Tuesday, October 16, 2018

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FIC Vice President

Dimitrije Knjeginjić, Vice President of The Foreign Investors Council And Ceo Of Lafarge Serbia

Dimitrije Knjeginjić, Vice President of the FIC and Ceo of Lafarge Serbia

Time To Speed Up Reforms

A lot has been done over recent years, but results are lacking in some of the key areas: in the reform of public enterprises and public administration, and in the modernisation of education, pension and health systems. But let’s give the Government time to show whether it’s ready to seriously tackle these areas

FIC Elects New Board Of Directors

The Foreign Investors Council held the regular annual session of the Assembly, electing the new Board of Directors and adopting a set of important...

Dimitrije Knjeginjić, Vice President Of The Foreign Investors Council And Lafarge Serbia CEO:

We Expect The Government To Continue Reforms

The FIC expects the new Government to accelerate important structural reforms, particularly the privatisation and corporatisation of public enterprises, ensure the better implementation of laws and enable the efficient harmonisation of Serbian legislation with the EU acquis

FIC Second “Dialogue For Change”

Dedicated to the tax regulation and implementation

Priorities and goals of the new Lafarge Holcim Group

Transforming Commercial and Market Approach

Lafarge Serbia is part of the Lafarge- Holcim Group, which was established in July 2015 following a merger between Lafarge and Holcim, the two leading building materials companies.
Live With Reforms


Live With Reforms

As well as witnessing the commencement of EU accession negotiations, 2016 will also bring the adoption of several new laws in Serbia in order to facilitate long-awaited, thorough and deep-rooted economic reform. The Serbian government has already warned that this year will be a difficult one, due to this reform, adding that this is a price that will have to be paid by the whole of society in order for it to progress