Call For Innovative Solutions For Decarbonisation That Contributes To Serbia’s Green Transition

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With the support of the Government of Japan and in partnership with the Ministry of Environmental Protection and the Ministry of Mining and Energy, as part of the “Just Green Transition and Decarbonisation in Serbia” project, the United Nations Development Programme in Serbia announces a Public Challenge Call For Innovative Solutions for Decarbonisation That Contribute to a Just Green Transition in Serbia. 

The goal of the Public Challenge Call is to help implement innovative solutions for the decarbonisation of the economy and industry and a just green transition in Serbia. In addition, the Challenge Call will encourage the strengthening of cooperation between companies from Serbia and companies from Japan and the European Union that apply the green business principles. 


The proposed solutions should contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and the reduction of environmental pollution, encourage the development of new branches of the economy and enable the retraining of workers from sectors based on the use of fossil fuels.  

For example, by applying new technologies, these solutions should enable greater use of energy from renewable sources, improve energy efficiency, contribute to more efficient use of natural resources and reuse of organic and municipal waste, as well as introduce automation and digitisation into the organisation and production process. 

We are also looking for innovations that can stimulate the development of new economic branches as alternatives to the coal industry, and to support the retraining of workers from regions and sectors which are economically dependent on the intensive use of fossil fuels, in order for them to develop new skills needed in the modern labour market. 


Public and private companies registered in the Republic of Serbia, independently or in a consortium, can apply for this Public Challenge Call. If it is a consortium, companies from Japan and the European Union operating in Serbia can participate in it, as well as scientific research organisations and institutions, and private and public sector companies from Serbia. 


At least 20 teams whose solutions are selected will receive expert and mentoring support to develop their ideas, and at least 5 of the best solutions will receive financial support to implement their ideas in practice. 


The application deadline is by 5 p.m. on August 15, 2022. Info days will be organised for all interested candidates on July 20 and July 27, where they will be able to get more information about how to apply, as well as the Public Challenge Call itself. Registration to participate in the Info days is available at this link


Application shall be submitted exclusively via online forms. For more information, see the Application guidelines, in Serbian and English.


You can download the bidding documentation at the following links: 

  1. Smernice za konkurisanje  (RS)
  2. Guidelines for Applicants  (EN)
  3. Aplikativni formular (RS)
  4. Izjava o partnerstvu (RS)
  5. Declaration of partnership (EN)
  6. Izjava o sufinansiranju projekta (RS)


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