Free Zones 2016

Dragan Kostic

Dragan Kostić, Director of the Pirot Free Zone

Success Based on Highest Standards

Thanks to the Pirot Free Zone having amassed almost two decades of experience and proven its success, it doesn’t seem pretentious that the company has set some fairly high standards for itself – namely, in striving to create the most favourable business environment and thus attract as many domestic and foreign companies engaged in export-orientated high technology production as possible, while, of course, offering the best possible services to the Zone’s clients
Branislava Stojkovic Marcetic

Branislava Stojković Marčetić, Director of the Subotica Free Zone

Modern Operations for Top Results

The Subotica Free Zone is proud of being engaged in almost all aspects of contemporary operations in this segment – from administrative incentives to a liberal operations regime, as regulated by the Law on Free Zones, as well as special customs clearance benefits

Milan Selaković, President Of The Municipality Of Plandište

Gem Yet to be Discovered

The municipality of Plandište is located halfway between Zrenjanin and Vršac, on the Plandište-Alibunar-Pančevo- Belgrade regional road. It spans 383 square kilometres of fertile land and is surrounded by the River Brzava and the Danube-Tisza-Danube and Šulhovo canals
Predsednik opstine Bela Crkva

Darko Bogosavljević President Of Bela Crkva Municipality

From Tourism and Agriculture to an Industrial Park and Good Infrastructure

The Municipality of Bela Crkva has developed a comprehensive assistance and support programme for existing and potential investors that is implemented via the Local Economic Development Office, starting with a letter of intent and land lease request, to the acquiring of all necessary construction permits and the commissioning of facilities
Tomislav Ilić - Mayor Of Kraljevo

Tomislav Ilić, Mayor Of Kraljevo

Ample Capacity For Development and Investments

The current economic situation in Kraljevo is exceptionally difficult and is actually the result of the failed privatisations of companies Magnohrom, Fabrika Vagona and Autotransport, which have been completely devastated
Boban Janković - President Of The Municipality Of Mionica

Boban Janković, President Of The Municipality Of Mionica

Great Ambitions, Realistic Foundations

Our plans are serious and ambitious and in order to realise them we need to overcome all of the problems we encounter. I would single out unemployment and utility and transport infrastructure as the biggest problems – says Boban Janković, President of the Municipality of Mionica
Free Zone Sabac

Sabac Free Zone

Excellent Business Environment, Location and Efficient Governance

The Šabac Free Zone offers everything that an investor might need – from providing land with complete infrastructure and brownfield investments, to ensuring efficient administration

Milorad Milinković, President of the Municipality of Vladimirci

Great Potential Awaits Investors

The Municipality of Vladimirci, located in the Posavsko-Tamnavski District, comprises 29 towns and villages. According to the 2002 census, some 20,373 people live in the municipality’s 6,834 households. Of the total population, 16,000 people are farmers, while agricultural land covers 28,298 hectares
Vladislav Živanović

Vladislav Živanović, Deputy Mayor Of Sombor

Realistic Plans for Economic Development

Thanks to its geographical position in the tristate area between Serbia, Croatia and Hungary, the town of Sombor has all the necessary prerequisites to improve its competitiveness, achieve better economic results, attract both foreign and domestic direct investments and raise the population’s living standards through planned improvements in economic infrastructure
Goran Miljković

Goran Miljković, President Of The Municipality Of Bela Palanka

Priority on Infrastructure and Industrial Zones

The development of the economy in the municipality of Bela Palanka lies in the hands of a dozen companies that are leaders in the production of children’s footwear in Serbia. The municipality manages a large area of land and has significant resources to develop agriculture and tourism, as well as constructing hydro power plants and industrial zones. Regarding the latter, the Murica 1 industrial zone now has complete infrastructure

Novica Janošević, President Of The Municipality Of Kučevo

Hidden Treasures of Homolje

The municipality of Kučevo is located in Northeast Serbia and belongs to the Braničevo District. It occupies the lower part of the River Pek basin and the flat part of the municipality stretches across the Zviška Valley, while the southern part spans across Braničevo (the lower part of the Pek). The mountainous part of the municipality belongs to the Zviške Mountains and North Kučaj, nestled alongside the north-western slopes of Homolje Mountains
Čedomir Janjić

Čedomir Janjić, Mayor Of Zrenjanin

Town With a Great Future

Zrenjanin’s free zone is one of the most attractive investment locations in the world. Following research conducted by FDI Intelligence (the Financial Times), the Zrenjanin-Southeast Free Zone was ranked 48th among the top free zones in the world in terms of investment appeal. This research covered 600 zones in over 120 countries
Miomir Ilić

Miomir Ilić, Mayor Of Požarevac

Good Conditions For Investors

Požarevac spans an area of 481 square kilometres and comprises two municipalities – Požarevac and Kostolac. Some 80 per cent of the territory comprises arable land. This land is one of the most valuable assets in the area and encompasses the Stiška Plain and the banks of three rivers – Velika Morava, Danube and Mlava