dell was not even 20 years old. In the early 2000s, the company became the largest manufacturer of PCs in the world. One of the most famous features of Dell from that time is its superior supply chain, and the company is still recognized by this.

Six years ago, in 2016, our largest technology acquisition was made. Dell Technologies bought EMC2 for USD 67 billion, becoming one of the largest technology companies in the world.

We know that you unreservedly believe in the power of technology. Is that our future?

Although the share of IT in world GDP is relatively small (estimated at around 4%), more than 60% of the world economy is directly dependent on IT, and this percentage will continue to grow. In today’s business environment, the goal is to use ‘data-based decision making’ which, with common sense and a good knowledge of the market and trends, can provide a major advantage to companies in a dynamic competitive market.

Dell Technologies has publicly proclaimed the goal of 50% female staff by 2030

Besides business challenges, there are a handful of positive examples from other fields. One example is healthcare, from our eGovernment during a Covid pandemic to diagnostics or surgeries performed using technology. There are also many examples of the use of technology in teaching, public administration etc. (e.g. Oko Sokolovo in Belgrade, the parking system, smart waste disposal and recycling around the world).

Technology is the present and the future, but on the other hand, don’t forget that you should leave enough time for yourself and your loved ones without technology.

You set extremely high standards for yourself when it comes to devotion to the community, the fight for equality, trust and commitment, and in showing care for others. Does that inspire you and motivate you to achieve the impossible?

From the very beginning, Dell Technologies has paid a lot of attention to the fight for equality and different forms of commitment to the community. The company has publicly proclaimed the goal of 50% female staff by 2030, and internally there are many initiatives that encourage people to respect other people’s rights, to defend their rights to diversity.

Commitment to the community in the case of a technology company like Dell has many facets. It starts with the materials used to make and package the equipment and continues with insistence on the equipment’s energy efficiency, responsible recycling, and participation in activities around the world in various socially responsible and humanitarian projects. One of the examples is the socalled Dell Giving, where Dell matches its staff’s donations in various humanitarian actions.

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