Uroš Đorđević, Account Executive, Dell Technologies

The Pandemic Has Accelerated Market Transformation

Dell is one of the leaders in digital transformation, putting at the heart of its offering digital technology solutions, products and services that enhance business and its processes

To our great pleasure, Dell Technologies in Serbia and Montenegro can boast of a partnership network that has the capacity to withstand all market demands at all levels of business – says Mr Đorđević with undisguised pride.

We are about to enter the third year of the pandemic without reliable information on whether or when it will end. How does this affect you and your plans, the need to develop new services?

That’s right, it sounds pretty amazing, but we are approaching the third year of the Covid-19 pandemic. The impact of the virus on all aspects of life is very large, also on the information technology market. Since the beginning of the pandemic, Dell Technologies, as a socially responsible company, is fully committed to the health and safety of its staff, all of its associates and society in general.

The impact of the pandemic on business and the business results themselves are continually being discussed and comprehensive analyses are made on how to maintain and improve business while respecting all of the prescribed measures and preserving human health.

I would like to thank all our partners who have been bearing the brunt of the pandemic and successfully managing all business demands. The transformation of the market was considerable even before the pandemic and generated the need for modern services, but the pandemic accelerated this trend.

Direct contact and communication are very important factors, often crucial, both in private life and in the business environment

When we talk about communications, we usually mean external ones, although internal communications are equally important. Can modern means of communication replace personal contact?

In these difficult times, direct contact is avoided for completely justified reasons, to prevent the transmission of the virus. Even before the pandemic, tools were used to enable business communication and remote interaction. In many spheres of life and business, such technologies have brought many good things and advantages. Direct contact and communication are very important factors, often crucial, both in private life and in the business environment, especially since humans are social beings who develop, are formed and exist in a community. This is especially the case in some areas of business, such as the sale of products and services, which in most cases requires direct contact with partners, distributors, customers and everyone else.

Given that the digital transformation is ubiquitous and that companies are increasingly striving for the digital, it was expected that your solutions would become more accessible to the wider market. In which sectors is it most felt?

You are absolutely right, digital transformation is ubiquitous. It is a continuous process which has been ongoing for some time and which should bring great improvements in business and business processes using all available tools and technologies. Dell is certainly one of the leaders in the digital transformation that puts digital technology solutions, products and services that improve business and business processes at the heart of its offering. As a company we are present in all sectors, but I would like to point out that there are noticeable large investments in reforms and digitalization of the public sector, which is certainly a big step forward that is important for us all.

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